Vesukindra Thendraley, Vellai Illai Nindru

Vesukindra Thendraley, Vellai Illai Nindru Po
Pesukindra Vennilla, Pennmai Illai Oyindhu Po
Poo Valartha Thottamey, Koondhal Illai Theerndhu Po
Bhoomi Paarkum Vaanamey, Pulliyaaga Theyindhu Po
Paavai Illai Paavai…

This post lingers, time and again and again.


  1. You will not believe this– I listened to this song twice *today* on my drive back from work…I think this song says everything that can be said about separation and yearning…an ode to undying love…

  2. My all time favorite song and this list includes some of Mottai’s greatest hits…What sets this one apart are the simple yet mesmerising lyrics, the awesome melody, SPBs rendition, the ethereal cinemtography… i could go on and on..Guru, u bring a flood of memories 🙂

  3. Hmm…..So you have….

    Seen It but not Gazed at It…eyes
    Smelt It but not Inhaled It…nose
    Felt It but not Touched It…skin
    Heard It but not Listened to It…ears
    ____ It but not Said It…

    Your Candle of Hope flickers…
    In the Eye of the storm…
    Yet it does’nt blow out…

    Keep The Faith! 😀

  4. Neha,

    Just saw your note on the next post to this. Sory about that. I know that it’s courtesy to reply back. To be honest, I was thinking to write a reply, but later.

    To the point, the poem of yours was truly nice. Not just saying but yeah, at the crux it conveyed the point. Keeping the faith is what moves the world.

    Keep ’em coming. Sorry about that anyway.

    Soundra, it was SPB who rendered the song.

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