Saghalai Vs (Semma) Raghalai and other media mocks

Sagalai vs Ragalai
[Pic : Vijay TV]

Chinni Jayanth and Santhanam are back to rock the Sagalai Vs Ragalai show in Vijay TV. That guy Ragalai (Santhanam) is extremely funny and has superb timing for his comedy. This show was stopped long time back. Now, they are trying to give it a 2nd life.

The most talked about political talk show Makkal Yaar Pakkam was stopped abruptly in the same Vijay TV. No clue why they stopped it. Probably not much is going on socially and politically here except the Kutti Saamiyaar and Budget.

The kid is called Kutti Saamiyaar & Bala Sanyasi by tamil and english dailies respectively. Let the name be whatever but I think it’s should be a case of Child Labour.

Talking about budget, last week in a very ‘famous’ tamil daily, Rabri Devi calling Laloo’s railway budget as the best railway budget ever, was a big box news. Was that a mock or serious news reporting ?. If it wasn’t a mock, I pray to nanganallur anjaneyar that the reporter gets tranfered to rajasthan to report on camel feeding techniques.

Today’s FM played Kaadu Potta Kaadu from Karuthamma. While listing Vairamuthu‘s songs, this was also one hell of a song that should be included. It talks about the pains of a villager and his lifestlye. Bharathiraja‘s rocky voice really sounded well. I know that Vairamuthu got a president award for Poraaley Ponnuthayi from the same movie. This one also deserved one.

“Fantasy films are not for me. I can’t do films that I can’t relate to. Middleclass is my milieu. That’s why it’s a recurrent feature in my films. And when your subject is middleclass, it can’t be removed from reality. So the earthy feel comes naturally.”

Nagesh Kukoonor, the guy who brough in a paradigm shift for independent movies talks to hindu on his second serving of Hyderabad Blues. Having been inspired by Hyd Blues during my college days, I am waiting to get some time to watch Hyd Blues2. More here, Blues Boy.

4 responses to “Saghalai Vs (Semma) Raghalai and other media mocks”

  1. Kabaadiwala Avatar


    I liked your statement on Kutti Samiyar’s “Child Labour”….I Would like to write socio-economic analysis on Samiyar later.
    BTW, there are lot many things behind the samiyar business…You know, this is one of the multi-crore rackets.In India, Spirits and Spiritual both sell very well. No wonder, the popular Rum in India is named “Old Monk”, consumed widely by the (M)asses!


  2.  Avatar

    It’s “Rabri” not “Babri”!!


  3.  Avatar

    for every good person there will be a bad person
    spirituality is no exception
    if you live in US kindly tune in to sunday evengalist programs you will understand what I mean.
    Its all over the world
    The fault not lies with seller but the buyer dont pinpoint only to india.


  4. Kalaikumar Avatar

    vanakkam,eppedi kadavulai nam kangalal nerediyaka avarai kaanbathu


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