Learn it the hard way

Never get these free internet access deals. I did that over a month back. But after that I got a Comcast Cable Internet moved on.

Today, when I had to call them up to get the free deal disconnected, it was a big pain. I had to talk my way out. Whatever I had said they had some plan or the other which was literally forced to be taken. When I said ‘No’ to everything saying my Cable internet actually gives 4mbps download speed and I may not need any better internet connection, the voice from the other side just threw a cancellation number on me and hanged up. I was pretty polite to tell them why I may not need their connection anymore.

All these customer services are just a humbug. I feel a big letdown.

7 responses to “Learn it the hard way”

  1. Maharajan Avatar


    When I was going through the same thing and said I got cable internet.. the person on the other end said, “Well you should try using our XXX Online with your high speed internet.. it works really well..” I was like ?!?!??!?!?!?!


  2. Prabhu Venkatramani Avatar
    Prabhu Venkatramani

    Welcome to America!


  3. Raj Avatar

    Nothing is “free” here.All hidden marketing.Beware of smart deals here.


  4. Ashwini Avatar

    Yea welcome to America! beware of free AOL!


  5. Maverick Avatar

    I too faced the same problem when I was leaving USA for India 2 years back. I told AOL that I was going out of the country and that lady went to the extent of asking to which country I was going. I was tempted to answer Lebanon or Iraq or Bosnia :-). But told them I was heading back home to India and she asked me which city I am going to !!! I was starting to get a little irritated but still told her with patience ‘Bangalore’. She put me on hold for a minute and came back on the line and told that we will still be able to provide you a few services there in Bangalore. I was surprised to know that they do that in Bangalore also (partnering with some local co. here?). But I politely turned down the offer saying that I have got my own corporate paid connection and I won’t need another one. And, finally she processed the cancellation request and on the whole it took me 20 mins to get this done.


  6. aha! Avatar

    Hmm…best chance is if you tell them that you sold your computer and dont own one anymore!
    They might just come up with some new deal but highly unlikely 🙂


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