A post on everything that screwed up yday’s match

What was Ganguly of trying to achieve by allowing the kid (Partheev Patel) bat first while he was having a tiger like Shewaq sitting there praying for his turn to come? This decision didn’t pay off at all.

Ganguly’s wicket was such an easy one and he did nothing but to pose so badly that the ball found the way to the bat and back to the short mid-on fielder’s hands.

Dravid is a darling. Truly. Though we refer to him as the Wall Of India, he proves time and again that he is capable despite his slow start. But, why does he look so sober look in the Hutch Ad. It looks to me as though he is forced to do that Ad. Becoming the MTV youth icon of the year, this year will be a hallmark for him. I am soon looking forward to Captain Dravid.

We know Vaas is one hell of a pacer. Now Sri Lanka has managed to manufacture one more. Zoysa, with the number on his shirt as 00, did a great job in keeping Indians from runs. And Sangakarra, the wicket-keeper of Sri Lanka, is classy. Great Find.

But for the bad breeze that blew Balaji and his T-Shirt, we would have managed to win by scoring a few more in the early overs.

Tendulkar may be 31 by age, but he still rules the cricket kingdom. And those who demand or even think that he should retire watch the straight drive boundary of yesterday’s match are take a pilgrimage to Badrinath immediately. This guy has been in form for most of his career.

And finally, I found the reason why India might even loose the Asia Cup. The man of the series gets a car. A Car. Yes, Maruthi Esteem. Huh! When these players think of paying taxes for Ferrari cars where the tax itself could cost more than 15-20 esteem, who would aspire for a Man of Series title. Doesn’t that explain that bad stroke of Ganguly yesterday? It does to me.

3 responses to “A post on everything that screwed up yday’s match”

  1. Nakkal Nagarajan Avatar

    Most successful bowler of previous match – Sachin – never got to bowl in this match.
    ANyway, no CAS, no match!!! Vaazhga Dayanidhi Maran


  2. Vimal Avatar

    We need more than just a classy straight drive or cover drive from someone of Tendulkar’s caliber – the patience to stay put on the crease and guide the team through rough weather. Tendulkar of late (or even maybe for the most part of his career) has been unable to do that, getting out like a lame duck after giving loose starts.
    If Indian players start getting an attitude like you mentioned in the last paragraph, then the lord almighty save them!!


  3. Sujay Avatar

    Come on guys, inconsequential match. Let them try things out…once the the second stage starts im sure india will be back to their usual pwning ways.


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