Bala- Ajith – Naan Kadavul

Naan Kadavul

Is this another case of scoop-or-spoof like the Mani Ratnam one, which came about few months back ? The fans are equipped with Photoshops and other titles to make dream posters of their superheroes. And we have the vast internet and silly blogs like this to make them popular !!

Thanks to Karthi for forwadding this. Am not sure of the source though.

P.S – Shouldn’t it be ‘Naan, Kadavul’ like Raa Ki Rangarajan’s novel Naan, Krishnadevarayan and Robert Graves book I,Claudius [someone mentioned these during the book tag meme].

11 thoughts on “Bala- Ajith – Naan Kadavul

  1. Bala is talented. But IMHO somehow he manages to screw up the endings of his movies. All his hit movies have very disturbing endings.

  2. yeah, manu. That’s Bala’s movies for you. he was an assistant to Balu Mahendra who has had some sad endings in his movies. But his sad endings is what makes it different from other movies. I hope this movie doesn’t create any controversy with its title Naan Kadavul, and hope it turns out to be a good hit from Ajith.

  3. Thalaiva, where’s your review on Anniyan. Haven’t watched the movie yet….heard the movie is a blockbuster. Do come up with your review soon. And any tit bits on thalaivar’s vettaiyadu vilayadhu. Do come up with our one and only kamal’s news.


  4. Hmmm, interesting development… Hope witht his film Ajith makes a come back…. I would like him to concentrate more on his movies than his racing skils…

    I like Bala as a director in that he makes the climax special, kind of tragic ones… Come on, don’t we get bugged up with movies that always have a happy ending where the Hero beats up the Villian and get the heroine! 🙂

  5. Any news on Maniratnam’s next movie venture. I saw the old scoop-or-spoof called Aalayam. I heard Maniratnam recently visited Russia with his wife to avoid the chennai heat and also learn about the country, maybe his next movie takes place in Russia,

  6. That Bala’s next movie is with Ajith and is called “Naan, Kadavul” is true and the talk has been there for quite a while.
    If you talking about whether the still is fake or not, I am not sure.

  7. Naan Kadavul sounds cool.Ajith’s turning point of his cine carrier.waiting for the stills.
    especially the long hair still.

  8. Hey!
    Got it verified by a friend who is working on that movie. The still is indeed fake. The name of the movie however is right!

  9. Btw those pair of eyes belong to Surya’s 🙂
    However I try to imagine Ajith, I could not..

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