In search of a heroine !!


Director Bala‘s next movie may not be Naan Kadavul. With Ajith signing up for AVM’s Thirupathi, Bala might be doing for a movie before Naan Kadavul. For the new movie, Bala and his team at ‘B’ Studios are in lookout for a female star.

I am posting this on a special request from a friend in Bala’s camp. This Ad has been published on the Friday Features section of today’s Hindu. The advertisement is not online though.

Spread the word and let’s see if we can spot a face whom we like to see(!!) on Bala’s film.

Bala & team, Best of luck !!

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  1. Shiva Avatar

    Hi Geek,

    Like Bala, I am also looking for some fresh face, young and ofcourse beautiful bet 18 to 24.
    The place where i am in…there is no luck sir. Now i am in the race with Bala…Geek if you want you can also join but you can’t run fast and i know that….:-)



  2. shal Avatar

    wow! that was fast!! thanks a ton! 🙂 we’ve got 3 calls for child artistes, 2 for villains and 1 for character artiste and 3 for heroine!! so much for “female lead”!!


  3. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Shiva, Kevalapaditheengaley thalai 😉

    Shalini, Give a day and see the response ‘mazhai’ !!


  4. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Shiva, BTW, Forgot to mention, Vutulla Sollaraen irunga !!


  5. shal Avatar

    i guess!! 🙂 have mailed you the logo…


  6. Maverick Avatar

    Laila paatu kathukka maataangalaa?


  7. Harish Avatar

    Bala’s next directional is ‘Naan Kadavul’ with Ajith. However he is producing a movie under the B Studio banner with Ajith titled ‘Idi’.

    Check out the article below:

    Ajit and Laila, the hit pair of Dheena is together again after a gap of four years! They are paired in Bala’s “B Studios” latest film titled Idi directed by hit maker P.Vasu.
    As the title indicates, it is an all out action film set against family backdrop. The pooja is scheduled to be held on September 7 and the film will release on January 26, 2006 exactly five years since the release of Dheena(26 January 2001).

    Said a beaming Laila: “I heard the script and immediately agreed to do it as the character suited me and I am sure to do full justice to the role”. Meanwhile Ajit will complete Godfather and start work on Idi, which will start rolling from October first week.

    Source (C):


  8. kumaraguru Avatar

    hi guru,

    i am a regular reader of your bolgs….thrilled to see an ad about my thali’s next venure…yes,i am one of the die hard fan of bala.

    thanks for the post geek…


  9. raapi Avatar

    16 years????????????cmon ..
    jus think abt this..
    Next 3 or 4 months down the line..She gets to run around trees with ‘vazhuka thalai’var in Sivaji or gets to lock her lips with the vaetayaadum vilayaadum thalai?
    Konjam indha danger pathilaam yosichu, 27 or 28 years heroine podungappa ippovae!


  10. Jacky Avatar

    Talent search through blogs!! Magalir Mattum style la sonna … Technology has improved a lot.


  11. Madan Avatar

    Isn’t Blog burnout et al feel little meaningless now if at all you experienced.

    Though not a blogger myself, truly believe in its potential. Maybe someday scribe in me wakes up.

    Hey bloggers keep innovating.


  12. dawdler Avatar

    if u looked at a last sunday hindu ad…. “Wanted HEROIN for tamil film”… typo pannalam ana ithu over


  13. shera Avatar

    Naan ready nega ready yah….


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