Star War[s] of the Worlds

Steve Vs Lucas
[From Slate]

It’s the summer movies week at Slate and to celebrate the block busters releasing this summer they got their dudes to write some hot gossip. With George Lucas’ Star Wars already taking a box-office by storm, StevenSpielberg‘s sci-fi thriller War of the Worlds is set to rock the theatres by June 29th. To cook some masala here is pretty easy. They do it pretty well in this article named, Lucas vs. Spielberg – The worst best friends in Hollywood.

Not just gossipy but this story seems to have some really interesting trivias on the duo. If you are a fan of atleast one of them, you would read it without taking a breath. If you love both, it is a treasure because the kind of stuff is said seems pretty true. I don’t think Slate can just bluff like this in public space. It talks about the outwardly friendship and the true inside competition that goes on between Steven Spielberg and Lucas during their movie releases. Steve seems to admire Lucas so much from his debut film, THX 1138. And Lucas seems to be extremely aware of the sharp director in Steve right from his first tele-film, Duel.

Spielberg—it was revealed—had lent a helping hand to the climactic light-saber duels in Sith. “George gets stuck sometimes,” said producer Rick McCallum, as if the Star Wars saga were a particularly stubborn patch of lawn. “He never asks for help, but you can feel it when he needs it. With Steven he got encouragement from a directing peer and a good friend.” Meanwhile, Spielberg hired the same pre-viz-effects supervisor sent to him by Lucas to help with his aliens for War of the Worlds, much as you or I might borrow a trowel or Rotavator. “We’ve always helped each other,” said Lucas when approached by the cable network A&E about a documentary detailing the rivalry between the two directors. “[Spielberg] and I have never had an argument in our lives. … I want DreamWorks to succeed. They want me to succeed. And we’re going to help each other succeed.” So, there you have it: just two successful movie titans succeeding, side by side, successfully.

Not just this but a no-harm debate on – Did George Lucas and Steven Spielberg Ruin the Movies?. Don’t miss it.

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  1. Surprising article. Though I am bit disappointed that it doesn’t talk in detail about the “Indiana Jones” trilogy , which is a combo of Spielberg & Lucas . Whatever is the debate , there is no denial about their geniuses.