My blog has been reached

My blog has been reached in record numbers for the past two days. Looks like the huge crowd is coming from this Google search of Dhanush-Aishwarya marriage.

So if you are the one landing here and cursing me for not uploading the marriage pic, here it is for you. Just for you.

dhanush aishwarya marriage
[Pic :]

Catch some more pics at behindwoods gallery.

9 responses to “My blog has been reached”

  1. prabz Avatar

    ‘Machakaran’ Dhanush! Huh. Soundarya looks goood.. 🙂


  2. Nars Avatar

    For more photographs, check out, where they have posted 30+ snaps of the wedding


  3. curses Avatar

    Suderman had the same thing to say.. 🙂
    Check out his write-up on The Hindu..

    He’s also blogged abt it..
    Damn he’s lucky!


  4. F e r r a r i Avatar
    F e r r a r i

    Is she(bride) wearing a madisar??


  5. Bald_WIN Avatar

    Soundarya ? Did she not loose her life in a aircrash a before elections ??? Dude someone is seeing a ghost in the photos ?

    Who is the chick next to Rajinikanth ?

    Poor Dhanush….! Would this make him any good ??? He will always be overshadowed by Rajini.

    Sympathies for that bloake.


  6. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Bald Win – you are referring to Suthi Suthi Vandheega Soundarya. She did die in a plane crash.

    The soundarya standing next to rajini is his second daughter and for not knowing that rajini fans can even abolish you from tamil nadu 😉


  7. Ajay Avatar

    Looks like a mis-match….as curses said..Damn he’s lucky! I’m repeating or concur with the comments said….. read in an article that for the reception, Soundarya looked even ravishing in a black clad saree.
    Hope she meets a right match. ;D


  8. Rajendra Avatar

    Hi guru,

    i was shocked to see the geek site ..good job.



  9. lion Avatar

    wow… soundarya is too beautiful …….
    dhanush missed a good chance…..
    aishwarya is nothing…..
    will soundarya …. act in tamil movies….?


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