An ode to 90 school children…

Guest Blog #24 – Anand C

[reproduced with permission]

Could not find anything that expressed the mix of emotions on the Kumbakonam incident better than Caught in the Bud on Balaji’s photo-blog

4 responses to “An ode to 90 school children…”

  1. Balaji Avatar

    Hey Anand,
    Glad that my picture could serve as a medium to xpress our grief. I Pray that God gives strength to the families of all those kids to get thro this tragedy and may the children’s soul rest in peace.


  2. Arvindh Govidarajulu Avatar
    Arvindh Govidarajulu

    —————— W E ———————–

    –R E M E M B E R ———-


  3. Kumuraguru Avatar

    Arvind..I don’t know if this was intentional..your ASCII art reminds me of the
    charred bodies stacked side by side.


  4. Lazy Geek Avatar

    comments on the guest blog…


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