Blogging Diwali, the Chennai way

What would a bunch of bloggers do normally? Blog. Chennai Bloggers? What else, they meet. So if you are a blogger/non-blogger and if you are in/around/near Chennai this Diwali weekend, the kutty, tiny and cute blogger meet is happening this weekend. Warm welcome to the new journo-bloggers of Chennai.

Blogstreet’s Indian version lists hundred and twenty three Chennai Bloggers, as of today. Even if half of that crowd is in town this sunday and even if half of that lot attend the blogger meet, we would have a bunch of fiercely opinionated bloggers around. I know too much of opinions don’t actually make sense. But aren’t meets always made to make sense. I hear you whisper, Lazy mams, cut the crap and come straight to point.

Ok, where did I leave my story? Yeah, so we meet on Sunday the 14th of November by 3:30 4:30 pm. Isn’t that the children’s day? Chennai Childlike Bloggers, as usual meet at famous blogger meet spot of Besant Nagar/Elliots beach, near the huge white memorial, as you often see in the climaxes of kollywood flicks. We might get sponsors for the sunday sundal and some Lights On from the media.

All Pocket-sized Nokia Space Shuttles, Digi Cams, Pen Cams, Spy Cams and even Web cams are welcome. We will be missing regulars like Kingsley, Mdeii Anand and many others this time. If someone could arrange for a web cast of the meet, they can pop in too.

Being the 3rd Official Chennai Blogger Meet of this year, we are set to rock the show. So drop in and check out as the Chennai Bloggers wisecrack(er) their way into this Diwali.

P.S : Leave a note here about your availability or mail me at lazygeek[at]

27 responses to “Blogging Diwali, the Chennai way”

  1. Nirenjan Avatar

    Hi Guru, will be great to meet up again. I’ll bring over my digicam (just bought it 37 hours ago… 🙂


  2. Adventures with YardBoy Avatar

    Best wishes from sunny Florida. See you in DEC.


  3. Lazy Geek Avatar

    YB, Didn’t know you went back. We are going to miss you too.

    And Nirenjan, What a precision. sounds like a NASA test 😉


  4. Reflex Avatar

    I will try to make it up friends.
    lazy geek, I will mail u once in reach my native.


  5. Pleomorphous Avatar

    Beach again?? Can’t we meet some place else?


  6. Pleomorphous Avatar

    Gosh, I forgot the <whine> tags!


  7. Chenthil Avatar

    Count me in Guru


  8. guruprasad Avatar

    Count me in Geek! 3.30pm in beach – sutterikkum veyyil – any other place, annathey…pls reconsider


  9. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Guru Prasad, We did decide the time going by the recent weather conditions. Also some of them might be leaving outstation on sunday night so didn’t want to affect that.

    However, we can move the timings based on the weather. I will put up an update here as there are changes.

    Pleo, Suggest some alternate place and we can certainly look for it. The beach, the sands, the sund and the entire horizon seems to all ours when we meet. thats why 😉


  10. Vasanth Avatar

    Great Man….. Will be there to meet up with u guys… But the problem is am back in town only on Mon morning. would be great if u could move the date. This is the first am going to attend the chennai meet… So wouldn’t want to miss it..


  11. Kiruba Shankar Avatar

    Guru, 4:30 would be an ideal time. 3:30 would be really hot and pretty uncomfortable. What say?


  12. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Sure Kribs, Will move that to 4:30.

    Vasanth, Let’s wait for the popular vote and decide.


  13. divya Avatar

    damn… missing this one too! 😥


  14. hari Avatar

    Being new to the blogworld, I was just looking this kind of forum to gain valuable tips on good blogging.

    I will try and make it there on 14th Nov. If there is any change in venue or time please send me a mail. Thanks Geek.



  15. Krithika Avatar

    Ah, am afraid, I can’t make it this time. Anyways, have a great meet. 🙂


  16. aNTi Avatar

    Nanum missing this… I have missed every single one till now 😦


  17. Pleomorphous Avatar

    I suppose the beach would be a better idea if there are more than 10 people coming in. :)) But am not free this Monday. Got to go to work …


  18. Karthek Avatar

    A web cast will be a cool thing, If some one can come up with it, will be awesome.


  19. Prince Roy Avatar

    will try to make it. the same place we met last time?


  20. Rajkumar Avatar

    I was looking fwd to this kinda events but unfortunately going to miss it 😦


  21. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Hey Kirthika, We are going to miss that Harry Potter stuff this time 😉 Try to make it however.

    Pleo, I am sure it’s going to be more than 10. I am not commiting more than 20-25 but then just like Kiruba thinks its going to be a huge turnout.


  22. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Prince, It’s the same place. Do try to make it. YB is already missing in the crowd this time.


  23. Prabhu Avatar


    I will be there on sunday. Rather I am already here. er..vidunga..romba confuse aagi irukken.
    Have you tried pepsi while eating sundal? Nalla combination 😛


  24. shiva Avatar

    Great Meet of Great Great PPl….

    Will try to get ur shadow if possible on the Ragukalam of Sunday….:-]]]]



  25. vijay Avatar

    hot? at 4:30? maybe… if it doesn’t rain! might be a good idea to check up on Guru’s blog b4 we leave.


  26. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Prabhu, Welcome man welcome.

    Shiva, Do come in and I’m sure its going to be fun.

    Vijay, Thanks for the call and confirming. Did check out your blog. Cool one.


  27. Anbu Avatar

    Will try to make it with frnds if it din rain.


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