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The sky came down. Well, not exactly. None ever knew how it was to have Google go down for a few minutes or getting hacked. All this and more happened today evening at 3:00 pm PST to 6:00 pm PST. Read more on Gigaom.

The geeks of blogosphere came together to celebrate Dave Winer’s 50th Birthday. Looks like it was fun. If only it was around Seattle, I would have loved to be a part of it. Apart from wishing Dave on his 50th birthday, I would have got a chance to meet Scoble and Dave together and ask them why did they ever argued against Google’s Autolink issue.

Seth Godin on the interesting topic of The Digital Divide. Join the club, dudes.

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23 thoughts on “Blogging about Blogging !!

  1. Seems to be just a DNS hitch. Google denies it was hacked. But the sreenshot of having MSN Search on Google’s page was a top class technique.

  2. Went to see Mumbai Express yesterday @Satyam – they showed the trailer of Anniyan twice. Spectacular doesn’t even begin to describe it – totally slick and Shankar re-establishes himself the King of Bramaandum ! Looks increaingly like a a mega hit. Made up for the digital recording disaster that M.Express is …

  3. wow, I cant wait for Anniyan to come out, but before that I really want to see the trailer of it, cant find it anywhere online.

  4. Nitin,

    I meant an actual good-old theatre movie-trailer, not a real or quicktime clip. Believe me, shankar is going to have th entire media eating out of his hand – Need to find out the release date of the movie and make sure that it is a technically sound theatre like Satyam. Man, I just can’t wait.

    About the trailer itself – seems to be sci-fi, common man fights a corrept society, masala combo – the trailer seems to suggest that vikram kind of mutates into a different sort of person/creature – I could be wrong though. Iyengar Veetu Ponnu choregraphy and sets is breath taking as are all the songs – Sada doesn’t seem to be able to keep pace with Vikram in some of the scenes. Other scenes include Vikram being dragged along the median on a road by characters in two autorickshaws, and another where is ranting while taking bath like a typical Brahmin fella , about the general decline in Society. I don’t generally fall for media hype – but the Kannum Kannum Nokia picturisation just knocked out my breath. Maybe the whole song is not so great in the movie. The fights seem to have be choregraphed by some foreign guy – didn’t catch the name – very slick again. Expect Sujatha’s dialogue to have the usual “Nuch” factor.

    Maybe I fell for a really slick trailer and movie is not as good. But Ayudha Ezuthu, Anniyan all point to an increasing trend in Tamil movies – the better Tamil directors like Shankar and Mani Ratnam don’t have any peers in the “Masala with some stuff” category – Surely for an average Tamil guy Anniyan is any day better than Matrix.

  5. I understand Breaking News Balaraman. You are lucky to go to a theatre and see it, I was hoping they would show the trailer on suntv or something. There is no theater that shows tamil movies anywhere near my house, I have to go all the way to Atlanta, or wait for the DVD, but yeah Shankar has really worked hard for this movie, after the dissappointment wiht Boys, so I hope it turns out to be a good movie.

  6. Ummm.. I became a “Blogger on the Go” today! Dunno if I do more than try it once, cos this whole text msging thingy seems to be a major pain on my thick stubby fingers! Anyways, Blogger rocks!

  7. hey nitin!
    may i know where u saw the trailer of anniyan ,pls let me know friend cos iam dying to see the glimpse of it.hey pls give the source of it.

    by this i would be gr8ful to u.

    with unalloyed affinity

  8. plz tell me da site where i can watch the trailer.
    send me da siteto shayanth14st@msn

  9. plz tell me da site where i can watch the trailer of ANNIYAN
    send me da siteto shayanth14st@msn

  10. this
    shangker is to much,
    the movie superman return they are showing how their making the movie. check that out . hey i tell u all . this shangker is gredi.i watch batman tralier last year n, the movie is coming out this year. c what i mean or not? dont u all be ful like me. dont look 4 it they action a lot. go n, c how they show superman , i mean the making of the tralier, its very knowledge. even kamalhassan’s vatai ade vilaiyade. u can find it not yhis son of a bitch
    hangker sunniyan, u can only c the tralier when the f,,movie is out ok.

  11. hey guys could u please tell where i could see the anniyan trailer. i heard that the trailer is breathtaking.i couldnt find anywhere online.
    please send me the site to

  12. To all those who want to see anniyan trailer goto is a link right on the homepage and you can find 2 versions of trailers there.Trailer-1 the same as in website and Trailer-2 the theatrical version.It does look grand like other shankar movies but I find it has TOO much of similarity to Indian, especially the way vikram speaks etc.

    cheers to the upcoming of Tamil Cinema!

  13. the moviedate is out,i remember they said in april , thewn may then now june17. what is this .ccc.mmm, u all people listen to me,i saw the tralier, my frack comment is i give D. u know y, its not easy to do a movie i know that. ok. 4 our standard is it ok?ponggada, s…. ok.we only can appreciate vikram of his talented acting.u, c. i tell u all ram is a very nice movie . they show the scenes what they can do. with the budget they have n, they devolep arcoding to their money.starting somewhere is ok.butwe must win.look at the thailand movie economicly their country dont have money. but their movie is equil to the west.with this, my point is y this shangker needs a long time to realese the movie. or , ravi.;its better if shangker mAKE A WAR MOVIE. THEN THINGS WILL BE FIND.NO SCIENCE. DO WAR MOVIE. HELP KAMALHASSAN, TO FINISH MARUDANAYAGEM.I TELL U SHANGKER BE THE PRODUCER 4 KAMALHASSAN


    Good acting by Vikram…where he shows in the scene he has a confrontation with the DCP … btw why is the DCP always in MAARUVESHAM…..

    Another thing I thot VIKRAMS getup as ANNIYAN remeinded me very much of ‘THE UNDERTAKER” OF WWW WRESTLING FAME


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