A Peck on the Cheek – Reaching Out

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This is how Kansas City Star has rated Mani Ratnam‘s Kannathil Muthamittal [A Peck on the Cheek], which is being featured in this year’s Kansas Film Festival. Though with small mis-informations, this small preview, would make Kannathil Muthamittal get a warm welcome in the fest.

“A Peck on the Cheek”: This recent Bollywood hit from writer/director Mani Ratnam stars the adorable P.S. Keerthana as a young girl who, upon learning from her Indian parents that she was adopted, begins a journey to strife-torn Sri Lanka to find out who her biological parents are.

Part war film, part domestic tearjerker and part musical (if it doesn’t have singing and dancing, it isn’t Bollywood), this winning entry should provide local audiences with a fitting introduction to one of the most popular cinema styles in the world today.

Also read about the review of other films which are to be screened in the Kansas Film Festival 2004.

Here is another review of Kannathil Muthamittal made in the Toronto Film Festival 2002.

4 responses to “A Peck on the Cheek – Reaching Out”

  1. Ajay Avatar

    “Mani” matters… 🙂


  2. Anand Avatar

    Those guys almost seem to take our films for granted and start taking liberties in their analysis… but I have to blame (again) our filmmakers for perpetuating this stereotypical image.


  3. Sunil Avatar

    “This recent Bollywood hit…”

    Never hated the word “Bollywood” so much before! I wonder why they keep referring to Mani’s films as being from “Bollywood”! Its an Indian film for god’s sake!! The same thing happened with ARR. For them, he’s a “Bollywood” (sic) composer. INDIAN! INDIAN!!

    Anyway, great to know that KM has been getting its due outside India.


  4. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Right Anand. Thats exactly my point. One reason why we should showcase of Kollywood biggies in the worldstage and say a slightly different world exists in India other than Bollywood.

    Sunil, Just the kind of reaction I was expecting from someone reading the para. Thanks.


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