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  1. Off-topic!

    I have started a discussion on current spate of K.B. movies being shown on K TV and generally on K.B. movies!
    All you readers… can u tell ur fave movies of K.B. here??

  2. i think pudhupet will be a closer look on the mafia in chennai with a realistic look and of course u can expect good songs from yuvan and the usual technical brilliance of selva’s crew……….but this movie cud be a real up close with the slums dwellers and cud be real nasty and women may not like it………

  3. End of an era:

    Sambhar, you will be missed. Those who did not see your movies of yesteryears at least had some inkling of your abilities in Avvai Shanmukhi. You had the best actress for your wife. All your children are successful in their own right. Yes, you did live a full life indeed. The deep rest now starts.

  4. Hi Lazy
    A Slight update for you all, Mumbai Xpress is actually coming out on April 14, contrary to some rumors. The music for the film is indeed coming out next week. For full details go to http://newstodaynet.com/20MAR/LD4.HTM
    Better luck next time Lazy;
    As always, I expect a good review from you, better than anyone else on the net!

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