Ashokamitran – 50 years with the pen

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Ashokamitran, the writer’s writer, has a simple elegant style of writing. Be it a social novel, a movie review or a commentary on various contemporary issues, he writes without any pretence or exaggerations. So if you are reading a Ashokamitran article you can be rest assured that there are no play of words.

Being with Kannayazhi magazine for a long time, Ashokamitran’s contributions to the tamil literary world is higher than what’s known. Now after 50 years, since he started his invaluable writing career, Kadavu Literary circle and Kizhakku Pathippagam are celebrating it as a gala festival, tomorrow [12th Feb 2005]. Kizhakku Pathippagam recent released compilations of Ashokamitran’s Shortstories and Columns during the recent Chennai Book Fair.

Ashokamitran 50 happens at Film Chamber hall, Anna Salai. Time – 6:30 pm on 12th February 2005.

Sundara Ramaswamy talks about the short stories of Ashokamitran, Gnana Koothan on Ashokamitran columns, I.Ra. Venkatachalapathy on the novels and Paal Sakkariya about the translations of Ashokamitran. There is also a screening of Amshan Kumar’s short film on Ashokamitran. Check out Badri‘s tamil weblog for more.

Being a big time fan of Ashokamitran‘s writings, I love to be there. It is for sure that I may not be able to make it. Blame my friend to have his marriage tomorrow at the same time. I am sure Chenthil and Ramnath, fellow bloggers and fans of Ashokamitran would be there to give me an update.

9 responses to “Ashokamitran – 50 years with the pen”

  1. Chenthil Avatar

    Was really expecting you Guru. BTW, where exactly is this auditorium?


  2. Vasanth Avatar

    Sorry guy dont blame him Lazy. Not fair 🙂

    It wouldn’t be intentional!!


  3. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Chenthil, Near Rani Seethai Hall.

    Vasanth, That was a dig on my friend.


  4. Prabhu Avatar

    Enga irundhu ivlo info keadikaradhu. You never fail to amaze me buddy 🙂
    Enjoy the program and yes, expecting an update!


  5. Prabhu Venkatramani Avatar
    Prabhu Venkatramani
  6. ram Avatar

    Have you guys seen Director Vasanth’s [Keladi Kanmani] short film, “Thakkaiyin Meedhu Naangu Kanngall?” It’s an adaptation of Ashoka Mitran’s story of the same title. I’ve watched it once–it’s got some wonderfully conceived imagery…havent read the story though…Ram


  7. Partisan Avatar

    ‘Oru Thakkaiyin Meedhu Nangu Kangal’ is a celebrated short story by Saa. Kandaswami, also a Sahitya Akademi award winner and author of the path-breaking novel, ‘Sayavanam’, which is widely held to be one of the ten best novels ever in Tamil.


  8. Indu Avatar

    Not to sound immodest..but I have always been proud of him..and he happens to be my chinna thatha…Ashokamitran or JT thatha for all our cousins…happens to be the most prominent personality in our family !!! I have never read any of his works untill I came to know that he is getting some award from Mother Tereasa…(this was some lonng time back)…when I see how much recoginition he has for proud to say am related to him and that I am ardent fan of his works now …..


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