Blogging, Mark Jen and Termination

With all the hungama swirling around, Mark Jen chose to talk yesterday about his termination from Google. Mark Jen’s termination came from his blog posts relating to Google’s financial information and future products. Though he took them out when he realised it was classified, it was all over.

From Mark’s entry on his blog, Ninenty Nine Zeros,

i was just too excited. i felt like i was joining a small start-up family; i thought i was going to start new initiatives and improve existing ones; i thought i could jump in the deep end and immerse myself in the revolutionary development environment; i thought i could make connections to real people in the outside world and get first hand feedback; i thought google would love it. i thought wrong.

Personally, I think Google should have given him a chance but then their recent IPO and their quarter offerings have made analysts sensitive to any information about them. And Google probably wanted to show their stand on blogging-about-work policy. It’s definetly shocking for this news came from a company that promotes the number one blogging software, Blogger.

After all, didn’t some one say, Google after the IPO isn’t the same venture capitalists funded company run by a couple of young dudes who love technology, as it was a couple of years back. Now, they are answerable to their share holders and those who have stakes in them. We are getting to see that coming right.

3 responses to “Blogging, Mark Jen and Termination”

  1. Nilu Avatar

    I think firing him has generated enough free advert for Google ;)…smart move!


  2. Arun Avatar

    I think its a Miscrosoft conspirarcy.

    They wanted someone to reveal the inner workings of Google and they did it in style…… Bill Gates Evil Genius


  3. Arun Avatar

    I meant conspiracy… spelling sucks !!!!


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