First title-less post after all

First title-less post after all hack to change URLs to be usable/hierarchical/understandable. Mark Pilgrim’s post on Cruft-free URLs in Movable Type was of biggest help. And the most lovable MTIfEmpty plugin of Brad Chaote (as mark mentions it, himself) did the job for me.

For all those who think, why am I bragging about so much for a title-less post, Movable Type loves titles for every blog posts. I don’t buy that argument, sometimes. I would love to title each of the posts but a title-less post at times, helps to start-off without disclosing what the post is all about.

Have a great weekend anyway.


  1. LG,

    If you just want to create posts without showing titles then You really don’t have to do anything at all! Don’t put anything in the title textbox and MT will take the first 15 characters of your post to name the archive file.

    Mark pilgrim’s post is about creating archive pages without extensions like html or php and shows how to make MT use the EntryKeywords to name the files instead of Entry’s title. The idea is to avoid having underscoryyy lengthy names like “aayitha_ezhuthu_one_in_a_hundred.html”. Had you used the keyword ‘aayithaEzuthu’, the file name will be “aayithaEzuthu.html”

    Mark’s Howto was written much before the release of MT 2.65, which introduced builtin MTIfNonEmpty tag that makes Brad’s plugin unnecessary.So you can replace those in step 9, with


    I guess, Mark hasn’t updated his post to reflect this because he has switched to WordPress and doesn’t really have to care about MT.

    Note: if you’re overriding the default Individual Entry Archive template this way or mark’s way,you *must* have either the title or a Entry Keyword.

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