That very moment

I have blogged about accidents and traffic in Chennai before, this is one more of that category.

Couple of days back, in a suburb of Chennai, while me and my friend were driving back on a two-wheeler, there was crowd in the middle of the road. A man’s body lying there. We searched for the head. No head.

Next day in my office this was the talk-of-the-day. Looks like he was run over by a watertank lorry. We know that watertank lorries are the mobile God-Of-Dead in Chennai. But this one was truly heart crunching. Imagine that doomed man’s thoughts just when he was alive under the wheels of that lorry. One moment and all his hopes, dreams, family and career boomed out.

No Preaching. A suggestion, Drive Slow.

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  1. Jaiganesh Avatar

    Water tankers and sand stealing lorries are the bane of chennai. To prevent such accidents, Chennai can follow the Bangalore way. They can start umpteen flyovers in all areas and never have them completed, then there would be no question of moving, let alone speeding!.


  2. F e r r a r i Avatar

    Not just drive slow. Wear helmets for sure even if you are travelling for a shorter distance. And drive at extreme left of the road at a normal speed. Lesser the speed, greater chance of recovery.


  3. Vasanth Avatar

    Lazy it’s sad that such incidents happen everyday in our city. As per the statistics, during the peak summer, atleast 3 to 4 persons lost their lives in the city because of road accidents involving water tankers. In fact one of the distant relatives of mine died in an accident involving a water tanker. Though I despise the way these tanker drivers drive on the roads, the motorists are also equally to be blamed for such incidents. The way motorists ride on the road as though the entire road is laid for them and cutting across the entire stretch of road very casually without bothering who is coming behind, all this adds to the problem.

    The motorists should realise that it’s their life which is in danger and not the water tanker driver’s. So they have to be extra cautious while riding on the road.

    Thustanai Kandal Dhura Velagu!!!


  4. Reflex Avatar

    Good one lazygeek. Atleast for the sake of avoiding pollution, we must use helmets. Bangalore based symphony has a tie up with some helmet company and giving it in cheaper cost. Let all company follow it to safe guard their employees.

    Hey, Did u get to see my mail to ur gmail id ?. Read it or visit my blog dude.


  5. Sowmya Avatar

    We must be responsible drivers on the road. Use helemts, avoid drunken driving and rash driving.
    Also, when these incidents happen, the rash driver’s license should be cancelled.


  6. vasanthi Avatar

    I agree with you each time I am on the vehicle my heart beats faster chennai is particualry very dangerous-I really want to start a movement against rash driving


  7. Sidharth Avatar

    Everybody from motorists to autos to cars to watertankers disobey the traffic rules and signals.We should start a movement to change this attitude people have coz one day it could be us meeting with an accident!


  8. Arun Avatar

    Nice post lazy…..brings my attention to a bigger issue…..How many of us in Chennai have disobeyed traffic laws……I personally have done it a number of times…..even though the offence might have been minor…for example…there is no right turn near Ashok Pillar coming from the Saravanas / Bata side ( am talking a year back) but still a lot of ppl do the right turn and ohter ppl follow….and the PTC and water lorry’s are not far behind…….a tiny example….but the point is that when educated people can do it…how can we expect some un educated illiterate person who may have gotten their license just by paying the RTO officer some form of bribe to follow these rules….and when caught breaking these rules by a police officer most ppl end up paying the 10/25/100 Rs customary maamool… I believe that there needs to be a sustained mass education al effort taken by every responsible citizen to avoid traffic mishaps..

    I am sorry that I might have deviated from the main topic of the post…but just thought I might post the comment.



  9. Gita Avatar

    That is really bad. chennai is in dire need of new traffic laws, and also the whole of India needs new traffic laws. Its really dangerous for mainly two wheeler vehicles.


  10. Nirenjan Avatar

    This is one of the reasons why I’m not allowed to commute on a bike.

    Off Topic: I saw an ad board on the back of a bus on my way to work today – Avoid rash driving – punishable by way of imprisonment, cancellation of license and fine. Now I wonder, is this actually being followed???


  11. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Whoa!! Thanks guys for the unbeatable response. From wearing helmets to starting movemnet against rash driving you guys have given ideas that are workable.

    Staring a movement is certainly a great idea and that has to be done joining hands with our traffic cops. Two, Helmets are certainly important for two wheelers but we also alking here about lorry, bus and car drivers.

    This one could be a little touchy but I have to say that if we probably be self-conscious enough, accidents could be a little avoided. Slef-conscious enough to drive slow !! Right !!


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