Sujatha replies

Sujatha replies to the previous blogpost on his Katrathum Petrathum article, in the comments section of the blogpost itself. Here.

dear friend
Rarely I answer blog references One of the greatest pleasures in wriring is perceptive readers like you are reading every line and its echo is loud and clear
It was a general essay I wrote on turning seventy It had a global response The purpose is not to scare people about growing old and dying but to inspire a sense of urgency in whatever one wants to pursue in life and in its wake revise and simplify the targets
Posted by Sujatha at May 10, 2005 12:48 PM

Wow !! It made up my day. Thank a Ton.

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  1. Wow Lazy, Sujatha too reads your blog. Now you are really on a roll. I have noticed that whenever you mention my posts in your blog, my hit rates increase. Lot of people visit your blog for a perspective on the arts scene in Tamilnadu.


  2. Damn good – sujatha commenting on your blog….u have reached a peak. I started reading Sujatha late in life and have bought a few books including his compilation of questions and answers



  3. Guru, did you notice that Cho Ramasamy has also commented on this post (or is it some one playing a prank on you). You are becoming a pundit blogger.


  4. Thanks Guys.

    True it felt like Piravi Payan.After it is your most favorite writer, whom you had loved to meet atleast.

    Chenthil – Romba thanks. But I am not sure if Cho’s comment was a true one or not. One of the things I managed to do now is to check if it was really Sujatha who had commented. And only then I posted it. I didn’t want to fool anyone nor myself.


  5. Lazy! though you ve put the thank-you-all-and-now-shut-up-comment ;),
    I just want to add this!

    Its great to have Sujatha (besides other ppl, he is ur idol as well) comment on ur post on himself!!

    Its amazing and thats the way to go, buddy!!!


  6. Hari, By now way it was meant to be a shut-up comment. Come on man, why would bloggers ever do that 😉 Thanks a ton by the way and keep commenting !!


  7. Lazy, this is amazing to have a celebrity comment back on you. great going.

    im only happy, that Sujatha commented on a Comment Section, where i have also given a “Lousy Comment”