Gifting Deepavali

Having read this year’s Deepavali special issue of Vikatan, I have to say that it is indeed one of the best gifts one can give/get for this Deepavali. When I started reading the Vikatan Deepavali Malar, I had a pre-conceived notion that its going to be another Ananda Vikatan with those typical commerical stuff. Not anymore.

If not for the Vikatan special issue, I think the best gift for most of the occasions could be a good book. Note this, Good Book. Not a bad one. So if a friend gifts me a pack of Ladoos this deepavali, he also has to foot the doctor bill and the costly tablets that my doctor prescribes me. The doc gets tons of free samples for such prescriptions from the medical companies. Thats another story. So if you are planning a gift, for your friend, how about a good book ?

Ashokamithran‘s account on the history of tamil short stories in Vikatan is awe-inspiring. He was able to size down the hundred year long history of tamil shortstories to a couple of pages. No wonder he still rocks.

Ashokamithran writes a monthly column for Kumudam’s Theeranadhi. Last month on Kumudam’s Theeranadhi, his column on Varanasi Kasi, set me thinking philosophically. His unique ability lies in conveying the most powerful things with a minimum set of words. A writer who certainly needs to be celebrated. This month in his theeranadhi page, the fiction based on the Iowa city is worth a mention. Will give a pointer to that article once it’s online.

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    17 comments for Kamal, 21 comments for Rajni and none for Asokamithran. Lazy, now you know what your audience wants 🙂


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