Second Timer at the IndiBloggies

Best Humanities Indiblog

Whoa !! Thanks to everyone who took time to read and vote this blog as the Best Humanities(Arts) IndiBlog 2004, for the second time. It’s certainly an extra dose of inspiration served as an award. I am sure there are many other blogs on arts and media that are covering some amazing stuff who also need to appreciated now.

Thanks to Debashish(Indiblogger) who did a great job of showcasing the best of Indian blogs through the IndiBloggies Awards. Congrats to all other bloggers who won Indibloggies.

21 thoughts on “Second Timer at the IndiBloggies

  1. Hi Guru….


    I need to find LazyGeek at more places in the WINNERS List in the coming years. Actually i did search on Lazygeek and to my surprise i found ur name once in the list.

    Hi Man….I am not discouraging you … its our expectation and you have to live with it.

    Last but not least….CONGRATS MAPLE.



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