Recipe for Writing : First, Get a washing machine

This column of GV Krishnan in Zine5 is noteworthy. Starting from rounded pencils, washing machine sounds to heavy metal music, the strange habbits of writers required while writing, truly amuses. I remember, Writer Sujatha mentioning in one of his columns that there are such oddities in a writer’s life and the only thing he always required was the compulsion of a deadline to write.

Art Buchwald, they say, cluttered his office with something else – bundles of fan mail, with the most interesting among them stuck on the office walls. Among the certificates that found wall space were the ones that said – ‘Are you a writer or an idiot?’, ‘You stink,’ and ‘We girls think you most contemptible; go to hell.’

The above are the lines from the column Recipe for Writing : First, Get a washing machine. I laughed thoroughly. Read More.


  1. Somerset Maugham used to write 600 words everyday. He’d exactly stop at the six-hundredth word even if he was in the middle of a sentence! Wonder how he managed to count in those days, especially with the absence of MS Word and it’s word count feature.

  2. Kirthika – For the kind of such deeply intriguing everyday stories Maugham wrote, he must have found it tough to get the word count.

    You are right with that.

  3. Actually, I’m a kinda quirky writer too..

    I like to have a lotta things in the background… Music, a cluttered desk, a constant fear of an impending exam, a persistent paranoia that my dad’s right behind my shoulder lookin at me do nething but studying, and of course, continuous phone calls..

    Coz if it were not for this chaos, my brain’d be alert enough to realise that nothing i write makes sense! 🙂

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