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Read a recent post on a blog elsewhere and am LMAO since then. Its a blatant copy (ofcourse with necessary changes after a dictionary consult)of a post that I had written few months back.

Dudes, I’m not a someone to imitate from. Don’t make me feel lofty !!

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  1. It is time for a blog patent 😉 ! I see this being posted under Film let us know which movie review was lifted from here !!


  2. Cipher, I seriously don’t want to say anything on this. I’ve seen better copies of my posts before. Some of them were found by people who read this blog. but this i found it and my idea isn’t to open up on them. it was an immediate anger. it even subsided down but i may not take down this post. i’ve forgotten it already.

    kishore, i am at home !!

    Morpehus, you got that hint man. btw, they aren’t patent worthy. as i said before, i’ve forgotten it. instinctive post.huh !! sorry about that.


  3. Lazy, I would really like to know which post u’re talking about. Considering the timing of your post, my own post and a couple of the comments above, it should be pretty clear why!


  4. oh well… if u r not talking about the DARK movie, my doubts have been cleared. So I guess the link doesn’t really matter any more 🙂 Thanx for the clarification 🙂


  5. Lazy,

    You are a class act…good for you. Theriyama yaaro thappu pannittaa..I bet they will not do it again.


  6. Hahaha…Now bloggers are copying too, We just talked about film directors. Guess, It hurts these fellas to THINK 🙂


  7. Mamu..
    Bloggers copy adikuradhu oru aacharyamana vishayamay illa.. neraya paer programers-aa irukuanum.. inu oru silar.. excel sheet work panra.. periya thalaya irukanum.. rest.. computer-la enna panradhunu theriya irukura aala irukanum..

    neeyay.. nee nencha madhiri cinima padam onnu eduthu.. adhuvum.. nala oduchunu vachiko (ada.. theatre vitu illapa… 😉 apaalika.. mathavunga copy adika maatanga.. adhu madhiri nenchukinu continue pannu ma..


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