Thalapathi !!

Shankar and AR Rahman

Shankar – “Enna Sollareenga, Rahman !!”
Rahman – “Panalaam. Kandippa Pannalaam”

These were the last lines overheard from Shankar and Rahman’s conversation, during the audio launch of S J Suryaa’s NEW film, Ah Aah !![Anbe Aaruyirey]. You are free to imagine/share the rest of the discussion.

I hate this kind of a gossip post. But then after the Anniyan mishap, I am forced to. Sometimes it’s fun, like this one.

27 responses to “Thalapathi !!”

  1. aNTi Avatar

    Source yaaru? Neengale va? Btw, Paatu kettingala?


  2. Jacky Avatar

    Arr: Anniyan eppadi sir poguthu?
    S: Nalla poguthu, Oscar Ravi budget vishayathula oru GENTLEMAN!
    Arr: Romba sandhosham, nenga than bramandhathin KADHALAN achey, aduthu enna padam panringa?
    S: adhu irukatum Rahman, ungala mari oru simple INDIAN ah pathathey illa.
    Arr: JEANS, t-shirt la vandhatala solringala?
    S: Nalla joke adikaringa, nenga thaney music directors la MUDHALVAN, appadi irunthum ivalo simple ah irukingaley!
    Arr: Thaniya vanthirukinga, unga padathula velai senja BOYS ellam enge?
    S: MINNAL vegathula Music venum nu aasai patten aana….
    Arr: enna sir aachu?
    S: 12B bus conductors ku koda pattu pidikalaiyam.
    Arr: kavalai padathinga ungala SAMI kappathuvar!
    S: Amam, avar than kappathanam, yen adutha padathuku Nenga than Music podanum nu KAKHA KAKHA, Kandha shasti kavasam dhinam padikaren.
    Arr: Pannalam, Kandippa Pannalam!


  3. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Anti, Source – my own personal MPD REMO 😉

    Jacky, Ada !!


  4. Ashwini Avatar

    Ah Aah music sucks!
    Off topic—Lazy do check this out:
    Humor from Google!


  5. raapi Avatar

    Anniyan debacle?
    U mean in terms of the movie in itself or the music?
    I thot the music was passable but not the movie.


  6. dreamweaver Avatar

    Been reading ur blog for a long time. Wondered if u are aware of the movie review contest organised by sulekha.


  7. aNTi Avatar

    Ashwini: Porumai romba mukkiyam, particular in case of ARR. But this album seems to have at least one or two gems – Mayil Irahai and Anbe Aaruyire for example.

    And as I read somewhere, thats all someone like SJS deserves. A movie like New does not deserve something like Thottal Poo Malarum and Kalayil Dhinamum.

    Btw, Naresh Iyer (the guy ARR picked out of Channel [V]’s Super Singer contest) seems to be a good find. Ideally he should go the Karthik (who he reminds me of, incidentlly) way rather than the Balaram way.


  8. Nitin Avatar

    from the trailer of Ah AAh, I think it will be exactly like NEW, filled with vulgarity, and will make probably more money than NEW.


  9. Nitin Avatar

    I think the music is great, another good song to add to aNTi is Thazhuvudu sung by SPB, and Shreya Ghoshal.


  10. Keerthivasan Avatar

    Shankar : Return File Pannitteengala Rahman

    ARR : Illa Shankar, inime thaan pannanum

    Shankar : Thappu. Indha mathiri vishayangalile Alatchiyama irukkaradhu Thappu. Sattapadi Thappu. Indha madhiri PannaravaaLukku Karuda Puranithile “tax-o-file-pagam” mnu Thandnai undu. Enna Sollareenga, Rahman !!

    ARR : Pannalaam, Kandippa Pannalaam.

    These were the last lines overheard from Shankar and Rahman’s conversation. Very last lines. ARR never spoke to Shankar again.


  11. Lazy Geek Avatar

    yo !! keerthi. Kalakks ‘Junior Vikatan’ dialogue.


  12. Shan Avatar


    Aa Aaah DOES NOT SUCK !
    Ah Aah – A great album of soothing, totally individual music.
    If you like The Flaming lips, buy this album.
    If you like Thundering rhythms, buy this album.
    If you like delicate thoughtful vocals, buy this album. –


  13. Nithya Avatar

    A Ah songs are good… The title song by ARR rocks! And so does SPB..:) Raunchy lyrics + songs… padam sure mattera irukkum!!


  14. Sureshkumar Avatar


    nice pic. Did shankar spoke anything about ARR in the function? I too like to have them working togather again. Btw, here is my Aa Aah music review



  15. anoop Avatar

    I didnt like any of the songs in A Aa… Mangal Pandey was way better (oops its a sin to compare both) ….. true ARR songs take time to register in the mind….but atleast one song catches u the first time arnd…..this time i found it missing 😦
    Guru, seattle la irundhukuttu unga MPDaa inga ulava vittirukeengala idhu bongu 😉


  16. Praveen Avatar

    Liked thazhuvudhu the most.
    Found the title track good too…but somehow I felt the music was too complex overall…even the names of the songs are not conventional rahman style..everything is pure tamil…is it some kind of signal to the PMK, that they have surrendered in front of the pervasive and powerful chauvinists?


  17. Indian Avatar

    Click here for more pictures of Audio release of ‘Anbe Aaruere’


  18. Ashwini Avatar

    Great so many like Ah Aah. Anti and Shan, true AR’s music grows on you…the more u listen the more you like. But this time…according to me its just sheer noise with abaswaramana songs with equally terrible choice of singers…but if this is known as new sound I will put every effort in listening to the songs hoping it will grow on me!

    And Shan I hear no “delicate thoughtful vocals” in this album. No offence meant just my opinion.


  19. Muthuvel Avatar

    ‘Aa aah’ music turns out to be ‘Ayoh aah..’ for me…even the so-called ‘Mayilarahai’ sounded like a stale remix of some yesteryear MSV looks like Rahman composing for it in a highly doped state…don’t ask abt other songs.


  20. Lazy Geek Avatar


    I like Anbe Aaruyire !!. Probably because of the ‘tamizh’ lyrics and rahman’s vocals. he just goes to that pitch so well. not that it isn’t do-able.

    It also sounded like an MGR song owing to SJ Surya being a MGR fan and we know that he comes from Bhagyaraj school of film making.

    Have to listen to other songs yet.


  21. Maverick Avatar

    I guess ARR did a good job in ‘Ah-Aah’. As someone said thats more than deserving for a SJ Surya film.

    Btw, ‘Anbe Aaruyire…’ reminds me of Nagoor Haniffaa. Anybody felt the same?


  22. sibu Avatar

    anyone who say they don’t like the songs of ah aah they are fools not to like it and people who don;t know anything about music they suck but the songs rock


  23. Rasigan Avatar

    A Aah songs are Ok but what i wonder is ARR happily compose for semi-sexual NEW and Anbe Aaruyiree but refuses to score BGM for the [Poor and Pity and bit real life storeyed] Boys.

    Shankar is an egoless guy. But it worries me that ARR, inspite of his Busy UK Shedules, has time to work for guys like S.J surya but have no time to work for Anniyan ???

    Hope guys you get this conteroversial behavior from ARR


  24. Sunil Avatar

    I don’t see any controversy there. There’s a huge difference between composing songs and composing background score for a film, which obviously involves studying the visuals. Maybe that makes ARR a bit uncomfortable. As for Anniyan, when the film was being conceived, ARR was busy with his international assigment. Anbe Aruyire came much later when he could commit himself to it. I’m sure ARR & Shankar will work together again.


  25. Ganesh Avatar

    tazhuvuthe is the best of Anbe A..
    SPB and Sherya are @ their best..
    a few songs are sensual..
    anyway ARR has tried something different like
    Partale Paravasam..
    Good Going.
    The music is far far better than what HJ scored for Anniyan !!!!


  26. ganesh Avatar

    ARR has mixed SUFI music with a bit of pop. It sounds more like Strings and Fuzon of the pakistani pop scene. Thats pretty new to the indian music stage.


  27. Ar Avatar

    Forget everything and listen to the vocals and rythm of Anbe Aaruyire… Rahman u are still the Heart Beat of Indian..


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