Aararai Kodi Paerkalil Oruvan Adiyen

Aararai Kodi Paerkalil Oruvan
Adiyen Thamizhan Naan Ungal Nanban
Aana Neengal Aavanna Naan Thaan
Neengal Illamal, Naan Ingu Illai…..Illai

Naam Iruvarum Saerum Samayam
Nam Kaikaliley Varum Imayam
Naam Thottathu Ethuvum Amayum
Ithu Anbaal Innaindha Idhayam

Enn Anbe Aaruyirey……

Vaali’s ‘tamizh’ lyrics. Rahman on keys and vocals. Just mesmerizing !!

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  1. arunvis Avatar

    Hi Lazy,

    This song reminds me of “kalloori vanil” of pennin manadhai thottu and “sari gamae” of boys….



  2. Prabhu Avatar

    SURE..This song gonna be a craze hit !!

    Just mesmerizing !!


  3. Harish Avatar

    ARR is back, and I’m jumping for joy to have him back. The songs are all really good, may take a while to start appreciating them though.


  4. Filbert Avatar

    You are spot on. The moment I heard the song, I thought it reminded me very much of some other song. The first 2 lines do remind/ resemble the ‘Pennin Manadhai Thottu’ song very much.


  5. Somu Avatar

    Apparently this is the title track of the movie and the movie’s name was changed to Ah Aah only recently… Guess it also goes on to prove Rehman is flexible to changes, much against the popular opinion of he being busy and not doing due diligence to Tamil movies !!

    I preferred Woodpecker though.


  6. curses Avatar

    isn’t it? 🙂

    me totally swept off my feet by this number!


  7. karthikeyan Avatar

    great lyrics, catchy tune, but dont u think that too much techno sound has spoilt the song a wee bit.


  8. Keerthivasan Avatar

    mmhmm. Not that mesmirising Lazy. (May be my expectations were so very much for Rahman). None too good.


  9. Shan Avatar

    Superb and Catchy Tune and wonderfully rendered by none other than the man himself, A R Rahman.The lyrics not only contemplate the movie but also ARR himself as he is saying ” Adiyen Thamizhan Naan Ungal Nanban ” No matter how many Bombay Dreams or Lord of the Rings keeps him busy and away from Chennai.He still belongs here and does not exist without us. ‘Neengal Illamal, Naan Ingu Illai…..Illai’


  10. Nithya Avatar

    absolutely! I love the lyrics, they are like written for MGR, or for that matter ARR himself!:D in pure tamizh… awesome number!

    And SPB rocks in thazhuvudhu… singing in a pitch only he can..:D


  11. Prabhu S Avatar

    Hi LG,

    Yes, a very good song ..Rehman written all over it.


  12. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Shan, True. I can see it in many perspectives. It is for by and of Rahman. It seems like a muslim devotional with a pop tune, especially when he sing,” Andha Iraivan enakku nanban” something like Haniffa’s song. With the thamizh and the lyrics, it seems like MGR’s opening song.

    However Suryaa is lucky to get this song.

    Karthikeyan, I think the marangkothi had too much techno interupptions than this.

    Nithya, Thazhuvuthu is cool with SPB and who else can do it this nice. I loved it just for SPB.


  13. F e r r a r i Avatar

    Semma paatu!! I liked this one and mayilirage a lot 🙂


  14. Ravi Avatar

    Anbe Aaruyire is a rocking track. I can’t stop listening to it. Only Rahman can pull off a short acoustic guitar section in the middle of a techno song.

    Mayilirage is good except for Madhushree’s terrible pronunciation. Ugh, what was Rahman thinking? Maybe he was lying with the “Adiyen Thamizhan naan ungal nanban” lyric 🙂


  15. srkriz Avatar

    Did you notice “Maramkothiye ” ?
    Its the remix version of “Mayilirage” !


  16. Bala (Karthik) Avatar

    LG wrote: It seems like a muslim devotional with a pop tune

    Haven’t listened to the album yet. Will do it soon.
    Interesting LG, that you made this point. I have this crib, if you will, why does ARR bring this “Sufi” thing into every situation, be it BGMs or songs, irrespective of the fact whether its required or not?
    “Anarkali anarkali..” – Kangalal Kaidhu Sei is another case in point. Please don’t get me wrong, incorporating different musical forms is good, but catering to the situation takes precedence, don’t you think? Be eclectic alright, but speak for the film first when you’re an MD.


  17. Bala (Karthik) Avatar

    “Anarkali anarkali” had a Hindustani base (not Sufi ) but the rest of my argument holds good anyway 🙂


  18. Rasigan Avatar

    A Aah songs are Ok but what i wonder is ARR happily compose for semi-sexual NEW and Anbe Aaruyiree but refuses to score BGM for the [Poor and Pity and bit real life storeyed] Boys.

    Shankar is an egoless guy. But it worries me that ARR, inspite of his Busy UK Shedules, has time to work for guys like S.J surya but have no time to work for Anniyan ???

    Hope guys you get this conteroversial behavior from ARR


  19. Bala (Karthik) Avatar

    Its likely to be the case that at the time Shankar approached ARR for Anniyan, he wouldn’t have had the dates. There are a lot of things we might not know sitting where we are…….
    Sandarppam soozhnilai, so to speak


  20. Korangoo Avatar

    The title track ‘anbe aruyirae’ is not only the pick of the lot, but it is the only one worth mentioning. This track caught on to me the first time i heard it, almost too fast. i’m afraid we all will get bored to death after a while with this song.

    This always happens to the ‘most catchy’ song. It gets over-played so much that it does not have any “SHELF VALUE”. The 80’s ilayaraja songs definetely have a lot of shelf value as this global media storm wasn’t there, hence no over-exposure.

    got a hariharan CD…i always skip the songgs “minnal oru kodi” and ‘konja naal poru thalaiva” not that it is bad (these were my among my favorites), but i’m sick and tired of having heard that sooo many times. I’m liking songs that i heard very little of, like “poomalai agamal pookkal enge” (i think from an old ajith movie) and “taj mahalae”.

    Do you guys agree?


  21. tamil Avatar

    Hey Lazy, Check this link


    This lists all the songs/music stolen/inspiration by our Indian music directors which is pretty cool.


  22. Kishore Avatar

    offtopic – u’ve got mail!


  23. vijay Avatar

    ah-aah is thoroughly medicore. But an S.J. Surya film doesnt deserve any better. I am surprised why Rahman would do 3 films for him and not have the time to do 1 film for Shankar.


  24. Nitin Avatar

    itwofs, thanks for that site, its great. does your opinion change about the composers after visiting that site, or is it allright to have some inspiration for their songs from other songs?


  25. nandha Avatar

    hey srkriz, thx 4 the info. I’ve been listening to the album 4 the past 1 week& every time the maramkothi song played, it sounded very familiar with classical undertones. Have been raking my brain& trying to think of all the old tamil songs it could b a remix of. How dumb could i b? ofcourse,it is the remix of mayilirage!! Talk @ short attention span.


  26. F e r r a r i Avatar

    ARR spent a months time at kodaikanal for the movie Ah Aah. SJ Suryah told this in an interview. Where as he spends months together for Shankar’s movies. Shankar couldnt wait that long. Thats it. As simple as that. Ah Aah and NEW are not the only movies ARR has scored in past few years. Konjam Arakkonam thaandiyum paarunga. You will see Mangal Pandey, Swades, Bose, LOTR Musical edjatra edjatra.


  27. Ganendran Avatar


    why dont you write tamil in unicode on your site?
    ஆயிரம் கோடி பேர்களில் ஒருவன்
    அடியேன் தமிழன் நான் உங்கள் நண்பன்


  28. Sriram` Avatar

    *mesmerized* what else can I say in this state?


  29. Ramanan Avatar

    I think this soundtrack is far too techno based. I prefered ‘The Rising’ a million times to this trash.

    I think this was made for the lower class of people who seem to think music is just a couple of samples strung together. Hey have they listened to some of Astral Projection or Armin Van Burren at all to appreciate stringing beats together?

    Rahamn had done some really great composistions previously even for trashy movies such as Udhaya (the Udhaya Udhaya song is probably the best song that was composed for Vijay…) but in this the cheapskates SJ Suryah has corrupted Rahman to get this kind of trashy music from him. Rahman is capable of much better. I hope he does not give us more such music.

    Anywya coming back to your praise for the lyrics… i feel SJ suryah has a very small appendage to have written lyrics like that for himself. Talk about trying to go on a power trip!!!

    Thank you.


  30. zahrra Avatar

    does anyone have the lyrics for Maramkothiye – desperately trying to get the lyrics… id really appreciate it if someone could email it to me…


  31. Pesho Avatar

    Your site is realy very interesting. http://www.bignews.com


  32. Arun Avatar

    maramkothiye lyrics can be found @


    along with many many song lyrics! cool site


  33. sivaprakash.r Avatar

    hai s.j.surya

    i ‘m really wondered u of BF.it is a very excellent movie. i did expect this type of efforts from u.i need ur help to become a director in tamil film. mail me soon. your song from BF is nice.


  34. Jeyaseelan Avatar

    I want sj.suryas mail id.


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