Was camping over the long

Was camping over the long weekend in Dash Point with Ram and few other friends. No electricity, No cable/DVD, No internet. Just the nature. Though the cold weather made me shudder in the wee hours of the morning, it was a good break from the routine.

I came back this afternoon to see many mails and many more spam comments. I was oblivious to the Mahabharata/Mani Ratnam/LOTR fact/prank until I read the mails from some friends. Someone tell me it was a prank and I would love it. Not that I hate the idea of Mani filming Mahabharata. Just that I am not sure how it will turn up or probably I’m too sleepy to make myself believe the fact.

5 responses to “Was camping over the long”

  1. LG-

    I come to your blog everyday to check if you have finally written your review on anniyan – you are as slippery as an eel – write it and I am waiting ……………………………..


  2. Hemanth, Sorry to keep you waiting. Though I saw the movie last week, as you could see I was out of touch with the net for the last few days. Will do it. I ain’t an eel, MAN !!


  3. Setting aside the whole prank thing, I did wonder why the Mahabharata just as complex and just as great as the Lord of the Rings was never made into a movie. All due respects to Mani Ratnam, but Mani Ratnam doing something what Peter Jackson did?? Huh! True, Peter Jackson’s name wasn’t heard of until the Lord of the Rings, but having seen the 4 DVD platinum editions of all the three parts (each containing 2 DVDs on the making of the movie itself) I’m not sure if anyone can manage to do work of that magnitude. Even Mani Ratnam. And that SRK-Legolas image in the article looked awry.