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Manmadhan – Serious Serial Killing

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Simbhu requests a shoulder to cry, talks a mile long amateurish dialogue about his girlfriend, who ran away with someone and when the cricket fame Mandira Bedi consoles him, catches her by her hips and over her shoulder winks at the camera. You know by then what manmadhan is going to be. Don’t you?

Taking off as a modern day adaptation of Sigappu Rojakkal, manmadhan is all about serial killing girls who are unfaithful to their husbands/boy friends. While this fact hasn’t been established clearly through dialogues, the screenplay makes you to assume this. Similar to its predecessor serial killing thrillers, the protagonist/anti-hero has a purpose. That purpose as expected is a lengthy flashback. By a chance most of the girls whom our hero meets are diseased by infidelity. Contradictory to real life, these girls fall for the hero in the first pass he makes at them. This disease, again as per the kollywood grammar doesn’t affect the heroine.

Simbhu has done a great job to showcase his multi-faceted talents in many ways as possible. The better thing is that all his efforts have stuck to the story line making them more in-direct. In his previous movies, such efforts have stood out making it as a promotion of Simbhu and the movie theme was lost in the process. His performance in some scenes puts him in the league of acting actors.

Unfortunately, the screenplay that he has penned is a drag. What could have been a simple 2-hour nail-biting thriller has been elongated to a 18 reel lengthy movie. He takes ample time to set the story and the first half just drags to unveil the interval suspense. The flashback, set in a town hostel could have been cut efficiently keeping the time factor in mind. The climax and the twists that occur at regular intervals have got the movie going.

Jyothika with her usual charm and her quaint dialogue delivery performs again. But in a hero-centric movie she has very less to do. Her dance in the number Enn Aasai Mythiliye rocks. Even in the wildest dreams one wouldn’t have imagined Jyo to dance so well in a single lengthy shot. Like his Saghlai Chinni Jayanth, Ragalai Santhanam gets to become the new age college friend. This guys needs a notice and heroes beware cause he can out perform others in a scene with his wits.

You could hardly spot Balakumaran, the dialogue writer in this visual movie and also one would certainly ponder over the rational behind those lengthy dialogues of love-lost. Kakkha Kakkha fame RD Rajasekhar‘s camera has simply brought in the urban look and feel for the movie. With some daring close-ups and unbelievable angles, Rajasekhar is a cameraman to adore. Nevertheless, too much shaking the camera pains the eyes. Antony, the editor who along with the cameraman has done the wonder work for the movie. With the movie moving so smooth, I still don’t believe how he would have allowed those lengthy slow motion shots of Simbhu. A little more cuts in the narration and the movie could have been cute-bundled in less than two hours.

Yuvan’s songs have been rocking the music scene for quite some time. That rap in that manmadhan song goes well with the number. What stands out is the long pathos number, Kathal Valarthen. Not to forget the folk rendering of Shankar Mahadevan and Sriram in Vanam Enna. Jay Murugan who hasn’t been brought to light in the media needs to be appreciated to for his directorial skills of manmadhan. If supposedly this is his debut movie in direction, amazing job.

This young dude Simbhu to perform in most of the areas of filmmaking might make him look like a braggart but if only he could maneuver his talents he is certain to stay here. manmadhan could be counted as of his one of the initial successes he is going to encounter in the days to come.

37 thoughts on “Manmadhan – Serious Serial Killing

  1. I thought Simbu is just full-of-crap except for his dance-talent. But it seems he has an actor inside him. Good for him.

    BTW, did u notice that this singer “KK” is turning out to be the ‘lucky’ singer with lots of talent? Some of the biggest hits of recent times are sung by him. I guess he’s Vidyasagar’s intro.
    From “Poovukkellam siragumulaithathu” to “Uyirin uyire”, “Kalyanamthaan”, “Ninaithu ninaithu”… he rocks unseen! Any interview or photo of this guy, Guru?

  2. FYI: The reason to mention about KK here is that he’s the guy who sung this “Kathal Valarthen” number. (LG wud know this)

  3. Oh!!!
    I never thought you will watch a simbhu movie. And now you are making me think. Guess I will watch this this movie.
    Padam nalla illaati Simbhu shud transfer the tkt cost to my ICICI account 😀

  4. Ajay, I think you missed KK’s interview while you were here. This guy is a resident of bombay but flies to chennai for singing. very low profiled and that made me think he is going to rock for sometime.

    BTW, I did know that KK sang that Kathal Valarthen and the picturisation was similar to a Janet Jackson song where she flies high like a feather and lands on the world marvels with ease.

    Though I find shades of Poi Solla Indha Manasukku (April Mathathil) here. Did you notice that Ajay.

    Ferrari Anna, You can watch it once expect for that dragging second half.

  5. wow a t rajendar jr movie review by lazygeek, hope you’re not dropping yourself to the level of tamil masala geek 🙂

  6. Cool Lazy. Nice review. I always feel this simbhu tries to eloborate things too much. Hope to see the movie soon.

  7. Sujay,

    If only I was biased about Simbhu, I may not have written the note on the movie. BTW, I have to say that I have enjoyed T Rajendar in the past. Though his movies were more louder and clumsier than the normal kollywood movies, they had interesting screenplays and dialogues. Haven’t you watched Oru thalai Raagam and Mythili Ennai Kaathali. Oru Thalai Raagam re-defined romance in tamil cinema.

  8. Looks like all Tamil cinema lovers had a bad impression on Simbhu. Those are tailored around him only because of his bad story selection and more concentration on his heroism. But don’t have any pre-assumption before you look at the movie. You may get surprise boom,as Manmadhan. At the same time, these young talents should be encouraged for their efforts.

  9. LG, u r right…I didn’t notice that…but I wud rate “Poi solla..” relatively better. I did miss his [KK’s] interview…hmm…

    (surprised a bit that u remember my stay there 😀 )

  10. hai how r u ? im Anupshi from Holland. i like u very much. i like to see u soon as posible. take care bye with love Anupshi&Dilak. Dilak is my sister.

  11. Hey Simbu How are you? I think your very handsome and cool, but i think you should drop the earring on ur eyebrow. any best of luck in ur films.

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  13. Hi,Simbhu.How are you? Your movie Manmadhan is the best movie I have seen.Your acting is very perfect.Dhanush is only a local guy which do not have’ll defenitely be the best actor and always win whatever.I always pray for you.Goodbye,see you in the next movie.

  14. Chimbu has improved a bit with his acting, not lot’s but bit. His dances are the same. I dont like simbhu very much because he keeps copying the style of rajini. He’ll probably copy the style of rajini after chandramukhi. Chandramukhi has lot of rajini styles in it and he’s going to take it all. Chimbu needs to figure out his own way of style.

  15. hai simbhu
    pls pls pls make heroins to act with their own voice dub. or with varity of native voices as kamalhasan do in his films. the voice routine we cud hardly tolerate.

  16. Hey Simbhu
    How are you?
    Do you remember me? I am Rubi, from France, with Sutha, Sapna …
    Next time, when you come in France, we go to Disney ok?
    Answer me please.
    Bye bye.

  17. hey simbhu !!!!!!!
    i’m ur fan since i was 7 years old
    i hope that u will become the best satar

    okkkkkkkkkk brother byeeeeeeee

  18. hi simbhu hauw are jou?.Jour movie Manmadhan is the best movie.Jour acting is very perfect.I licke you very much. any best of luck in ur films.Im sister for you!Im 14Jears olt.

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  21. hi simbhu,how r u ? at first i have seen dhum,but u seems too style.try2 avoid and act just wat u did in manmathan, i wish u all success in “thotty & vallavan”
    with regards

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