Have shifted to Total Choice

Have shifted to Total Choice Hosting service from Bloghosts. Bloghosts are closing for business and hence I had to switch to a new one. The guys at bloghosts were amazing and I didn’t want to actually leave them.

TCH guys gave away a great deal for bloghosts customers of a free upgrade. So currently I am on a plan that gives more bandwidth and ample storage space. These guys also have great support. What more do I need to ask for.

Last evening, I switched the nameservers and so for sometime you must have been seeing older entries because my new site was backed up few days back itself. I have brought back the older enteries from the copies I had. The comments of the last four posts are missing. I know the previous post did have a good debate going on. In a day or two I will back up all the comments and put them as they were posted.

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  1. F e r r a r i Avatar
    F e r r a r i


    Your site is asking for user id and password. You are planning to have user registration or something like that?

    Myself and curses were wondering whats happening to your site 🙂 and was about to mail you regarding the same.

    Ellam set panni mudicha udane sollunga. Seekram set panni mudinga


  2. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Thanks Prabhu and Curses. I think I’ve managed to change the settings. You should be fine now.


  3. Sudhir Parasuram Avatar

    And, while you still at resetting some of the stuff, I’d recommend you to try and prevent email address from showing up in your blog comment section. I understand that if someone leaves their URL, the email-id is masked. However, even without that, it’s best to turn it off or atleast provide some amount of protection from spam for people visiting your blog and providing comments.




  4. Sudhar Avatar

    Welcome to TCH. When I was preparing to switch from pegasus, I saw you were on Bloghosts and wanted to move there as well. But after some more research I figured TCH was bit better than Bloghosts and I moved to TCH.

    Its exciting to see you are heading to TCH too. Welcome home Lz.

    TCH guys rock. I sincerely recommend them to any serious blogger.


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