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Picture the blog world as the biggest coffeehouse on Earth. Hunched over their laptops at one table sit six or seven experts in nanotechnology. Right across from them are teenage goths dressed in black and thoroughly pierced. Not too many links between those two tables. But the café goes on and on. Saudi women here, Labradoodle lovers there, a huge table of people fooling around with cell phones. Those are the mobile-photo crowd, busily sending camera-phone pictures up to their blogs.

Business Week gives a huge plug for the blogging community. This well researched/written cover story, Blogs Will Change Your Business, was an awesome read, especially for a blogger. After reading this article, I am sure, a blogger must be walking on air. I did. Stephen Baker and Heather Green who have co-written this article have a reason to paint a rosy picture of the blogosphere. They are also the bloggers of Business Weeks’ new blog Blogspotting. Blogspotting in their own words was kicked off to cover the business drama ahead, as blogging spreads into companies and redefines media.

From Statistics to History to Business of blogosphere this one says it all. If you are non-blogger, read this and join the blogging gang. Don’t be left behind.

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Rahman, Vikram and some Search history

Looks like Vikram’s Coke Podu Ad should be already out on the cable. Directed by Rajiv Menon this should like the Coke Kudi daa Ad he did with Vijay. The Coke Ad really did wonders for Vijay to bring him close to collegiates. I am not sure how it fared for coke. The silly thing was that in ever other movie Vijay appeared with a Coke on his hand. I hope Vikram doesn’t drink only Coke in Anniyan. Some reality please.

A R Rahman is on another world tour starting this year. Also talks about his plans for Tamil films in the coming year.

Gautam Menon talks on Vettayadu Vilayadu. Says Kamal is a 40ish cop. Thats cool.

Google is all set to gather your personal search history. Like A9. A long awaited feature is here finally.

Living Seattle

Learn it the hard way

Never get these free internet access deals. I did that over a month back. But after that I got a Comcast Cable Internet moved on.

Today, when I had to call them up to get the free deal disconnected, it was a big pain. I had to talk my way out. Whatever I had said they had some plan or the other which was literally forced to be taken. When I said ‘No’ to everything saying my Cable internet actually gives 4mbps download speed and I may not need any better internet connection, the voice from the other side just threw a cancellation number on me and hanged up. I was pretty polite to tell them why I may not need their connection anymore.

All these customer services are just a humbug. I feel a big letdown.


An Aayitha Ezhuthu and 3 no-yap situations

a) During today’s Seattle Pallavan journey, was catching up with a friend, who stays in the same community, about the weekend that went by. I have to say that we just met a month back, in the same bus. He was aware that I went to Mumbai Xpress and asked me about it. When I said it was OK but not as expected, he pointed out to various reviews on the net and said Chandramukhi wasn’t better than Mumbai Xpress. Cut here.

After few more minutes of discussion as to why Mumbai Xpress was only OK and not great, he dropped a surprise bomb. He remarked,”Even in lazygeek site ‘they’ said it was not that good“. Read again, ‘they’ said. I was stumped. Missing bails. Curiously I asked him how he got to ‘that’ site. He said he got through Google and was not a regular reader. He wasn’t aware of too many details which I had asked only to drive him to the fact that it was my blog. He wasn’t too sure and I left it there. I am sure he would read this in a day or two and then kick me up for the dig. Funny though.

b) It was Ram Ganesh who picked me up for Mumbai Xpress movie. But thats not the reason why I am writing this. I knew Ram Ganesh only through email that he sent me with regards to screenplays in tamil. He sent the mail long before I came to Seattle. He was also from Seattle. So when saw the note on the blog that I was at Seattle he sent an email asking if I needed some help to move around and some help. I did reply him back that the local bus is keeping me mobile. For a night show of Mumbai Xpress, he came over to pick me up. When co-ordinating for this, we sent a series of emails. One of his email, he sent me his blog address which he never sent before on his emails to me. It was his personal email address and it contained the blog address in his signature.

I was throughly impressed by his photo blog, Point and Shoot. They were full of realistic pictures with blurred backgrounds making his subject’s emotion being expressed very well. And while running through his lbog I found that he was the top finalist for the Grand Prize in the prestigious National Geographic Celebrate Photography Contest. This was my favorite picture. Much to my surprise he also passed me a PDF file containing a script. It was copyrighted with the Writers Guild of America and was a unique one. Could be made into a good 10 minute short film.

c) Balaji from Singapore was a stranger and became an acquaintance to me only through this blog. An ardent Kamal fan who would IM me in Yahoo messenger to find out about the Kamal movie/music review. We were chatting today on IM when we started discussing about European films and their sheer greatness when compared to Hollywood. As he works at Singapore, he gets to see a lot of them and made some worthy suggestions of European films which I have queued in my personal ‘must-see’ list. He also said European film had much superior screenplays which were atleast a decade ahead of these Hollywood ones.

From Malena to Facing Windows to 5*2 his list of European films kept growing.

Three different people, three different situtations and full of surprises. No yaps, just a joy.