Yesterday was a huge revelation.

Yesterday was a huge revelation. All that I blogged and blogged about Tsunami went for a big toss. I understood what it is to go out and help and I am satisfied that I did my best. This isn’t a brag. There are still so many unsung heroes helping the relief operation. They don’t have blogs or internet. They probably don’t even have an email id. And if you allow them to write or express how numb they have become towards death, pages wouldn’t be enough.

Even after you meet the first victim of the attack, you know all that is reported cannot even match that single man’s sadness. There are some emotions that couldn’t be expressed, written or reported. Pain and personal loss are probably the best representatives. They have to be felt. Again, yesterday was a huge revelation but it was not even close to the tear in that single man’s corner of the eye.

3 responses to “Yesterday was a huge revelation.”

  1. Sudhar Avatar


    I am assuming you had written your own experience ( the italics got me confused as if it was a quote, I do belive you either way)

    Passing thru the new years eve, I was wondering the same thing about my inability to be of any physical help to anyone affected. I felt it when the Gujrat Quake hit, now I feel it lot more becoz of proximity of the disaster to my home land.

    I am relieving my anxiety through your words. Thanks for going out there and doing it. Dont worry about blogging the details, the fact that you did it and the fact that I know you, and the fact that we share the same thoughts and feelings, makes me believe that I had done it myself. It may sound strange but I mean it.

    Words will never count for the loss but prayers will. And my prayers will be there for every lost and hurt soul.


  2. Lazy Geek Avatar


    Thanks for those words. Made me feel a little better.

    And those italics popped up by mistake. I took them out now.


  3. adipex Avatar

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