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[From – Economic Times]

I’m not a full-fledged Times of India group basher. But this was the first headlines of today’s Economic Times. I had no idea when I saw this title up there until I read the article which the headline linked too, Western bros are aping your grandfather’s sex skills.

[From – Times of India]

As I jumped from there to read Times Of India, I get to see this and this on the headlines there.

While agreeing with the content of these articles or not, is a different issue. But these are certainly not the kind of headlines that one looks for, first in the morning, that too in a national/financial newsdaily. Agree ?

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  1. F e r r a r i Avatar

    Slimes of India!!!!!


  2. Krishnan Avatar

    Its not just the headlines or the matter under that, but the photographs which they put on out front pages is disturbing too. Last week there was a dacoity and murder near Hyderabad. Times of India splashed the photo of the crime scene, where a couple were battered to death and blood was splattered all over, for half a page. Press should restrict themselves from printing such photos. Imagine the first thing you look at on a Monday morning.


  3. Kaps Avatar


    It’s the same story everyday. I had captured a screenshot of ET sometime in May and had blogged about the same here –

    I am told that the ET print edition is much more sensible as lot of CEO’s and decision makers read it every morning. it is their online edition which is so stupid.

    ToI – not much difference between the print edition and online edition. Both are equally bad.


  4. Venk@ Avatar

    Hi LG,
    Bang on target, as usual. Long time admirer of your blog. Finally winding up my courage to post.

    Times of India is basically pandering to a degenerate section in our society and it has been stooping to this peculiar form of yellow journalism for ages now. The worst example is a section called Page 3. You should actually see it to believe it.

    But we keep persisiting with it because of my father’s sentimental reasons :). Waiting for the day when I can convince my dad to switch to The Hindu.


  5. Subbu Avatar

    I am a die hard fan of the Hindu. NY Times (online edition) is about the only other paper that comes a close second. Digressing a bit, I love the way Hindu reinvents itself everytime to keep the reader interested. One cup chai with sudoku ( is what the doc ordered!


  6. Prabhu S Avatar

    I completely agree with you, lazygeek..but it is “news” of this kind that has made Times the leading newspaper. Junk news sells.


  7. Arun Avatar

    The New Indian express paper is also very good,
    also check out there website


  8. nomad Avatar

    ( credited to pritha sarkar and timed at 10:57 IST June 21 )

    and this on
    (credited to reuters and timed at 2:51PM ). So who wrote this and who is lying??

    Certainly looks like another supershow by slimesofindia!


  9. mutRupuLLi Avatar

    Surprise Surprise LG, I agree with you on this too(though this has nothing to do with movies).
    Times Of India is highly overrated.
    No comparison with Hindu. Hindu is probably one of the best in the country( irrespective of whether one agrees with the paper’s views.)


  10. Anjali Avatar

    mine is also the hindu


  11. varun Avatar

    times of india is low on content (my friend thinks its of the soft porn variety). But is this what the readers want to read? Maybe. Its the chicken or egg story. I have tried to suggest to my Bombay friends to read Hindu but they prefer Times of India and its content. I have seen a lot of people preferring Times of India because to them it’s the easiest way to get their daily quota of quick news and gossip. I guess Tamilians are a unique breed in that they take their news too seriously. Again it maybe the chicken or egg first thing? Do we take news seriously because we have been fed with Hindu’s critical journalism over the years (Hindu has monopolised the market for too long) or is it vice versa?


  12. surinder Avatar

    he he .. what else can you expect from Slimes of India .. when all they think of is money and cos trash news like these sell .. who should be blamed is a different matter 🙂


  13. curses Avatar

    The words “Indians at the top” only made me smile more! 🙂


  14. Keerthivasan Avatar

    Like Varun says, Times could better run a Porn factory, with all those nasty contents…i m not sure how many of you saw the Economic Times Budget special, it was the dirtiest.

    Im ready to take on someone from Mumbai here. Two main dailies called “The Times of India” and “Mid Day” are useless Garbage.. why do you guys entertain such papers. They are ironically best-sellers.

    Varun, i agree quick news. But the difference between “Kathara Kathara Gurooramaga Kolai Seithar” and “Netru Kaalai Kolai seyappattar”.. which one do you prefer to see in the morning ?
    (we want to see neither, however..)


  15. Keerthivasan Avatar

    BTW, Times of India and Economic times – I call it “Sex and Sensex”


  16. Varun Avatar


    I agree sensationalising a crime is a crime by itself..but I am not talking about sensationalism alone…I’m saying most people (Atleast the lakhs who prefer Times of India or any other paper over Hindu) are looking a quick glance, a quick read..they dont want pages and pages of discussion and analysis…

    I agree ToI is too frivolous but Hindu is the other extreme…neither is good…c’mon i don’t want to read column after column, day after day, written by hundred different people on why Jinnah was/was not secular…do you think such kind of discussions have any significance apart from needlessly racking our brains about some leader whose secularism is not gonna change a thing about India’s present day economic situation (Ok, I m just quoting one example).

    Btw, I think there is a lot of “hindu” in us, having been fed that way for years..thats what makes us spend our time on blogs discussing this over and over…(The average guy who reads ToI is not gonna even think on these lines as to why ToI is like this while Hindu is like that!)


  17. Keerthivasan Avatar

    thats right Varun. Im not for Hindu completely, either. Here’s my view on News and Commentary.


  18. Ganesh Avatar

    good that you noticed this,
    this has been going on in both HT and TOI
    some times makes me think of TOI as toilet paper of india


  19. Ashwini Avatar

    Stating the obvious–There is no other way TOI could get ppl to read their Web site. In spite of their snazzy layout I’d prefer much sober Hindu or even the International Herald Tribune.

    I remember when my staunch Baptist school in the U.S. had temporarily blocked TOI because of its sesky pictures, until they found out it was a newspaper!

    Its better to subscribe their free news alert emails which are much much better.


  20. shant Avatar

    Indiatimes and its siblings suck bigtime, and it deserves all the slimes, toilets comments . coming from bombay, where TOI totally dominates the english newspaper market, I shudder to think how reading such drivel, especially bombay times, will affect the teenage generation which browses thru this and every day… indiatimes has become more vulgar than porn sites, all they need now is some nude pics and they would be all set.

    indian express seems to be doing a good job, they need to be more savvy though, in presenting their site contents. the hindu is very long drawn, good journalism that wont sell unless they work on marketing. nothing beats TOI in terms of its clout, the direction that it has taken in terms of content is most unfortunate.

    on that, i remembered Shobha De commenting on koffee with Karan. De was the editor of Stardust many moons ago and she brought in this page 3 and tabloid culture thru Stardust. She said on the show that ” some time back, we had only one Stardust, now the entire media has gone the Stardust way. “


  21. varun Avatar

    I heard there was a paper called DNA in Mumbai that is taking on ToI and making waves. Heard its content is supposed to be good. I have no clue, but competition anywhere is welcome. I may still prefer a Hindu, but tamilnadu needs a stronger DC or indian express.


  22. Jai Avatar

    I dont agree with anyone calling Times of India as a newspaper, its a stupid TABLOID. TOI sucks….


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