Yahoo flicks Flickr

Flickr goes Yahoo

Whoa !! Flickr was clearly a Google animal and they missed the bus. Yahoo announced that it bought Flickr, few hours back. With the announcement of Yahoo 360, it was expected that Yahoo might acquire few small players, whose application, Yahoo might integrate into blogging/social networking utility, Yahoo 360.

Flickr was one of those software applications that was clearly an offshoot in this clumsily imitative internet world. It was certainly a killer app for photo blogs just like delicious was for bookmarks. There were talks on the blogosphere that Google might just go for Flickr.

With Flickr on the Yahoo side, the Googleplex would have been alarmed this rainy sunday to gear up with their next best release of blogger tightly integrated with Picasa. It’s going to be long nights ahead for those geeks. Good Luck !!

10 responses to “Yahoo flicks Flickr”

  1. LG , Happy Birthday Macha. What in hell are you doing on a birthday writing about who bought who. WTF, Enjoy da. I hope you are still guessing me 🙂


  2. dearly known friend, thanks but who the heck are you. i think I am close. Give me just one more hint. Will you ?

    YB, Thank you. I hope its sunshine all along. The rain here gets on my nerves sometimes. Especially if it’s on a weekend.


  3. Having a paid subscription and a free one – it was clearly a Yahoo product. Cant imagine a product (except keyhole and google answers) where I have to pay!!


  4. Hullo: Guru Subramaniam.I read with interest and amusement ur blog on ‘Seattle pallavan’.I am happy to know that commuting by public transport is so good there.I have mentioned it in my mail to my niece who from Seattle has composed a sonnette on Seattle’s beauty,Let me try to copy-paste it to Email.


  5. Hello Partha Krish,

    Thanks for that. I did read your reply to RKN’s post and wanted to reply. Sorry couldn’t do that.

    BTW, do send me the poem on seattle’s beauty. I would love to read it.