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Friday Guessing

If you think playing Chris Mom/ Chris Child is childish. No way. We played it on a 50 member team and it proved to be lots of fun and the best of team building exercises. Rocks.

2004 Year-End Google Zeitgeist , the time-spirit of globe, has been released. Guess what – Britney, Christina Aguilera and Pamela ‘Bay Watch’ Anderson are topping the popular searches. There is just two male dudes in the top 10 popular seaches. Orlando ‘Troy’ Bloom and Harry Potter. Eminem did made it to the top 2 of Popular Men 2004. One a personal note I am excited that Kurt Cobain and Bob Marley are still in the Top 10 Male Celebrities. Ironically, on a year when music companies came together against music piracy, mp3 is one of the top 10 popular searches.

GMAIL is close to be released public in Jan 2005, I guess. Starting yesterday, GMAIL is giving out 10 more invitations to the subscribers. I know no one needs them anymore. Just in case, leave a comment.

14 thoughts on “Friday Guessing

  1. True Vasant. But every one has to go through this. There can’t be only highs in life of a business. Google is no exception for that.

    Their stocks could be flirting at $200 but GMAIL still has to go live to make them the leader in Free Email arena.


  2. Probably a very ignorant question, what is Chris Mom/Chris Child game? Is it some kind of team building exercise?


  3. Uma, It is a game usually played during X’mas. From a lot, each member in the team would select a chit which will have one of the team member’s name. You don’t disclose. You basically select your Chris Child and your are that memeber’s Chris MOM.

    Till the final day, you give gifts and instructions to your Chris Child without disclosing your entity. Child has to obey your orders and so on the final day when everyone discloses who their Chris child’s are, the moms gives their child a gift.

    It really increases the rapport and the interaction within the teams. A great team game that can played for days together.


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