Tragic Kumbakonam Fire Accident

There can be no adjective to qualify the fire accident that happened yesterday. The Mahaamaham temple town Kumbakonam‘s worst fire accident took away close to 90 lives. All of small kids. If you were watch the tamil television yesterday and the whole of today this kumbakonam disaster has occupied the space.

Being associated to kumbakonam through my relatives, I personally feel the pinch. But it isn’t necessary to be associated to mourn for such an incident.

Except for The Hindu daily, nobody from the media have even warned of the graphic scenes that were displayed from this accident. The Hindu did put up a box news that photographs displayed could cause distress to the readers but the enormity of the accident makes such visual news presentation unavoidable. Three Cheers guys, for their professionalism.

Although, we need to pat the media for the importance that they have given for this news. Jennifer Arul on NDTV was on tears when she reported and walked through the debris in th accident spot. Even the news reader who was watching the video was on the edge of tears. Not to ask the people in the house, who were all upset and in tears witnessing the horrible happening in the television.

People’s prayers from all over the world for this incident will be the only solace for the parents of the kids who died. Nothing else can match the prayers.


  1. That box was probably the result of people protesting the gruesome images of the Mumbai car-bomb blasts in the recent past.

  2. Kumbakonam left me in tears. My family originates from close by and I have been to the town itself. Temples on every street and aanmeegam dances in the air. But a little too sleepy for its own residents. Sad, very sad the price people have to pay for a quality education that will take them elsewhere. (the school was supposed to have been good education-wise for those parts.)

  3. This is very tragic. Felt very very bad after the accident. Poor kids. They were just budding and god snatched them away.

    A set of safety measures need to be finalised and only those schools that met these should be given the license. Its high time govt takes a tough stand.

  4. We have to salute the mason Ranjith kumar who sacrificed his life while rescuing the children,in contrast the so-called teachers have brought down the dignity of the teaching community by running out of the scene.The tragedy has many important lessons for us,will the ppl and the authorities learn,or is it going to be just another tragedy?.

  5. I live in the US – and all weekend we have a painting job going. This morning the painter walked in and asked us about the tragedy in India, wanted to know how the fire started in a school etc.

    This is the typical callous American who doesn’t think beyond his state according to us….

    He mentioned that the principal got arrested. I went to DAV Girls – a “good” school in Madras. There was no provision for good clean drinking water in the school – I mean there is only so much water people can carry in bottles in the crowded PTC buses. And clean restrooms – forget about those!!

    all the while we were asked to contribute to the swank auditorium which was being built upstairs, it had no earthly use for most of us – it would be used by the larger DAV community for talks , lectures etc. from which we were banned.

    so this problem of getting priorities completely wrong is definitely not confined to the smaller schools in smaller towns where many could be first generation learners and the parents couldn’t even think of questioning the system.

    Our then school prinicipal of the iron hand Mrs.Malathi Seshadri should be in prison too because I believe she would have acted in much the same way if not more imperiously. But this is not a time for pettiness.

    My heart really goes out to those parents I saw on television………..

  6. The Kumbakonam accident was tragic, to say the least. But, why in the world, does it take a tragedy to arouse the dangers that we see around us. Take some everyday examples. It took the death of a seven year boy in Bangalore for the electricity supply company [ BESCOM ] to notice to notice live wires exposed in many parts of the city. It takes the death of another person by falling into a open sewer for the water and drainage authorities to notice open drains and hugs uncovered pits by the side of main roads. It takes the death of a motor cycle rider for the traffic poilice to notice unsafe and unwanted speed breakers on roads.

    Why is that, the blood of some required for us to notice obvious dangers. What is that in us that make us a callous and a careless soceity ?

  7. I believe, fire has no power against the power of God! and also i believe, childrens souls may have been taken before the pain starts. Let us pray for the whole world to avoid this type of gruesome incidents in future. But remember that this are the results of our sins in which all are being affected.

  8. Yes its definetly tears and tears, worries and worries…

    Could we at least now on start inspecting other govt schools construction and its protection…

    Out BharatMa can’t bear no more breathtaking incidents like this…

    Is it not our duty to Love All Serve All ? ? ?

  9. I dont know about the Media in INDIA. but STRAIT TIMES singapore’s leading daily like HINDU in chennai gave a front page coverage for this and President Mr. SR Nathan has given a message over this incident.

  10. this is a very very worst incident in the tamilnadu fire accident hitory. as i am being a fire & safety engineer this should be controlled in future. All school Management should make immedaite and very safe arrange ments and fire protection in all thier schools

  11. nearly an year passed after the fire accident and it seems every one had forgot the we need an accident every one year to remind about this.we should understand that with out our co-operation and awareness no rule or ammendment can be sucessful.
    if we dont care about the childrens then who will… so its our responsibility to ensure that rules are followed and atleast minimal safety measures are taken.

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