Not just Tsunami; also geeks

What is here is nowhere else; what is not here, is nowhere. If that sounds like Rajinikanth‘s quote, it isn’t. It is Mahabharata. Shashi Tharoor exposits on the rivetting epic, Mahabharata. Looks like the column would run into weeks, keep watching that space if you are interested.

And you thought software engineers just did coding. They also take up tougher tasks like the relief efforts at the Tsunami hit locations. BTW, What the heck am I doing here ?

Sevanti Ninan‘s column is always a refreshing read on sunday mornings. This time she has some nice things to say about Weblogs and Bloggers. Read more of The Tsunami Blog.

Is there a difference between this musician and her music ? KG Vijayakrishnan pays a tribute to the MS Magic.

I hate countdowns and numbering stuff but I certainly need to mention this article, Top Bollywood newsmakers of 2004. For a reason. Check out the top-most newsmaker and you know where Bollywood is moving towards. Also this guy, Karan Johar managed to get into the list even without a movie. Fancy that.

4 responses to “Not just Tsunami; also geeks”

  1. hey LG

    I read your blog very regularly and find it to be more interesting than most newspapers. I thought this tit-bit about ‘blog’ being the Word of the Year ought to be on your interesting site. In case you have already mentioned it in a post, pardon me….

    Keep up the great work


    And the award goes to…

    The Word of the Year for 2004, by popular consensus, was “blog” (short for weblog), meaning a web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer. For one, it was the word most often looked up on Merriam-Webster online dictionary. Bloggers were among the first to cast doubt on a CBS television report challenging President Bush’s military service. CBS later admitted that the report was based on questionable documents.


  2. I remember that Sevanti Ninan dismissed blogs a few years back when I wrote her an email about it… she said that it is only for very few who can work in IT field..
    I am happy that she has had a change of mind now..
    I will find if I can find out that original article by her in my links.