Anniyan – Aala Vudu !!


1. An expression of admiration or congratulation: commendation, compliment, congratulation (often used in plural), praise. See praise/blame.
2. A formal token of appreciation and admiration for a person’s high achievements: salute, salvo, testimonial.

screw up
To harm irreparably through inept handling; make a mess: ball up, blunder, boggle, botch, bungle, foul up, fumble, gum up, mess up, mishandle, mismanage, muddle, muff, spoil. Informal bollix up, muck up. Slang blow1, goof up, louse up, snafu. Idioms: make a muck of.

Sometimes tributes end up as screw-ups. Though being inspired and inspired again by his movies, Shankar fails poorly to display his tact in handling social subjects with proficient ease. Anniyan ends up being a bad exercise in execution and is undoubtedly a defective tribute to his own classics. I was sold even during the first 15 minutes of the movie. After that, just like a bad one day cricket match, the movie treads into an unrealistic path with a face mask of realism, only to bore you and me to the core.

Coming from the S A Chandrasekhar factory, Shankar has always stuck chord with problems dodging the society and has delivered escapist fantasy flicks with earnestness in story-telling. Boys was his first full-length realistic movie with little exaggerations sprinkled throughout. With the entire Tamil Nadu taking a holy dip to remain virgins by making Boys a super-dooper flop, this is what they did to a human called Shankar, whose directing career graph, until then, knew no south-pole bends. I can perfectly sympathize Shankar for being hurt with the hungama made with Boys at the box-office. At the same time, one would also expect a mature director to rebound from the fall, make a movie that would be applauded by the same crowd which made his previous gem a failure. Instead, Shankar goes on a remix mode and loses the artistic credibility, what kollywood had on him.

Anniyan had a much better message storyline than Indian or Muthalvan. It calls for a root cause analysis of social issues and not harvesting weeds in the bureaucracy. This probably should have been the first of Shankar’s movies as it shouts for a bigger attention than the reformation to education department, like in Gentleman. While I strongly believe in the philosophy of watching a movie as presented instead of suggesting changes to someone who conceived it, Anniyan made me cross the rule. If made appropriate changes to the basic story-line, Anniyan would become a classic. It ends a sore interlude in a beautiful symphony. If only…If only the MPD wasn’t used and misused, Anniyan would emerge as a winner of sorts.

There are logically unanswered questions, poor characterization, terribly bad screenplay and of course some hyped acting in abundance, throughout the movie. While the protagonist, Ambi has a truly admirable character his alter egos are preferred to be forgotten as nightmares. Contrary to popular belief, in my opinion, Ambi aka ‘Rules’ Ramanujam isn’t a loser. He is one of the stalwarts of this society. As we see hundreds of social blunders happening within our vicinity, most of us escape from the scenario. Ambi at least has this innocent confidence to fight out the blunders right at that spot. Though being dishonored by others, Ambi is a true citizen of this society. If we were take a poll, as to how many of us would engage in questioning a dada molesting a girl in the pallavan bus, Ambi would win hands-down. Ambi is an Anniyan in this country for that matter. With a country full of escapists and hypocrites of various degrees, who can just make passing comments on social issues while traveling bus or writing about what should happen to the politics in blogs, like us, Ambis are rare breed of brave heroes. Aayitha Ezhuthu‘s Michael Vasant and Anniyan Ambi have similar milestones, only that they choose different ways to reach there.

Vikram was a huge let-down. While his body language was nearly perfect to the ‘timid’ Ambi character, his intonation as Remo and Anniyan were unbearable. Vikram portrays Anniyan’s killing-of-the-bad with only a revengeful attitude and not with a fierceness of achieving a goal. By just rolling the eyes and blowing air like Arjun, I don’t think the characterization of Anniyan was complete. I only wished Vikram to have understood the subtle fierceness, Kamalhassan displayed as Indian Thatha. Even the thatha had fire in him to cleanse the society and it was brought out in a manner, with a devastatingly underplayed role. While I’m not comparing Kamal Hassan to Vikram, Vikram might need good directors to help him with true-to-life characters.

Prakashraj’s character not only ends up a bad joke but also helps in bringing down the interest in the movie. While Vivek provides some good escape from the boredom, Sada disappoints as the heroine. Acknowledged artists like Nasser, Prakash Raj, Nedumudi Venu, Cochin Haniffa, Kalabavan Mani are wasted with tiny unimportant characters. The Thiruvayaaru festival ends up as a hyped up marketing effort.

It’s a little annoying to sit through a movie with bad continuation and screenplay. The minute you have Anniyan executing Garuda Puranam type punishments, you know you are heading in the wrong direction. Garuda Puranam has a good mythology behind it. And I think it wasn’t presented well on screen. The loosely hanging strands of hair in-front of the camera, made me hate the man called Anniyan. It’s so amateurish to have shots like that. I only doubt if Shankar and Sujatha ever saw the movie before it released to public. While I believe they have a good eye for detail, how could they ever compromise on such bad shots and characterization of Anniyan? Yet again, childish graphics end up as villains for Shankar movies. With so much talked about technology involved in making movies, I can’t believe shots of Anniyan website having such poor quality graphics which any local graphic artistic can make.

Harris Jayaraj disappoints even more than Shankar and Vikram. And one is forced to think the impact of having Rahman for a movie like this. The BGMs are nearly missing while songs are a mediocre effort by Harris who has some good numbers before. I loved the Kaadhal Yaanai song but bad picturisation made me avoid it. Even the similar Muthalvan’s Shakalaka Baby had some nice picturisation. I’m unable to distinguish between Mani Kandan and Ravi Varman’s splendid cinematography. It’s lovely to have two good cameramen for the same movie. Camera ramping has become a sort of Shankar trademark and I just love the way he uses it at right place of the movie to speed it up without having to edit them.

Sujatha’s dialogues not only help in setting up the movie, it helps to ground the movie and make it relatable to the audience. It’s a potent combination to have such realistic dialogues with a fantasy story. Only that Anniyan had overdone the fantasy part. But I wasn’t for comparing Singapore to India. It wasn’t comparing apples and apples.

Anniyan isn’t certainly a movie; Shankar could be proud making it. I would only expect a sensible director like Shankar to bounce back and raise his own bar, instead of getting crippled to the joint discouraging effort of the media and public for his Boys. He probably should be making small budget flicks of his own taste instead of such big budget movies like this, to escape out of the image he has created amidst the public. Not only would we get a classy director Shankar who can make movie watching a thorough experience, it would also allow him to pursue his endeavors. Whatsoever, Anniyan would remain as a biggest blooper of recent times.

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  1. I kinda have exactly opposite views.

    First, as far as entertainment was concerned, Boys was better simply coz it had all ingredients of masala. Anniyan was so-so.

    But looking at the bigger picture, I was really frustrated at seeing Boys, and a bit glad at seeing Anniyan. While things as showin may happen at some palces, if they make a movie out of it, they make it look like some lifestyle – to just molest gals, to throw tantrums at fathers, to have sex freely around. For a state (TN) that is so afflicted with movies, and with youth who’d make every guy in the corner an idol, I dont think its the right message. That’s one place where I liked Anniyan better – although unrealistic.

    Neywa, my 2 pence.


  2. Anniyan rules!…Its better than all tamil movies…good story…good acting…good songs..good everything….movies dont really need to be realistic…all the hollywood blockbusters like matrix are also unrealistic in their story…thx…


  3. Yup. Shankar did disappoint with Anniyan. I also felt that the ‘Garudapuranam’ type punishments might have been inspired by the movie ‘Seven’ starring Brad Pitt/Morgan Freeman. In that movie a serial killer hands out bizzare punishments to victims guilty of seven deadly sins.


  4. LG, That was one review we were all waiting from u.

    To me, Anniyan did not at all strike a chord within!

    U hit the nail on the head abt the Thiruvaiyaaru scenes, the highly irritating Remo with his intolerable accent and abt the rolling of Anniyan’s eyes….very amateurish.

    And regarding HJ’s music, I kind of liked the BGM that came everytime anniyan was killing someone. So typical of the HJ style…with strange chants like KK’s. Kaadal Yanai was screwed up big time by Vikram. However, in general I should say that the music was good. On a side note, Now I am happy that Rahman did not really do this movie 🙂

    Overall a huge disappointment from Shankar. In my list of looking forward to directors, Shankar makes a ungraceful exit.


  5. I feel Anniyan, like all Shankar’s movies, has hell a lot of loopholes. It is indeed “Indian” re-formatted. There was unnecessary “throw” of money – “thiruvaiyaru”, “big” artistes for dummy roles, paint costs (road, bridge and what not, which wasn’t effective on screen), flower show@holland, unnecessary excess use of time-slice matrix technique in a fight! The heroine is a damp squib. Shoddy graphics..
    But lazy, still Anniyan is paisa vasool for me… Vikram was good in all 3 roles though the remo role is something that we hate inherently and hence that shows on the actor (Karthik used to make us hate him with these roles earlier). Vivek’s comedy comeback and surprisingly in line with main story. The screenplay didn’t make me squirm in my seat. Probably the idea behind and the energy overall on screen made me forget other big flaws in the movie. To me “Jeans” still stands the biggest blooper amongst shankar’s movies. But for AR Rehman and aishwarya, the movie was a noshow! But next time Shankar comes out with a movie like this in the pretext of social message, he is gonna become bunker.
    Anniyan is a Vasool movie thanx to Vikram, Vivek and Vegam (lack of vivegam is outplayed by the former three).
    P.S.: Maybe it would have been more palatable if the overall budget was 1/3rd for the movie…..


  6. Nethi adi!!!!!
    Super review!!!Expectation romba jasthiya irundadhu padathukku
    I feel Shankar should get out of this corruption, clean the society thing and try something else


  7. Lazy,

    I have been a longtime silent reader of your blog. Your Anniyan review is probably one of the best I have seen around. I totally agree with your views on Shankar and the movie. The only reason I could watch the movie was due to Sujatha on certain occasions. Apart from it, it is a great let down.

    Continue your good work.


  8. a proficient ease… a ???
    an anti-reality path….anti-reality ???
    with the problems dodging the society…two thes ???
    a little exaggerations…a and plural ???
    directing career graphs…plural ???
    symphatise ??

    I am bored. I give up. I GIVE UP.


  9. Guru,

    You have finally succumbed to the pressure….you at the end of the day one of the average Kamal fans, who are all fuming all over Cyberspace with the recognition Vikram is getting all around the world.

    What made me laugh was why you guys are all bent on bringing Indian and Kamal is Anniyan reviews, when Anniyan had more in common with movies like Ramana, Primal Fear and all that. You guys are suffering from a complex.

    When was Shankar’s film logical? Anniyan only took on the individuals. A 70 year old Thatha took on the establishment and managed to escape the country !!!!!

    You claim Vikram’s acting as a let down and go on to unnecessarily talk about Kamal’s acting in Indian (again some complex indeed!)

    Frankly, how did you know that Kamal did in fact act in Indian. He was hiding behind layers of pancake and plastics (you smartly called it ‘underacting’ – and escape clause used by many who can’t emote freely facing the camera). Frankly, as some one on your site called it ‘pancake acting’ in the Anniyan thread. Frankly…that is what it is…’Pancake Acting’. If Kamal doesn’t stop this nonsense sooner than later…people will permanently start to associate him with this phrase.

    I am not surprised by you criticising Anniyan..the movie. But, pulling down Vikram (when even the biggest Kamal promoter Vikatan has gone mad in praising Vikram) who has single handedly made this block buster hit all over the world has beyond doubt confirmed what I suspected and feared will happen or is happening.
    You might as self change the name of this site to be ‘Akila Ulaga Kamal Rasigar Mandram’.

    By the way, what was that about ‘Anniyan will remain as the biggest blooper…’. Are you in touch with the ground realities and happenings at the box office.

    Anniyan is a mega hit not just in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andhra…but all around the world.

    Good bye!


  10. Hi Lazygeek,

    Couldn’t agree with you more on your review of Anniyan…

    Shankar always is upto masala flicks with a strong base story told in flashbacks. This time around i felt that he kind of signed Vikram first and then in order to give him a wider scope for acting, conceived the anniyan concept and lost his base strength in the way. I atleast expected some kind of entertained only being disappointed!

    Hope he comes back with better stuff….

    The Music was also not upto shankars stds ( just can’t match it to evergreen A R Rahmans entertaining numbers as well as offbeat stuff like pachai kiligal,en veetu thottathil or kollayile etc…).

    Btw Rahman’s Mangal Pandey is about to hit the stores on 14th July with an additional CD of the Original sound track! Musically after the brilliant Thiruvasagam, Its mangal… mangalll.. time!



  11. Mr Kumar,

    Whatever you might say… Vikram is just a starter and no way even closer to what Kamal is? Comparisons are evident since Indian / Gentleman was like a prequel to Anniyan. how Kamal had conveyed expressions even through the pancake was something remarkable and thus earned him a National award. Vikram was hardly objective as anniyan or cool dude a remo (a pathetic interlude). This is a web log of democratic expressions (even if you call it as Kamal’s Mandram) not as pretentious as your comment!


  12. One last time (just in case you think that I am claiming things without facts to back up):

    Check these stats and facts:

    Now, please don’t claim (as all Kamal fans always claim!) that only because of a movie running successfully, it wouldn’t be a good film. Even though your own Kamal famously claimed twice (coincidently, on both occassions, after the successes of Apoorva and Devar Magan!) that – “Ethu nalla padam? Odura padam nalla padam”, I would also not subscribe to that view.

    So, the only reason I am providing those links is to let you know that you are way off the mark with your ‘blooper’ comment (that is, if you have referred to the BO success and not the quality of the film in your opinion!).

    Good bye …for sure!


  13. Well written Lazy. You do come up with refreshingly different styles each time while writing the reviews. I have not seen Anniyan yet.Not planning to either.So my comments are pertaining only to the way you have written and not the content.

    And Mr Kumar, one need not write a huge article to discuss whether a film is a flop or not. So when Lazy calls Anniyan a blooper, he is obviously talking about the quality of the movie.


  14. “If made appropriate changes at the basic story line level, Anniyan would have been a classic.”

    Thalaiva kaala kaaminga. Vaazhga celebrity bloggers.


  15. As a student of communication, i did notice a lot of technical errors in the movie, but it does seems to have entertained a good number of audience here. In all ways, it is more watchable than Boys and thats our only consolation. And i totally agree with you on the screw up part! MPD has been kaarithupified upon…made into some sort of a joke…nevertheless a once watchable movie.


  16. pretty sad to see your negative review.i always felt u had in mind the mass taste but in this case u have failed i think. mebbe perceptions differ. i seriously felt that anniyan rocked. mebbe initially it had its hiccups but slowly gathered momentum and pickep up top speed at the climax.vivek’s comedy i felt was brilliant..back to the “good ol Dhool days” . mebbe i feel u ppl expected a lot and were not willing to sacrifice on the storyline..i went in for entertainment and in the process enjoyed every second of the movie…besides its a shankar movie..being a fan of him i did not feel bad. u shudn’t have deprecated it to this level. a more balanced review next time please..


  17. My comments in response to another blogger’s review on Anniyan was this :

    “As for Anniyan vikram, he really rocked. I liked the way they show things through his eyes, with strands of hair falling down his face.

    The first half was a total washout while I would wanna see the movie again for its second half.”

    True Ambi was admirable, but when potraying a downtoearth aiyangar, Shankar or even Vikaram for that matter should have taken precautions not to overdo. The character is grossly overdone and so quite naturally is very irritating.

    Anniyan had a better storyline than Indian or Muthalvan ? Give me a break. The fact that Indian and Muthalvan came much before Anniyan paved its way for a downfall. And there is no element in the movie that would want me to put Anniyan in a higher pedestal than the other two ones.

    His inotation as Remo was unberable, but I guess he did a fairly good job with Anniyan. Am sure the scene where he shifts between the anniyan / ambi personalities would be talked about for a long long time. If I were to get a VCD, the scenes where Anniyan appears is what I would wanna watch. Everything else is a washout.

    The only points that I seem to agree with you are about music, dialogues, and “Anniyan isn’t certainly a movie, Shankar could be proud making it”

    Anniyan might remain the biggest blooper of recent times, but it breaking all records of revenues would tell a different story altogether.


  18. wow – a goofball movie CM got a better review from you – anniyan was way way better than CM – anyways its ur space as somebody said – peace


  19. super review lazy…indian, gentleman, mudhalvan-laiy iruntha antha pulse intha film laiy illey…ennoda review ithu thaan

    anniyan anniyan
    ivanillai indian
    sodhapitaaru namma shankar-an
    kudutharu thuvaichu pota baniyan


  20. hri,

    Don’t know about Lazy’s mindset, but for me, CM felt better. Maybe it was because I didnt expect much from it after the disaster that was Baba.

    I think the hype that surrounded Anniyan was also partly responsible for my personal letdown. A film that has got just flashes of technical brilliance and no soul left me feeling empty. And come on, you can’t pay tributes to your own films :-).


  21. I still dont understand why someone should give a “balanced” review like people here ask for. Then please read the Hindu or chennaionline – Malathi Rangarajan will make sure you watch every Tamil movie that has been released. And for people who list out how the movie is doing at the box office, who cares unless you have invested in the movie ( and I really hope that most folks in Tamilnadu have done so, because every time I ask someone whether a movie was good or not, I get a pat reply “It is a super hit”. Hello, what is ur true opinion ? Dont just say what everybody else would like to hear ). This is a personal blog of one person. It is his opinion.

    — padhu


  22. good review! agreed with most of the points..

    nothing original abt the movie…

    but still i feel its worth the movie if u dont mind the recycling..

    i think it might be because i wasted 10 dollars on two over hyped movies …MX and Ji that i felt anniyan was atleast worth the money spent..

    shankar as a director needs to reinvent himself..

    aratcha maavaiye evalo naal araipaan….



  23. Hi Guru,
    According to you…
    CM is gr8.
    ME is so so.
    Anniyan is total let down.



  24. I was actually waiting for this review. I did see the movie recently. This is my summary of my review.

    Story concept – Very good. The concept of how we all contribute to society downfall is done well
    Songs – Average to good. Sounds okay
    Choreography – Good in some places, horrible in some places
    Roles – The role of Ambi I felt was overacted. It could have been done in a simpler manner. But it was done with overtones of Pithamagan and it was bad in shades
    The role of Remo was avoidable at the best
    The role of Anniyan had great potential but was overacted and done badly. There was no fire.
    Prakash Raj could have done a better job. I am not sure why the relationship with his brother was brought in
    The movie started well and went downhill. The songs started well and went downhill.
    The fight sequence were unbearable. Matrix works in small amounts but not in large doses. It was pretty painful.
    Why do all doctors look funny especially when they treat the mind.

    Shankar should be lauded as he bring out valid social evils. The concept was good but the execution was not.

    What everyone has to realize is an evaluation of a movie or a critique of it does not go with what people see in it. The movie could be flawed but good be a hit. People might be going to see it for various reasons.

    From my point of view, it had potential but it was wasted. Throwing money at things do not produce masterpieces and Anniyan is an example of it.



  25. Sada…for a moment, my eyes betrayed me and read it as “Sodha”…almost everywhere she has been smirked upon as being non-glamourous and non-acting!!!


  26. Kumar,

    Indian Thaatha hiding behind the pan cakes? Do you know how tough that makeup was for Kamal? He cant eat. He cant move around freely. Physically very demanding. Its not like a mask. Man. He gives his life and blood for cinema. No wonder he is THE BEST ACTOR in India.

    Agreed. Vikram is a good actor and he also tries his best. But just because he is a hardworker doesnt mean we should appreciate everything he does right?

    Ok. You go by box office only right? One movie called Raja Parvai was a flop. Another movie called Anbe Sivam was also a flop. According to box office. Ok?

    Its not lazy who is against Vikram. It is YOU who is against Kamal. It is pretty natural, he compared with previous shankar movies dealing with same subject. You would have felt happy if he had compared Vikram’s acting to Prashanth’s acting in Jeans or Prabhu deva’s in Kadhalan?

    He had mentioned Surya in AE, and Arjun as well. How you happily ignored that buddy?

    Comparisons are bound to happen. You yourself, giving box office details as comparison 😛

    See. It is understandable you dont like Kamal. So dont ridicule a true review from Lazy by branding as Kamal Rasigar mandrathin review. It is pretty childish.

    At the end of the day, just because the movie is a box office hit you want lazy to go gaga over it???
    Enna logic o?

    Barking at the wrong tree wont solve problems. Enjoy life. Go and watch Anniyan once again 🙂


  27. the spotlight is on Vikram. doing three diff roles for the first time in the same movie, i sense he needs some credit. his facial expressions have improved. i liked him.

    others things, Shankar cud have done way much better. i guess he ran out of dough 😦


  28. Nesh, Matrix was an out-right sci-fic. Anniyan is suffering inbetween fantasy and realism. The balance wasn’t achieved perfectly.

    Bart, Nice short review there 😉

    NetriKannu, Thanks for the grammar check. I stand corrected. And blame it on the blogging spontaneity. Also, I have to admit I am not a celebrity blogger. I think you have given up on me and won’t even bother to read/comment in my blog. Will miss you dude !!

    Gonkoora, You IP is matching with Netrikannu. You seem to be a MPD of Netrikannu !!


  29. Very good review Guru.

    Few comments:
    “Anniyan had a much better storyline than Indian or Muthalvan.”

    – Maybe a better message. But definitely not STORYLINE. It implies it has a better script, but it doesnt.

    “Ambi Characterization”

    – It is VERY much overdone. He could have been sensible, smart and still hold his strong convictions (think Micheal Vasant), but he was irritating, plain dumb, overtly naive and sometimes silly (kann addika theriyuma?)

    Horrible Graphics/Matrix Time slice! When will Shankar ever learn to use sensible graphics?


  30. I always like to read your reviews since you look into aspects
    which I might not have thought about while watching the movie. This review is no exception.
    So kudos to you on bringing the nuances, technical and otherwise.

    Anniyan has a strong social message, which I agree could have been said better.
    As always shankar has tried to sugarcoat the bitter pill with other commerical ingredients.
    So, I do not agree that Anniyan is shankar’s biggest blooper.
    I feel that honor goes to Boys. The reason is that a director of shankar’s calibre
    should not stoop to the level of making a sleaze flick. He, I feel, has a social
    responsibility as the reach of his movies is far and wide, unlike other directors.
    Sparing the songs and senthil character I could pretty much not stand that movie.

    As someone as already mentioned, you have given CM a favorable review, possibly
    taking into account SuperStar’s long hiatus.
    Does that by itself make CM a better movie?
    It had shoddy screenplay and rank bad acting not to mention pathetic comedy.
    Why this double standard?


  31. I agree I had given a better review for Chandramukhi and so-so review for Mumbai Xpress. If you look all of these the perpective of entertainment values, chandramukhi is certainly the number one. Wait wait before you pounce on me for that.

    Mumbai Xpress was likeable but I didn’t enjoy it completely because of it’s drag in the second half. Anniyan from the very moment Ambi starts typing ceases to be a shankar’s movie and takes off in a diff track which is unbelivably boring. Except for Vivek comedy there nothing much interesting. Chandrmukhi, even though with bad acting in many places and unbelivable logic issues didn’t pretend to convey social messages.

    And btw, why are we comparing Vasu/Singeetham/Shankar on the same league.

    Arun, I have to accept strongly that I loved Chandrmukhi better than Anniyan and Mumbai Xpress 😉


  32. On better thoughts, Chandramukhi was an out-right victory for Rajini. It certainly wasn’t a giant step for kollywood. Anniyan could have done that. But it failed misrably and thats what irritates me.


  33. Padhu,

    The point that a blog is someone’s personal stuff is beaten to death and your reiterating it makes absolutely no difference.

    Your coming to lazy’s rescue seems to have been more overdone than Ambi’s bit in Anniyan.

    If someone wants ppl to just shut their traps and read stuffs, “PERSONAL BLOGS” would not have comments section. And the reason it exists (despite having an option to remove it) is for people like you and me to voice our opinions too, in support of or against the author’s view.

    The reason why people come here is because they would never have someone like Malathi listen to their views / comments / suggestions / feedbacks. Opining differently only leads to a healthy discussion, unless you are gonna get frantic about it. So, quit pouncing on people who come here to tell the author what they feel about the post. Leave that bit to the author, who seems to have handled it in his own logical way.


  34. “Arun, I have to accept strongly that I loved Chandrmukhi better than Anniyan and Mumbai Xpress ;-)”

    Guru …Come on..Let’s fight it out 🙂

    Recipe 1 – Take a old malayalam hit, Tailor it to Rajini’s needs, Sprinkle with some double meaning jokes then and there, never see any continuity in screenplay or logic holes.

    Recipe 2 – Take some of shankar’s old movies, sprinkle with some nice Sujatha dialogues, never see any continuity or logic holes (asusual), deliver it in a big canvas with some decent acting (although not extraordinary).

    Recipe 3 – Try some new kind of comedy, have decent acting coupled with new hand in technology (above average execution though for Kamal’s Calibre)finish it with a pathetic climax under a very low budget. (Totally experimental you can say..)

    What surprises me is Recipe 1 thrilled you better than Recipe 2 and Recipe 3? The only thing which made you to like Recipe 1 is the name ‘Rajini’, I guess.


  35. Good review yet again, though I rather felt that Vikram was the saving grace of the movie (except the Remo character of course). Put it this way…which other Tamil actor would you have cast in this role – I could think of only Surya.

    However, I strongly disagree with lazygeek’s opinion that ‘Boys’ was better than ‘Anniyan’. The only redeeming feature of ‘Boys’ was its music; it was terribly directed (winning the MTV Award!!!!). And Shankar’s worst movie was undoubtedly ‘Jeans’.

    As for comparisons to ‘Indian’ and ‘Mudhalvan’, those movies were ahead of their time. Perhaps, seen today, they might have been passed upon; at their time they were almost revolutionary concepts. And Kamal ‘pancake-acting’ in ‘Indian’ – please do not forget a certain ‘Citizen’ with an equal amount of pancake, if not more (the younger Kamal in ‘Indian’ was sick, though).


  36. The thing about Shankar is and I have mentioned it elsewhere before is that he tries hard to cater to all segments of the audiences. Even the best of his movies has overdone scenes and crude comedy. With Anniyan I believe he has taken it a step further. Matrix effects has already been used in Matrix and Boys and probably couple of other English/tamil flicks. Why use it again in Anniyan and that too repeatedly? Its no longer new anymore. But with Anniyan doing well Shankar would’nt care much about all this.

    Regarding Vikram, he needs weird/abnormal characters so that he can change his getup and show that he is desperately trying to act. As Shankar mentioned he is not a spontaneous actor at all. I’ll believe he is when he plays a normal character and does it right. Kamal has done it many times effortlessly. Vikram’s acting comes as over-the-top and unrealistic in many places. Even in Pithamagan Surya was more believable than Vikram.

    Prakashraj’s dialogue in Anniyan about not seeing an actor like Vikram so far
    in his life would have drawn a few guffaws and boos in the theater.


  37. This movie contradicts its very theme.

    Sincerity, discipline : things that this movie demands of the common man; Unfortunately this movie lacks this.

    Indian movie industry suffers from the same plight as the common man in India. (as portrayed in the movie).

    So if Shankar wants us all to “reform” and be like the “foreigners”, then this movie should show us the way.

    In other words, this movie wants us to change our ways from being a ‘charlie’, but this movie is a ‘charlie’.


  38. Arun, Naan oru anjaa nenjan. am not afraid to fight it out 😉 Ofcourse, I can matrix fight like our anniyan.

    We knew Chandramukhi would suck in terms of logic. it did as expected. atleast, i didn’t expect shankar to cook-up stories like this in anniyan. thats probably why i hated it. and i don’t see it technically advanced than his earlier flicks.

    even though war of the worlds is screwed up, spielberg has made some amazing advancements in technical and story telling methods to raise his own bar. thats all i request from any ‘good’ director[not the vaasu types] in kollywood. we don’t an aayitha ezhuthu any more. we want a better flick than that, the next time and better one after that. only this makes way to improvement.


  39. LG,good review. I agree with the statement “If made appropriate changes to the basic story-line, Anniyan would become a classic.” When I was watching the trailer itself, i kinda formulated the story. When I saw Anniyan, I thought my story was a lot more better than what shankar represented. Sujatha’s dialogues were great. Puchi Srinivasa Iyengar peran,Puchi na andha galam, ippo Dinosaur Mani padinduirukar.heh.


  40. Anonymouse said –
    anniyan anniyan
    ivanillai indian
    sodhapitaaru namma shankar-an
    kudutharu thuvaichu pota baniyan

    Anonymouse, enjoyed your poetic review 😉

    YB, Great observation. I missed to note it. Actually the character of that guy talks about abiding rules. How did he missed to wear a helmet on the road ?


  41. Ram, You are right. I meant to say ‘message’. wrote it as storyline. and yeah the graphics part of shankar’s movie gets irritating.

    Prabhu, I was expecting Katz to kick up the fight with kumar. You did it and you were mostly right.

    Guru Prasad, Yeah she was a sodha. she probably couldn’t do much in that badly defined character of hers.


  42. lazy,
    agree with ur review.
    I thought i was the only one who thought the anniyan get up looked second hand. What was that anyway? a monk outfit? Poor thing , he had to wear that in the chennai heat. & shots of anniyan hair strands… uncool.
    Vikram, apparently have learned the tricks of the trade. He knows that all the shouting & screaming& overacting will bring the audience in. Am sure the director wanted him to play it over the top.
    The anniyan voice, the graphics, all amateurish& jarring. Y even bother? It was a treat to watch vikram play ambi.He is so good at doing native charachters.Y anglicise him & make him look like a caricature? Song picturisations were a let down too. Vivek was the only redeeming factor in an otherwise boring movie
    True, singapore & india comparison doesnt make sense. How big& culturally diverse is singapore anyway?
    But everybody want to play it safe these days. Every new movie is a rehash of some thing or the other.Am sure shankar is happy with all the box office success.


  43. Nice review lazy..I was very amused looking at media reviews saying ‘shankar has redeemed himself’ after boyz. I thot boyz was great. Shankar has to redeem himself after this movie.
    Shankar production- kaadhal, this yr was monumentally better.


  44. Just out of interest Guru, how did you see Anniyan? I mean did you see at theatre, on dvd, or tape or something?
    Good review as usual..


  45. OH YEAH. This blogger is SO biased that he won’t accept anyone other than Kamal as an actor. And anyone other than MR as a director. BTW, Did he write a review for Pithamagan? He did not.
    Anywho it’s his space, so peace (thanks, hri ;))


  46. Good review there Lazy. Bang on target.
    Whats up with Shankar.. Does he think that some dumb people who dont understand computers see the movie.

    I remember Ambi complaining from a Railway station on (where is such a good browsing center in the train route from Chennai to Thiruvayaar ?).. and after all this Vivek says all the complaints have been logged from the same IP and Phone number.. Since When did Dial Up give static IP addresses.. ?

    Either he should not show up these things.. or show things perfectly. Little knowledge is too dangerous, in this case a flop show.


  47. Tornedo, I did not write Pithamahan and 7g Rainbow colony reviews for different reason. They were time dependant. I would love to write them now. Just that I’m not too interested in them now.

    BTW, I want you to read Aayitha Ezhuthu review and Mumbai Xpress review before you put me on the criminal board !! Let’s talk then.

    Venkat, Has the Anniyan DVD released so soon to watch it on DVD or video ?


  48. Good review guru..
    I just finished seeing the first part of the movie..
    from what i saw, my 2 cents worth
    1)Sada sucks at dancing, especially her expressions in the song..or was it bad choreography?
    2)song sukumari..was badly choreographed..It looked as if the director and choreographer had no clue how to shoot this song..ofcourse locales are beautiful
    3)Even kadal yanai song..why the hell Remo singing abt himself ?? 🙂 that was ludicrous
    3)Vikram’s ambi’s body language is little effeminate..I felt so.
    I can add many other things..i’ll stop and i know its not easy to make a movie..Also I heard the second half has a taut screenplay. So I wud rather wait..


  49. LG,
    No need to blast ME just for the sake of being Neutral. Because Iam seeing you quoting ‘Please see my ME review in case you think Iam a kamal fan’ often here.
    Okay, whatever you say…Anniyan is still technically a good movie (It sucked then and there in screenplay …I agree) and CM Sucked right royally in all departments. If you don’t have Rajini the star in CM, you would have definitely blasted that movie for sure! No need to praise CM or ridicule (an experimental movie) like ME, just to prove the audience that you are neutral…my 2 cents!
    Btw,I like your blog…since you celebrate arts,literature and that too consistently!


  50. 10 out of 10 for your review.
    Very true. Anniyan was very disappointing except for few sequences..


  51. That was one very good review.
    Much needed.

    What I didnt quite like about the movie was not MPD – most movies nowadays seem to have it, Chandramukhi being no exception. The sore part of the movie, I felt, were the excessive visualization and unnecessary dramatization. It was like a satire of MAtrix, Mission Impossible and some other similar movies!!!


  52. hi LG,
    great revu for anniyan. i think anniyan is a must see for its social message though, technically its a damp squib. i know some of my friends who changed their attitude after seeing the movie. i thought MX was very good to see once for kamal. CM was a total disaster. its like laloo winning again and again


  53. Excellent review……could not agree with you more. Shankar’s screenplay seemed to have played the spoilsport. Ambi and Anniyan would have been enough….Remo was an eyesore….But I beg to differ wrt the songs….They might not be as good as rahman’s but were good though… the end of 2.5 hours you do not have the satisfaction of having watched a movie…..easily one of the worst movies of Shankar….only Kaadhalan was worse…


  54. The time you said ” I’ve huge list of VDO’s pending in my library to be picked up in the World/European Cinema category …” ,
    I expected something like this was on the way & here it is – The Anniyan review .
    Romba padam pakkureenganu ninaikaren , adhuvum nalla padama vera pakkurrenga nu ninaikaren ;-)) .

    That way I felt your review was little too ‘ harsh ‘ on Shankar ..
    LG , Enga nilammaiyei koncham yoseenga …
    Thirupaachi ,Sachein , Karka kasadara , Ayya ,Deivadhayei kanden , 6’2″ ,Englishkaran ect .. Edhu ellam enga tamilnattula vandha,vara pora padathoda listtu ..
    TV’la vara trailors paartha ennum bayamma erukku … Evaalo “prachanai” ku naduvulla enga pollapu odittu erukku :-(( Neenga ennadanna War of the worlds,Speilberg nu pesittu erukkenga . That way Anniyan was a welcome break !

    This cannot be an excuse for making good films but believe me , it is for makig a super-hit film .

    Eppa Bangladesh teamla oru “Ashraful” ellaya ..adhu madhiri enga Shankara ‘mannichu’ vitrunga !


  55. LG

    You escaped ! I thought you would have some nice words for anniyan and was all geared to confront you. Yes Anniyan proves us of all the talent or the lack of it, Shankar has in making movies. He is one helluva guy moviedom should avoid. Using visuals to provide gimmickery is not the need of the hour. Copying all stale techniques used in Matrix and the likes – makes you vomit.

    I dont know when these directors, who unfortunately claim a lot of power to make the industry sway the way they want, will understand how to use visuals to stunning effect – I could not see one visual that would reflect the realities of today… hmmm we are yet to be redeemed.


  56. Just playing the Devil’s advocate here Guru(I haven’t caught up with Anniyan yet), but does the genre and purpose of a movie define a yardstick for itself?


  57. Let me join the fray too – CM vs ME vs Anniyan.

    I felt that CM was poorly executed. In fact, I’d even go on to say that if CM were released, say after Baasha/Annamalai, it’d have flopped miserably. One major contributions toward CM becoming such a big hit was that it released after the miserable ‘Baba’. Even considering that Rajni movies have irrefutable logic (they all work!), CM had too many continuity problems, poorly etched characters and average music (and double entedre to boot).

    One was not judging ME by the same standards as CM or Anniyan, simply ‘coz it was a Kamal movie. With Kamal, one always expects something different – maybe ‘outlandish’ (like ‘Aalavandhan’), but certainly different. ME tried to be, but lost its way in the middle (that stupid family-song!!).

    Shankar’s USP has always been DIFFERENT themes & treatment – be it ‘Gentleman’ (marked probably the first extensive usage of graphics), ‘Kaadhalan’ (pure style, zilch content), ‘Jeans’ (no style, no content, just Aish, the locations and ARR), ‘Indian’ (unique) or ‘Mudhalvan’ (unique). ‘Boys’ was such ‘T.Ilamai’ remixed, plus lotsa non-veg stuff and other kitsch – fairly predictable throughout. And that is exactly what’s wrong with ‘Anniyan’ too – it was so boring and predictable for somebody who’d already seen Indian/Mudhalvan/Ramana. The only ‘new’ thing I found in Anniyan was the martial arts sequence – even though it was flicked and irrelevant to the movie, the sequence packed a wallop few other other parts of the movie did.


  58. One of friend said that ME was more frightening to watch than CM & Anniyan because he watched the movie alone in the theatre


  59. Hey Lazy!
    Super review. Totally agree! 🙂
    Ambi aint a loser but I think Vikram makes him out to be one! I had serious problems with how he played ambi… he was too stereotyped, at his loudest best, especially with excessive crying…
    like i said in my review, there is a certain soul to ambi which gets lost with the way Vikram carries it! With a lil dignity and underplaying, a subdued Ambi cudve been simmering with frustration and helplessness… I saw Ambi as someone who quietly smashes his fists into the wall when no one’s watching (the angry helpless man) rather than crying while criminally wasting metro water!
    that cud ve made the protagonist more relatable!
    very detailed review! nice!


  60. Kalpana, Did you even finish watching the movie. And yes the second half was better than the first. On a whole it was disapppointing.

    Kumar/Sat/Karthik/Whoever I am, Thanks.

    Arun, I am not blasting any movie to show neutrality. Seriously. First of all I am not for ranking CM,ME and AN. Wait a sec, I ranked them already now 😉

    Hemanth, 😉 I escaped but not shankar !!

    SriKriz, I agree to what you say. It’s not european cinema or world cinema that made me hate anniyan. you don’t need all that here. anniyan is kick himself !!

    Nilu, While genre can possibly set a yardstick, purpose cannot. I am a devil’s advocate myself, nilu. And I loved the movie, Devil’s Advocate, too.


  61. Guru, I don’t know whether it released, thats why I asked you how you saw it. I think Chandramukhi, Sachin and Mumbai Xpress has released though.


  62. Hey LG, nothing on Anniyan topic. How is your car search going? I am still seaaaarchingggggg…(hope you remember that i mentioned i was an occational visitor to your website when you posted your car search topic)


  63. This was the first Shankar film that I liked. I’ve absolutely hated the others. True, some of the supposed big scenes like the flower festival and Thiruvayaaru turned out to be duds, but overall the film was entertaining and even had a sense of humor about itself at times, whereas films like Jeans and Boys took themselves too damn seriously.

    I agree that it is far from perfect, and Vikram’s performance was not GREAT, but I thought it was interesting enough. Remo was hilarious, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

    The songs and their picturizations were a big let down. Kaadhal Yaanai seemed to be the latest ripoff off “Koi Kahe Kehta Rahe” from Dil Chahta Hai, and the others were not memorable.

    Fight choreography was ripped from Matrix and Hong Kong films, so it loses points here.

    I liked the spotlight on India’s social problems. The film is not advocating that you open up a can of Garuda Purana on someone’s ass whenever they spit on the road 🙂 but it urges us to be more responsible.


  64. How come Anniyan threatens Sangeetha Sabha manager for considering “Sivaasu” by MP when he himself has come there on Chari’s “Sivaas”. Sankar, I know you like to be the audience of your own movie, but this scene should have been reformulated for logic if you’d been a honest audience member.

    For all those here, a general understanding is that the quality of tamil movies has reduced considerably although there have been patches of brilliant products once in a while. Yes! the audience wants racy entertainers but making 9/10 movies as racy entertainers just to make money demeans the sole purpose of medium.
    Shankar, the message of every citizen realizing their duty is thought provoking, but the merchantile aspect of running from your doomsday by selling a white egg painted gold spells the oblivion to the quality of cinema. Imagine if five people are motivated by your movie making style, Yes! there could be a lot of money, but our qualilty and character would swing monetarily rather than on the social message side. Think about it when you make your next movie. Expectations aside, were you happy making this movie from the inside? Gentleman tickled me, Indian titillated me, Mudhavan energized me, and ANNIYAN ridiculed me! an intelligent viewer’s words…….


  65. lazy,have been a quite fan of your reviews. Prely for your style. It might interest you that I hardly ever watch movies and it is just your style that draws me here.
    Okay, that off my mind.Lots of controversy here, Anniyan vs CM, Vikram vs Kamal etc. Though as I said I am not a regvular movie buff, have seen probably most of Kamal’s best and Vikram’s best(which will be like what 5 movies?6?).My thoughts are as follows:
    1.Vikram is a bloody good actor – if I may say this, the best hope in the current scenario
    2. But he is not Kamal – there is a plus and minus to this – minus being that he becomes a director’s doll and is prone to exploitation by mindless directors a la Sivaji Ganesan hence the overacting charges we see now. Plus is that he is not prone to the personal flights of fance a la Alavandan and even the family song in ME(which to me is a defiant exercise by Kamal in reference to Marraige as an institution – “see an innocent man can love a mistress of another woman and it is just all between 2 individuals to be happy together rahter than a social responsibility or a holy instiution”. Why make this personal point in a movie trying a different type of comedy?)
    There is less likelihood of Vikram imposing personal points of view on us.

    We can only hope that Vikram will get directors like Viswanath or Balachander who extracted outstanding performances from Kamal. Despite his obvious intelligence as a movie maker, I dont think Kamal, as an actor, has out-performed those roles in his independent movies.
    Otherwise, he is destined to go the Sivaji way – huge talent(though comparing Vikram with Sivaji will be stupid – I am just comparing their situation – the scale is obviously different) frittered away on tear-jerkers or loud characters.

    Vikram has done a good job as an ordinary man in his earlier movies – just that it doesnt pay in the current Tamil Cinema context – he has to compete with Vijay and Ajith by being larger-than-life. I will be happy if he can be part of say, even 2 or 3 outstanding movies in the next 10 years 🙂

    To have any other expectation is deluding oneself about the practical possiblities of Tamil Cinema 🙂


  66. Guru Anna, I think this would happen once in a lifetime. I entirely disagree and dislike your views on a movie…I think it is one in a thousand…But I thought you should not have been such sarcastic…


  67. If you are arguing on logic, I think Anniyan will never emerge as a winner. Think of the storyline, think of our people’s understanding and try developing trhe story to the perfect logic. That would be totally impossible…You can shoot out on Shankar for more than 100 occassions…

    Also I think Shankar’s films have never been logically perfect. With the dominance of fantasy elements, he is always bound to sacrifice some loogic for the masses. This time the sacrifice was more…


  68. 77 replies! Have to read alllllllllllll of them before saying anything, and now! LG has a new post, so i guess no one will read my reply. Still and but, I will write something.

    I have no direct technical bit by bit comments on Anniyan. Just to say that, 90% of moviegoers in Malaysia loved the film and on average about 50% of them go back to watch it again for the 2nd and 3rd time. (this is not based on any published survey, just consider it a social observation).

    Anniyan is running for the 22nd day now in Malaysia. CM ran for 60+ days.

    The money paid for Anniyan’s rights by Malaysia and Singapore alone os enought to get back atleast half of the movies cost. ANd since its released all over the world, The producer would have reaped about 2 to 3 times the innitial cost. This is a fact for most of the big star, big budget movies from TN.

    So technicaly again, reviews doesnt matter anymore whether its online, offline, on paper, in magazines, by mouth, because the people will go see it again and again! And for a fact, movies like Anniyan, Anbe Sivam, Boys, etc is loved and became HUGE hits in Malaysia and Singapore.

    And to conclude my reply (which seems to be going nowhere), I would say, LG in his own rights, gave a decent movie review, but it did not sink well with most of the others. Kumar gave a decent reply, some facts by him that reflects the habits of movie goers OUTSIDE of India. And there is no so called ‘Matrix effects’ and there is no reason on why it should not be used again. Its an industry standard now. Maybe, just maybe if the SFX company Shankar went to had a very good machine to render the FX, then its would have been smooth.

    In the end, Anniyan is just another Tamil movie. The fact that it had Vikram, and hes so loved outside of India, makes him and ALL his movies box-office hits. And please guys, there is no such things as Tamil box-office flops. Once the producers sell it to the rest of the world, theyre happy. And since we in malaysia pay about RM 10 per movie ticket (USD2.50, Rupees 100), we have more rights to defend or ditch review Tamil movies than any Indian bloggers me think. (no offend to anyone, just wanted to say this for a long time). Maybe because Indian around the world OUTSIDE India watch more English/ non-Tamil movies, theyre ready to accept the abstract content of movies such as Anniyan.

    P/s: you guys like to be critical, in the song Kannum Kannum Nokia, in one shot of Sada at the Petronas Twins, you can see the camera mans reflection. Hope this feeds the critics for another few days.

    Have fun guys, and a very happy weekend for you Mr Guru. You rock!


  69. GP, not really.. people will still look at your reply. Oscar Ravichandran could have got his money back. But Shankar wouldnt get back his lost respect, as a great director.


  70. Hey Keerthi,

    You are right, he has lost his respect. Maybe abit. Depends still on his next project. I hope he gets Kamal. I read somewhere itll be a Telegu movie with a huge budget. Shankar is good, hes a trendsetter, youre going to see tonnes of movies made reffering to Anniyan as with his other movies. But this project, which I think has already take too long (nearlly 2 years since boys), may have taken its toll on Shankar. And look WHO beat him with a multiple personality disorder syndrom a few months back!

    By the way, Sujatha’s writings are cool, new age stuff. Lets do the yo-yo is a more decent flirt than LAKALAKALAKALAK…(seriously!)


  71. Anniyan is certainly not a great movie in any genre, but certainly a entertaining movie. In fact, i did find it more entertaining than Chandramukhi. And second thing is, it is much better than some of Shankar’s earlier movies like Jeans, Mudhalvan or Kadhalan. Here at least he tried to tell a different thing apart from the usual corruption stuff and he has some innovative (as far as Indian cinema is concerned) use of mythology. Acting by Vikram was quite good and i didn’t find the Remo character repulsive.

    Of course i dont get how you think Boys was realastic. A usual rags to riches of a group of runaway boys in a very short time is realastic for you!! Please see my blog for a more scathing review of Boys.

    Perhaps you just expected too much from Shankar.


  72. I disagree with you. I definitely think that Anniyan is better than Boys. Boys was a run of the mill movie with crude and lewd language and picturization. Anniyan may not have been portrated in the best possible way but Shankar is trying to get a social cause across. By bringing in the MPD concept, he has changed it from ending up as “Indian”.
    I personally am of the opinion that Vikram’s acting was excellent. He was bad as “Remo” but thats because he’s too old to portray a Romeo.
    I agree with you that the picturization of the songs were bad but they are definitely worth listening to.


  73. Shankar has done a good job in Anniyan. Who said he lost his respect? Well if you dont appreciate him nevermind, there’s lots of people out there who do.


  74. Boys was a brilliant film. Anniyan was a good one.
    Guru, sometimes, it helps to not overly analyse a film. Just watch it for the sake of watching it. I went to Anniyan just to see the movie, and didn’t come out disappointed.


  75. Hi all I saw Anniyan yesterday …. my comment are below …
    Hype given my Vikram and Shankar ( which most people blindly believed)
    a) Overacting by Vikram in 3 characters …
    1. Ambi – think lota overacting had gone into this role … Vikram desperately tries to potray a iyengar,
    may times both Saada and Vikram make some crazy, hyper expressions, which is not needed atall
    2. Remo …. Vikram does not suite for this Role … think he had totaly over done it. He could have been more cool .. instead of sniffing his finger now and then.
    3. Anniyan – This roles actualy needs lota expression but Shanker gor caried away by by outward thins and made Vikram look crazy by giving importance to Hair, lowsy dress, and some Black paint in his face …

    We can relate to main characters in Nayakan, gentleman, Mudalvan .. the roles in this movie are totaly absured and unrealistic

    b) The fight sequence with the Karate fighters …. Its sooo stupid and awkward to see these fights, they are very much unrealistic and too much of graphics is fed into them.

    c) Weak screenplay … of all the Shankar’s movie this one has the most weakest sp …. got may loopholes …. there is no logic, reality etc … feel all the scenes are loosely hooked together …

    d) Music – inferior quality .. may be musicaly dumb people will surly enjoy it. Haris Jeyaraj is sleeping deep down, please dont disturb him ….

    I read in some interviews that Vikram is expecting National award for this movie Anniyan … I think he is just dreaming i guess the national award had gone into his head !!


  76. You idiots,

    Can’t you recognize a good movie when you see it? I don’t see any of you guys, going out there with 15 crores in your pocket and making a movie with only big shots for over a year. Nor do I see any one of you, making history at box office. However I did see Shankar just do it, so sock it.

    You know what your problem is, you forget the idea behind the story and analyze what is not important. Remo was obviously in there for commercial elements and so were lavish sets and songs. There is a reason why the movie is called Anniyan, because it is based on him!

    Vikram was a big let down? Hello, who the world won the National Award? Vikram did all three roles with ease.

    If you can’t appreciate a movie just walk away from it, instead of bringing it down.

    Maybe if you make a movie better than this, and make it a superhit, I will give a second thought on if you are a loser or not. I dare you, go ahead and make a better movie.



  77. yep
    this movie is indeed impressive.
    i like the way he carries on with himself.
    truely he is a born actor


  78. How can anyone suffering from MPD fight like Neo from the Matrix? MPD won’t make u a superman or romeo.
    What a cork movie! Shanker always likes to bulls@#t. Anyone remember how kamalhassan kills nizhagal ravi in Indian? He will live telecast the whole murder. Another bulls@#t. And in mudhalvan Arjun becomes CM in one day and brings darastic changes in one day.Wow! Such an easy job eh, being a CM.Anniyan was a laughable movie. Everytime when you watch a Shanker movie, at the start of the movie you would see this ‘ ippadathil varuum kathapathtrangaluum katchikalum mulluzkka mullukka kaarpanayeh’. Instead of that he should put this ‘thaivu seithu unngal mulaiyai kazitri vaithu veetu ippadathai parkkavam’. I knew why this pic was heavily publicize now coz they knew it if it failed in box office it will be disaster.And how can anyone compare this with chandramukhi?
    Anniyan was made for 2 long years for 26 crores wherelese Chandramukhi was made within 4 months with just a total of 5 crores. The reason why Anniyan took so long was Vikram was growing hair for that 2 years, hahaha 😉


  79. Oh guys, stuff it. Anniyan is a good movie. I just cant believe that you are the same people who will dance and havoc the cinema watching one old guy with plastic lips talking BS, while at the same time, say that intelligent movies like Anniyan is nothing. By the way, Indian tata did not kill Ravi live, he recorded it me think.

    Understand MPD better before commenting on it, maybe ure an art streamer, so you dont understand medical situations. An MPD would cause the commit suicide just like it can cause you to kill another person.

    And stop, for the final freaking time talking about box office failures. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN with tamil movies. Unless the producer NEVER wants to release a movie, or the distributor doesnt want to buy the movie (something that doesnt happen with Shankar movies), a tamil movie WILL get back all its cost before even it hits the theaters. Even if a movie doesnt run in TN, it will make 10 times the money elsewhere around the world. ANd Anniyan is not a box-failure, they made 150 prints of it compared to 75 prints for crappy CM in India. Youre contradicting your own people eh!

    And becoming a CM in one day is nothing hard, it has happened before, not only in India.

    All those so called critics, you guys just want to watch some masala movie and go home talk about it for a week. Next time I suggest you go watch some Satyaraj, Vijayakanth or Vijay movie for that matter. Maybe youll nominate them for the Oscars.


  80. Nice review. But I dispute the following points.

    “I only wished Vikram to have understood the subtle fierceness, Kamalhassan displayed as Indian Thatha”

    The Indian Thatha character was a highly dignified one. That guy was supposed to have been a “true” freedom fighter. So that character is supposed to have a subtle fierceness about him.

    On the other hand Anniyan is an MPD obsessed with just one thing in life. This character is similar to Batman’s Two-face (the cartoon version) and I think it has been portrayed well. But he could have followed the Vidathu Karuppu path by showing just the shadows or the profile in dark.

    “The minute you have Anniyan executing Garuda Puranam type punishments”

    I suppose you also object to the use of Varma Kalai in Indian. Varma Kalai has a lot of history behind it too.

    “I can’t believe shots of Anniyan website having such poor quality graphics which any local graphic artistic can make”

    Exactly the point. The website was constructed by Anniyan using a crash course in graphics. But I don’t think shankar meant it that way. The real reason might be the budget, what with the matrix-type fight and the song sets. Anyway this one is not such a big deal to make someone hate the movie and we are still not upto Hollywood levels.

    “The Thiruvayaaru festival ends up as a hyped up marketing effort”

    How so?

    “Even the similar Muthalvan’s Shakalaka Baby had some nice picturisation”

    The nokia song had very nice picturisation.

    The only thing that Anniyan lacks is the relentless cat and mouse game between the law and the defaulter found in both Gentleman and Indian which added a lot to the movies. Infact in my opinion that was the best part of Indian.

    And the remo-sada scenes could have been avoided but neither Indian nor Gentleman were without this particular flaw. Kamal-urmila scenes and Arjun-heroine’s sister scenes were comparable to this atrocity.

    In conclusion I can only say this is a typical Shankar movie. If you like one you’ll like them all.


  81. Heys me new here….About the matrix fight in Anniyan..its more like a parody of the real matrix reloaded…My group of friends were laughing all the way when we watched the movie.


  82. “How can anyone suffering from MPD fight like Neo from the Matrix? MPD won’t make u a superman or romeo.”

    Any clue what the heck MPD is?

    You are what you think you are. People have known to get super human strenghts during MPD episodes. Funny how you accept that such a calm person like Ambi, could become such a violent person like Anniyan, but can’t accept his strenghts growing.

    Get you facts rights before you open your mouth.



  83. I just went through the message thread !

    What surprises me is that most of you focused on negative aspects of Anniyan rather than it’s groundbreaking accomplishments on several fronts.
    Let’s not spend our time trying to convince that Kamal is better actor than Vikram or vice versa. Both are great actors. They both have their strengths and weeknesses. Kamal has a vast acting experience and he is probably one of the most versatile actors in India. He can easily match up even with the best of Hollywood ! He can make you laugh and cry, both at the same time! Amazing talent ! You can’t learn it, you must be born with it !
    Unfortunately he is getting older. There are roles that we want him to play, but he can no longer do them with aplomb due to his physique, age and energy level.
    Vikram is on the other hand has few more years left in him. He has also done some memorable roles like Kashi, Sethu and Anniyan. They are in no way of lesser imortance than Nayagan, 16 Vayadhinilay, Sagara Sangamam, Anbe Sivam etc. Both Kamal and Vikram can make you to stand up and applaud their acting !
    One notable difference between them is that Kamal has the tendency to overact, an influence from Sivaji Ganesan era, that most of our actors suffering from. We see this very rarely in Vikram’s acting. Take for example, Remo’s role in Anniyan came across irritating and a deliberate ‘put-on’. As movie progressed and the story developed, it did not look the way it felt in the beginning. Vikram made it work ! Yes, it is a “put-on” for Ambi. It is subtle but an important fact.

    Lots of you criticized Shankar/Sujatha for the holes in the basic logic. Mistakes abound ! And of course the bloopers !!!
    Shankar is making a commercial movie using somebody else’s money. The risks are very high considering that Tamil movies are not like Hindi movies which are screened at national level and Hollywood movies which are global. Though we do have viewers in abroad like Malaysia, Singapore, USA, Ceylon etc., they are smaller markets. So one needs to be prudent with that kind of investment !
    Kannathil Muthamittal, Anbe Sivam, Kandukonden Kandukonden are some of the stark examples, rather tragedies, of trying to be logical, realistic and devoid of some commercial aspects ! So there must be a balance, a middle-ground ! Shankar, in my opinion, has mastered this art better than any other director in India. Look at the hits he provided. Most of his movies have universal appeal, transcends the language and cultural barriers. Why Hollywood movies are universally seen and appreciated ? It is not they are all realistic and logical. They try to define the rules at the outset, if you believe or accept them as the basis, the story makes sense and becomes internally consistent. We do give them leeway ! Hollywood directors spend lots of money and time to be very detailed, meticulous about the technical aspects/special effects and extremely professional. Shankar comes very close in achieving this with the budget that Hollywood may just spend on the promo alone! Anniyan is such an eye candie for the sore eyes ! From Vikram’s body language to awesome fight sequences – one can see Shankar’s total commitment ! He personifies some of the very successful hollywood directors’ qualities. You can see the effort put in by the entire crew to be utterly sincere and thoroughly professional !

    There are 4 aspects of this movie that stand out:

    1. Vikram’s superb acting ! He is so awesome when he switched the characters. Especially the one at Doctor’s office. You feel your body tightning up, when he switches to Anniyan character from Ambi’s. It is one of those moments that will stay in your memory for long time like Michael Jackson’s moon walking during ‘Billie Jean’. Some people in theaters (in New Jersey) stood up and clapped and couldn’t hold their appreciation! Those reactions were spontaneous. I am not going to compare Vikram with Kamal. I enjoy both and I am very proud of the fact that both are from Chennai!
    As Remo, Vikram for his age, looks darn good ! It is not the looks alone, the flair and suave he carries the character with – that’s amazing ! In Kadhal Yaanai song, he made Yana Gupta almost invisible. Your eyes are always focused on Vikram. Great attitude and confidence !

    As Ambi, he was very low keyed as expected. He was exceptional when Sadha was reading his letter – the smile and his walk captures his character lot more than any words can do!

    Vikram acting was enjoyed by people who usually think that Tamil Actors are generally loud and over acting ! They are readily accepting that Vikram as a great actor and has broken the stigma of over acting.

    2. Songs, location, choreography and picturization were fantastic ! However, “Iyangaru Veetu” choreography was mediocre. Again, I am seeing people taking sides. Some claim that ARR would have been better than HJ. I don’t deny ARR’s arrival was a single most defining moment in Indian Cinema history. I am a great fan of him. However, Harris Jayaraj, is as interesting as ARR. His music has the clarity and energy level as ARRs. As I said earlier, it is good to have both being successful and as entertaining ! HJ’s music in Anniyan was melodic, sophisicated, energetic and intoxicating ! With Shankar’s treatment, they sound even better than just listening to the audio !

    3. Sujatha’s dialog. I don’t know how he keeps current with what’s happening in almost all fields. Very crisp, thought provoking and at times fiery !

    4. Finally Shankar’s direction. Like Manirathnam, he made his own identity in the movie industry. I was awed by Shankar’s talents as I was with LOTR director, Peter Jackson. Both were gutsy and visionaries. Ability to visualize the final product and creating it the way they envisioned is not an easy task. Shankar always pulls it off. Be it Boys or Anniyan, you see a totally commited professional of the highest calibre. I wonder what would he do if someone gives him 100s million dollars like in Hollywood ! I am sure it would be a ride that no one can fathom !

    Again, please stop those in-fighting !

    We need both:

    Kamal and Vikram (No importance is attached to the order )
    ARR and HJ
    Manirathnam and Shankar.

    Overall, Anniyan is a great movie ! We have seen it twice already ! My kids love LOTR (Lord of the Rings) and Matrix – they watched them 100s of times. They know each and every dialog in the movie. I saw the same level of excitement and euphoria as we left the theator after watching Anniyan. Unfortunately, they barely understand Tamil. They couldn’t wait to get their hands on the DVD and see it with english sub-title.

    Once in a while, an event happens that captures your imagination and make it all worthwhile. I believe, Anniyan is one such event that we all will remember for long time !



  84. I have never seen a movie which defy logic as much as this movie! It is utterly idiotic. He is comparing all the countries with India. You know what happens when you kill anyone for any reason even murderer in U.S? You will be sentenced to life or death! Here our hero anniyan freely go around killing people!! He would be ambi one moment. Next moment he would be 100 miles away frying someone!! Why would there be a fight sequence that was totally unnecessary? Is Sada’s IQ 10? She can’t recognize the resemblance between Ambi and Remo! I think people do not know what acting means!! Vikram is a committed actor. Agreed. But his performance as Ambi is mediocre. As Remo it makes me puke! Go, Watch Deiva Magan(Sivaji in triple role). He has not acted even 1% of how Sivaji acted in that movie.

    Our hero would assemble 1000s of people 100s of reporters just like that. He would show them a video of how he killed a guy who doesn’t do any work cruelly with snakes! Our public would be impressed right after learning that he is a psychotic murderer and crowd him to get autograph! This is probably one of the stupidest scene i have ever seen in Tamil movie history!!

    Another idiotic scene is he get beaten up by bunch of rowdies. He would plead

    “Naan thayir sadham en odambu thangadhu”

    Once he transforms into Anniyan suddenly he fights like “Ponnusami hotel biriyani”!!

    We have seen enough transformation scenes in tamil movie! Two that stand out in my memory is Rajini in Baasha and Madhavan in Run.

    Theme – Indian, Gentleman

    Basic plot – Sidney sheldon’s novel where the lady has 3 personalities. Each would be at different places at a given time. One personality would kill people who tries to rape her. She gets the MPD coz in her childhood days her dad would molest her. The MPD in this story is logically explainable unlike in Anniyan!

    Fight sequence – Matrix, Hero, Crouching tiger..

    When you have multiple personality disorder only mentally you can become stronger or weaker not physically as here!

    You don’t need 28 crores to make a sub-standard movie like this. I personally feel dialogue delivery is defenitely not a strong suit of Vikram. He confirms it in all three roles. One of the best dialogue delivery i have heard in recent time is from Kakka Kakka by Suriya. I recently saw another movie “RAM”. That movie is far far better than Anniyan.


  85. Hi Karthik,
    I loved several movies of Sivaji’s such as Gauravam, Navarathiri, Thirvilayadal, Mudhal Mariyathai, Veerapandiya Kattabomman, Parasakthi to name a few. I used to cut my classes to go see those movies. He is certainly the best actor of our era ! But as I get to experience other contemporary actors from different languages and cultures, I do agree with the criticism of preveious generation of Tamil heros being more dramatic and overacting. It is mainly due to the fact that most of them including Sivaji were influenced by ‘Theru Koothu” which was the earliest form cinematic medium. Don’t get me wrong. I still love Sivaji’s acting but with an understanding that the next generation may not appreciate and even relate to the older acting style the way we do.
    I also think that you were unjustifiably harsh on Anniyan. I would like you to be bit more open minded.
    If you are really looking for logic and realism – you are probably limited to only a very few, “not so successful” movies. We all come from a country where our so called epics defy logic and common sense! We look for the message in them rather than justifying a 10 headed Ravana or 6 headed Lord Muruga ! Often times, movie makers take liberties to convey a certain message, or try to capture a certain emotion or showcase some technical/visual brilliance. It is like poetic exagerration – you don’t go nitpicking !
    I liked both Kakka Kakka and RAM. They were impressive movies ! I bought the DVDs. But Anniyan is of different league ! The overall impact of Anniyan is far more satisfying, inspiring and breathtaking !!! It is like comparing Silence of the Lamb with Gladiator. SOTL is a very good, edge-of-the seat movie like RAM, but Gladiator is far more richer, grandiose and visually stunning !

    Please be open minded and fair in your criticism. We do not want to minimize the great work that went into this movie !

    I got to run… So long.



  86. Sundar,

    Even from your point of view which is Director can defy the logic to convey a message what is being preached here is utterly gruesome. Karudapuranam has given the description of how you will be killed in hell after your death here! His theory of giving that punishment here itself is inhumane. Nobody has the right to take the life of someone which is also a part of scriptures. Lots of cars passed by. Atleast one guy had the decency to stop his car. There is a movie i saw in malayalam where mamooty would not stop his car when sureh gopi is fighting for his life. Reason. He would be carrying his wife to emergency. Would you go and kill him? If you take your knives out and start killing people for every small mistake people make no one would be alive! There is no way you can relate country’s economy to whether people obey the traffic or not. Even in U.S people do violate traffics. It is just that laws are stricter and more importantly they enforce them. It is upto legal system and government to clean the system. His motive to, kill that guy who did not stop his vehicle, kill that guy who was responsible for sub-standard food is over the top. Charlie has the right not to do job and spend his time in the park doing nothing! That is what democracy is all about. We do not live in communist country. There are lot of guys in US who don’t do any job and live off social security benefit. They are not killing them. Do you really think people stopped accepting bribes after watching Indian? Bribe is all over the world. It is just that it is little higher in India. Bribing, providing bad food, not stopping the car, registering land for undervalue are not justifiable reasons to murder people brutally. As a matter of fact these are issues every citizen is aware of. We don’t need to watch movie to learn this. If shanker is someone who practices what he preaches he would not have spent 28 crores in this darn movie! He could have used less than that! Everybody is hypocrite in this world. We have heard enough advices from movies. You need not convey your message through violence. Take for instance “unnal mudiyum thambi”. Is anyone getting killed brutally? But that movie really made an impact. Movie making is an art. Character development/Plot development both have to go hand in hand. I do not know about people. I don’t watch movies for messages. They cannot possibly tell me anything new. Make inspiring movies like Shawshank redemption, Dead poet’s society, It’s a wonderful life. Those movies defenitely had an impact in my life. Anniyan? It only gave me headache.


  87. 100 comments…hahaha. here’s number 101 :D.

    I saw it about a month ago(2nd weekend after release). The theater was housefull here in Atlanta. The movie overall dint give me any kind of satisfaction for the money I spent, was a pure waste of money. The screenplay was quite off-track from the actual theme and lacked to keep the interest in the movie. The last 45 minutes were the only better moments of the movie. The Prakashraj-Vikram encounter, the scene where Anniyan calls everyone to the basketball ground were some of the better moments of the movie. The way the first 2 hours were shot, made the movie pretty uninteresting. Songs were pretty bad, “Iyengar Veetu Azhage” sounded better on audio. That too dint look impressive onscreen, was just another song. Kannum Kannum was a massive screw-up in the dance and costume departments, Sadha looks horrible in morderns, especially the coolers yuck!!. Randaka was a total waste of money, a “Kattum Selai” type picturization would have been enough.

    The Matrix fight was the only scene that made the movie, worth to see on big screen. The other visuals weren’t worth the mention. The tulips in Kumari song looked way too artificial, if you noted it you could’ve seen a white lining outside the tulips.

    Overall, the lack of interest kept through the movie, made the flaws look much bigger, the last 45 minutes were the only consolation for the money spent. Am pretty surprised to see a box-office success of this movie. Certainly I couldn’t see it worth for 26 crores, just seemed wasted.

    One thing I noted from fellow reviewers was that, many of the girls were pretty impressed with the movie. The guys were the other way around, some even anti-Anniyan kinds.


  88. Oh, shadap karthik, Ure a bigger sour grape. Youre the kind of person who waits for love scenes in a movie and proclaim its the best movie ever made.


  89. Karthik 2.0!! Where did you get that idea like you know me from childhood days! You sound like a lost child !


  90. “I was sold even during the first 15 minutes of the movie”
    Guru,I dont buy your concept. How can you review a movie by just watching 10% of it. I believe you had watched the entire movie with bias (after the first 15 minutes).
    Anniyan had all ingredients(romance/action/..) within. Shankar’s handling the MPD’s was really good. “Andangkaaka” song was truly amazing. Shankar had striked it different. He had the backdrops changing their dress, i meant the location paintings.. Is this effort not appreciable. Try to appreciate good things.


  91. I totally agree with your comments

    guys just go an play ALE ALE SONG that would be
    foot tapping, pulsating, and ever green for ur music thurst,,,,, ANNIYAN SUCKS