Identifying yourself with films !! – Spielberg

[Pic – News Week]

Question – It’s been 30 years since “Jaws.” You’ve achieved every measure of success. What keeps driving you to make movies?

Spielberg – I’ve often asked myself that question, and my answer comes back the same way every time: I love it. Being a moviemaker means you get to live many, many lifetimes. It’s the same reason audiences go to movies, I think. When my daughter Sasha was 5 years old, we would be watching something on TV and she’d point to a character on screen and say, “Daddy, that’s me.” Ten minutes later a new character would come on screen and she’d say, “No, Daddy. That’s me.” Throughout the movie she would pick different people to become. I think that’s what we all do. We just don’t say it as sweetly.

Seems like a Deja vu. I’ve posted Steve’s view of filmmaking, before. This time its reasoning out the filmwatching experience in the interview to Newsweek.

This is Steven Spielberg‘s honeymoon with the media. Just when his movie’s post-production is all done and he is waiting for the verdict, he loves to talk to the media. A little hype, for his latest film, may be behind these interviews but what comes out are some amazing quotable quotes.

7 responses to “Identifying yourself with films !! – Spielberg”

  1. Ravi Avatar

    Don’t think that Spielberg needs publicity or hype to get people to see his films. Tom Mapother, on the other hand, has chosen the perfect moment to finger(!) his new life-partner!! My two cents! 🙂


  2. Gangadhar Ambati Avatar

    We watch films and we’ll have vicarious feelings about the characters..That’s why some people watch movies repeatedly…


  3. Jebin Daniel Varghese Avatar

    Agree with you. Spielberg is great. He doesnt need the publicity.


  4. itend Avatar

    speilberg or anyone for that matter needs publicity for their movies to be sucessful.Agreed speilberg and tom will bring in easily over 100 million but a gd or for that matter any publicity is the difference between it being a 500 million worldwide hit and a 750 million hit. Passion of the christ wd have never made 400 million without the press. Speilberg has moved from the easy money making movies like Indiana jones,ET and jaws. His last 2 movies cd have been passed out as small budget movies if not for tom hanks and tom cruises precense. He cd easily make another jaws or ET and earn a billion but hes not interested in the genre he perfected. This movie if he makes it like his last few movies(with more IQ expected from viewers)it cd never be as gd a hit as say a ID4 sequel. so intead of making “easy” movies,he hopes hype and publicity will earn him more bucks at the box office.


  5. Lazy Geek Avatar

    It’s already expected that War of the Worlds will bag less than Star Wars. A little hype would help minimise the gap.

    I don’t see anything wrong in creating hype. you are marketing a movie. why is hype such a bad word ?


  6. sat Avatar

    Judging by how Spielbergs films have gone so far, I am expecting that this too will be a good hit.
    Though I do not know how well the movie will faithfully stick to the book.


  7. Saravanan Avatar

    Create hype around a movie helps for getting a good opening. but finally only the content decides the movie’s fate. Over hyping a movie may result in disaster(ex Baba, Ayudha Ezuthu).

    Spielberg dont have to worry about creating hype/publicity for War of Worlds. Tom Cruise is already doing that in the name of his new found lover.


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