Friday Quickies

Channel [V] ropes in A R Rahman and Adnan Sami for the final-phase auditions of Super Singer contest. Handful of them would certainly get a chance to sing ARR’s compositions. Lucky them.

Marriage inisde the family. Dum Dum Dum to Hotmail and Outlook.

Will anybody stop loving Raymond even after they are done by May 16 2005? Its one of my fave show.

JavaScript : The World’s Most Misunderstood Programming Language. Interesting. [Via Kottke].

9 responses to “Friday Quickies”

  1. Raymond stops?? Ho I’ve just started watching.
    Prime time starts with Seinfield, Raymond, Friends and sometimes followed by Sex and the City. All very funny Soaps.


  2. True….none of the javascript books are perfect. Every once in a while I learn something new with javascript and awe at it. Still not able to understand what kinda lang is that?!


  3. Am back.. not with the bang that expected to come back with, but nevertheless… Someone (a common friend to both of us) convinced me that the blogging world needs me 😉 lol…

    But Raymond leaving… ? :O Thats news to me…


  4. dont worry abt ray, he will be synticated and the reruns will be shoved down our throats(like friends…on the other hand sienfeld reruns are a real blessing)



  5. Ray serial was getting better with time. Very good kathai-thirai-kathai. The maamiyaar-mattuponnu interactions are extremely creative.
    Ray Romano wants to act in movies but his first movie flopped bigtime.


  6. There was Aasma, there was Viva…Now there is Samsung[V] Super Singer. This is one more reason why I wish I was in Madras right now. But for some reason both these pop bands didnt survive the test of time. Let’s see how long the Super Singer will last for. Anybody knows of any other site having more details about this event?

    I am sure, this will be covered by the Indian Cable; Reality TV is one of the biggest thing off late, and the media will certainly use that.

    And LazyGeek, why is email ID necessary for these comments? I dont want more spam from the internet bots.