Machaan Peru Madura…

Vijay in/as Madura

Give it to Shankar Mahadevan and sleep tight. He is enough to carry the song through with his unique voice. Vidyasagar, having mastered the art of tuning for commercial movies, has done a neat job for Madura. This song Machaan Peru Madura is already on the charts and is selling the movie for itself. This also being a kolla kuthu song, has definitive shades of Pothuvaaga Enn Manasu Thangam from Rajini‘s Murattukaalai. Vidyasagar has been consistent since Dhool for such folk oriented ghaana songs.

This Vijay‘s latest flick, Madura, has created huge expectations because of his former hit Gilli. Gilli curently running at 130 days, is one of the biggest grossers of this year. Kamalhassan remarked in an interview that before all his experimental movies, he had more than 80-90 films which were just masala and usual love, sentiment stuff. Vijay might be also be buying this advice from Kamal, refuses to take risk with experimental stuff.

Opening today in theatres, Madura’s box-office success is yet to be decided. But with more than 200 prints, this movie is set to a massive opening in the box-office. I personally believe even acting in a similar commercial stuff is experimental stuff. You can never judge the kollywood audience. Everyone thesedays are aware of the masala formula. But only people like Dharani have got the knot of the formula. So should we say even Vijay is taking a huge risk.

Taking about commercial stuff and box office success, Vikram/Shankar‘s Anniyan has been insured for 29 crores with United India Insurance. Set to release on the pongal 2005, according to this sify report, I am sure that Anniyan would fill the void Shankar’s absence in the box-office after Mudhalvan.

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  1. Kumaraguru Avatar

    If this turns out to be another Gilli(and I believe it will), Ajit will be under heavy pressure to make ‘JI’ a much bigger hit. The battle lines are drawn on sept 5th (Ji’s release date). Can’t wait to see Vijay vs Ajit clashes again 😉


  2. Kokkarako Gummango Avatar
    Kokkarako Gummango

    Oru Vasagam sonnalum Thiruvsagam. “Anniyan would fill the void Shankar’s absence in the box-office after Mudhalvan”


  3. Ajay Avatar

    Ajit has Lingusamy’s backing for “Ji”, while Maadesh of “Madura” is debuting, after being Shankar’s asso. Yep, let the games begin! 😀

    With Vikram’s energy catalysed further with THE award, Shankar’s on a roll!! Hope his wounds heal with a smash hit.

    Any date announced for Anniyan’s audio?


  4. sat Avatar

    Cant get to see that movie anyways.


  5. Ashok R Avatar
    Ashok R

    The insurance trivia is curious – are you sure this is from a good source? Until sometime back atleast Insurance companies wouldn’t come near Indian Movies. This means they are in effect financing a significant part of the movie: i.e. if the movie makes less than a certain amount of money, the insurance company will top it up. If it does make the money, it will pocket the interest which ought to be atleast twice the standard bank interest rates.
    So if we assume Rs. 30 crores is some sort of break even number, and assuming an average Rs. 50 per ticket [havent been to Madras in a while:)]something like 6 million people will have to watch this movie. One in every 10 citizens of our Tamil Nadu. And about one in seven, if Shankar’s producer has pay to his interests and have cash left for his family vacation. Hmmmm, comments?


  6. Lazy Geek Avatar

    KG/Ajay, Till a little time before, I was sure that Ajith will have his another round and Ji would have a good take-off. Now I am skeptical because of Ajith’s changing moods.

    I don’t think we have dates of Anniyan release. but i am sure it will be a lot earlier than pongal. And ajay, did u have this at the back of your mind, the music director is Harris Jayaraj. Many people still forget the fact that it isn’t ARR.

    Ashok, the sify link that I have given in the post tells me that. Also if you read that it says the insurance cover includes for key stars, sets, wardrobe, properties, film stock, re-erection of sets, shooting delays and public liability. so i am not sure how far your formula is truly applicable though I prefer to calculate the way you have done.

    Ashok, BTW, shall I send this stats to shankar/producer.


  7. maran Avatar

    Anybody know what soap Vijay is using? He seems to be getting fairer with each movie.


  8. Ashok R Avatar
    Ashok R

    I hope Shankar and his producer have done this calculation already… you could send it to them.
    All the expenses you have mentioned just add to the total cost.
    Tamil movies don’t really have a large market in US-Europe. They just run for 1-2 shows in each city. But I wonder how big the Singapore-Malaysia market is? Maybe there is a lot of money there.


  9. Krish Avatar

    I got to see the movie…one of the worst movies of recent times…mere waste of time and effort to get to see the movie


  10. venu Avatar

    when is anniyan’s audio release?


  11. Rakulan Avatar

    My Favorite Actor is Vikram. Everybody Know that Anniyan will beat Chandramukhi,Mumbai Express,Godfather and Sachin. Anniyan’s budjet is 30 crores It will make 60 crores It will be the highest earned money from Tamilfilm in tamilcinema.


  12. Kutti Avatar

    Come to the point people. CHANDRAMUKI’S songs have been released. And I must confess, some of them are very good. Add that with super star, the songs will be hit without a question. Anyone knows, when ANNIYAN, songs are released?…. I feel as if for a long time now there has not been very good songs in tamil films.


  13. yugan Avatar

    to ever one this is the most recent news about anniyan it is this….. anniyan movie will be released on 15 of may and the songs will be released on 15th of april …. this is the most recent news about the movie “ANNIYAN”


  14. surya Avatar

    Best of 2003 – Anbe Sivam

    Hits of 2004 – Virumaandi
    Vasool Raja

    Hit of 2005 – Mumbai Express


  15. Rajesh Avatar

    Whatever it might be, Anniyan will be the blockbuster of the year. Sachin will go well, Godfather will be an utter flop like attahasam, anjaneya, jana, red, Ji. Ajit is a baadu he does not even how to act , all ajith fans should be ashamed of this fact


  16. Rajesh Avatar

    Whatever it might be, Anniyan will be the blockbuster of the year. Sachin will go well, Godfather will be an utter flop like attahasam, anjaneya, jana, red, Ji. Ajit is a baadu he does not even how to act , all ajith fans should be ashamed of this fact


  17. suresh Avatar

    anniyan will mega hits and break the music director harris and vikram.the songs will break tamil history records..


  18. deen Avatar

    Watch out for Godfather. i’m not Ajith fan but i know the touch of K.S Ravikumar. As for Sacchein, its a love story. Something that’s past Vijay. As for Chandramuki, songs aint that great. Remember its made in 100 days. A rushed work. P. Vasu hasnt had a hit since Mannan… And of cos, Anniyan is a probable hit. After all, its said to be Indian sequel. All the top ingredients in the film. Lets hope it isnt another BOYS.


  19. Magesh Avatar

    Hey Everybody
    Wait till may 15….
    and watch the greatest film of the world….
    if it was been in hollywood……the taste would be different…….
    dont u know what i say


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