A quintessential blog read


Picture the blog world as the biggest coffeehouse on Earth. Hunched over their laptops at one table sit six or seven experts in nanotechnology. Right across from them are teenage goths dressed in black and thoroughly pierced. Not too many links between those two tables. But the café goes on and on. Saudi women here, Labradoodle lovers there, a huge table of people fooling around with cell phones. Those are the mobile-photo crowd, busily sending camera-phone pictures up to their blogs.

Business Week gives a huge plug for the blogging community. This well researched/written cover story, Blogs Will Change Your Business, was an awesome read, especially for a blogger. After reading this article, I am sure, a blogger must be walking on air. I did. Stephen Baker and Heather Green who have co-written this article have a reason to paint a rosy picture of the blogosphere. They are also the bloggers of Business Weeks’ new blog Blogspotting. Blogspotting in their own words was kicked off to cover the business drama ahead, as blogging spreads into companies and redefines media.

From Statistics to History to Business of blogosphere this one says it all. If you are non-blogger, read this and join the blogging gang. Don’t be left behind.

5 responses to “A quintessential blog read”

  1. Yeah.
    That made me feel a lot good about myself. And it was quite an interesting read.

    And seen Chandramukhi yet?


  2. Just before reading this article, I started a blog…few days back.

    Blogging world is getting stronger day by day..100% true…