SJ aka MJ – Very Funny

sj aka mj
[Pic – India Varta]

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  1. Somebody should put an end to this guy (acting as hero) as they did to BR’s son Manoj.
    And his voice is all the more atrocious!


  2. Hi,

    Lazy, why are you always take pictures from behindwoods and other waste sites, you could all the great pictures and galleries from


  3. i second Jacky.
    Surya could be a better director, with someother heroes in his flicks.

    about the pic.. i think it looks good. (of course, not for Varugirai song).


  4. Yeah!!!
    Copying matrix’s timeslice technology AGAIN and AGAIN. Copying MJ’s style. When will our directors THINK for a while, before they put their foot forward?


  5. Funny pic……

    A news to all….
    Fans of MEMENTO should have already found out.

    Surya’s GHAZINI is a hot remake of MEMENTO

    we will have more details when the film releases. Wat was the director thinking……


  6. Maran, Do you mean it by saying ‘VERY CREATIVE’ 😉

    Indian, Thanks for the India Varta URL. Nice pics. I changed them here too. By the way is this url in tamil…India Varta(as rajini says varta).

    Keerthi, Enappa nalla irukku !!

    Praveen, Thanks for clarifying my intial guess. When I saw that mottai surya, I just thought it once. Still, I’m guessing if it can be momento. momento will introduce some nice concepts to tamil cinema but if not written with care, the screenplay can screw up a movie.


  7. Momento! What? don’t think so dude. Mind you. He has 2 movies on the cards (both featuring AR.Rahman). (1) ah..aah and (2) Kalvanin Kadhali

    I was in India where i watched this cocky morons interview on SunTv (didn’t know he was one). He was explaining this as the story….
    “a loving couple get seperated. From then on the movie has 2 tracks. One follows the lives of the actual ‘humans’ (i.e, surya and his new found @#$%^@). The other track follows the SPIRITS OF THE LOVERS, i.e., ghosts of loving surya and his @#$%^@ doing things they want to, leaving aside their ego, etc.”

    But i donno to which movie this story actual belong (among the 2 mentioned). Anyways, atleast at the script stage, the story sounds interesting.

    What say guys?


  8. this gas-bag is doing too much. i think he had interfered in this film`s music. thats why the album has too much techno sound. anyway, his acting is ok. ghajini is not a remake of momento. may be a part of the story line or just the bald surya1s pic could be copied from momento.

    the latest news is that both ghajini and totti jaya have over-shooted their budget and their scheduled release this month could be delayed .


  9. Sorry guys. I should not have given a news about Kaaka Kaaka Surya here. Anyway lazygeek i found this out after watching the pics in last weeks Kungumam issue. It had pics of surya posing with a scar in his head and tatooes all over his torso and arms with words like ” She was Murdered”; “Find Him”; “Kill Him” and note about locations vehicle number etc. Moreover Surya commented that we wont be knowing what will happen in next 15 minutes. Does it ring any bells and the movie director states it is an entirely new approach to story telling…all points to MEMENTO. It will go like this i guess, *** SPOILERS ***

    Rich Surya and Asin r lovers. Asin raped/murdered and Surya loses his memorizing capability when he tries to save her. Nayanthara helps Surya to identify the killers and how it ends in a typical tamil movie fashion we all know….


  10. Story line of Ghazini seems to be quite interesting. I hope if director meets the expectation, then it will be fine.

    By the mean time, i never watched MEMENTO, any one can give the outsketch..:)


  11. Hmm memento is a cool movie …basically goes in reverse ! ..he forgets everything how things led upto the current situation …. so he talks over to someone on the phone and the narration of what happened is told in the reverse direction while the story moves forward ! … as the flash back story aproaches the begining of the movie ..the current situation also moves towards the end and finally the start and end mox up very nicely finishing off the movie ! and the tattoes are made for this hero to remember what he’s upto coz he doesnot remember anything after say half an hr !…ACTUALLY THIS IS PRETTY VAGUE COZ >>JUST WANTED TO GIVE U THE IDEA …SO THAT
    IF THIS IS GAJINI THEN LETS SEE HOW WELL ITS COPIED >>AND ULL NOT MISS THE SUSPENSE IN TAMIL..coz shankar did it badly from primalfear,seven,Indian mudhalavan for anniyan !