Footprints 2004 – Unleashing Creativity

Last night, when I was at the Shakes & Creams, Adayar, noticied a poster called Footprints 2004. It said a day-long seminar named Creativity and Redundancy: The Two Sides of a Coin, would be held on October 30[tomorrow] at the GRT Grand Days Hotel. Conducted by Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication (SIMC) Pune, it is a series of lectures on creative trends in films/TV and advertising.

Interestingly, the guest speakers were media personalities. Most of them my favorites including, Gautam Menon [Kakkha Kakkha], Writer Sivasankari, Madan, Janaki Vishwanath [award winning movie Kutty] and our own K Balachander. Adding up the list was Krishnan Menon from Ogilvy & Mather and Anuradha Ananth. This article on Chennai Online adds more details.

I planning to check-in tomorrow and listen to these guys. BTW, here’s the number you should get in touch with for more details – 9841657841.


  1. Hmm…not necessarily. I think each one is different from the other in terms of their work. Though they could be associated with cinema but each one have their own domain on which they are good at.

    But yeah, at some time, a whole lot of such chefs might screw up the food. will have to wait and comment on that.

  2. lazy,

    could u sum up the seminar in your blog when you are back for people like us who are outside chennai

  3. Ada paavi, u were in Adyar and you never told me!!! We could have met up!!! By the way, how was the service at Shakes & Creams? I’ve had the experience of waiting over an hour for my order to be filled.

  4. hey lazy, (offtrack comment)
    did u check out Sujatha’s replies in Desikan’s blog on Sci-Fi. Kudaikkul Mazhai – Sujatha’s one line review of the movie… guess thats the phrase u were looking for… ;), when we were discussing that movie… also check out his reply about Ramayanam & Bharatam being a Sci-Fi…

  5. Dear Guru, Any idea what Anuradha Ananth is doing ? She is not seen with SUN TV Nowadays? or Is She?

  6. Latha, Did read his answer to the ques if Kudaikkul Mazhai was a sci-fi, as I called it. he said it was nothing but a confused psycho thriller. And Nachu Poigai, i think is about the wastes that these industries emit from manufacturing the products. i remember the name not the story, however. would like to rea it since he has pointed it out.

  7. Ratnavel – You are right. She isn’t to be seen on Sun. I did see her in a book reading function. No idea. Will find out today in the seminar.

  8. Hi!

    Can anyone tell me where is Anuradha Ananth these days. My favourite new reader. Is she on some other tv channel? Can someone give me her tel no. or email id?


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