Email Wars

The war is on. Yahoo Vs Google. Where is Hotmail, btw ? Who Bothers, anyway.

Yahoo unleashes it’s 100MB email space for every unpaid account trying to match the google’s powerful and relatively slow 1GB account. Paid Subscribers of Yahoo get 2GB. Mind Blowing.

Throw your PCs. The network becomes the PC.

14 responses to “Email Wars”

  1. Nirenjan Avatar

    Tell me about it. I saw the front page of Yahoo! Mail and immediately signed up for a new account. Now I have a total of 1108 MB of email space, not counting the ones at and


  2. ripples Avatar

    This is great news! Google has been extremely biased against me and not given any space, I can count on the ever-reliable Yahoo!


  3. ripples Avatar

    And barriers to entry in this scenario, NONE whatsoever!!


  4. swami Avatar

    yea guru..soon network is gonna be enuf!..and i guess hotmail will be comong up with its upgraded storage size soon…
    i tried to send some files thru gmail..but apart from taking shit lot of time to upload(like in yahoo too)..the mails never went thru..did neone else try and have the same problem?


  5. Nilu Avatar

    My take on Ayutha Ezhuthu and Manis’ characters…


  6. keerthivasan Avatar

    i dont understand, why is gmail “relatively slow” in your view..

    iam a gmail user, and find it terrific in terms of page load and refresh.

    its more like an application on your hard disk,
    and retrieval speed is too good.

    may be im missing a point which you think makes it slow.. it would be nice if you mention that attribute (where is it slow)


  7. Kingsley 2.0 Avatar

    Yahoo ups the space, corporatizes design

    Inspite of my gratitude for the extra 75 MB(160 times the size of my first hard disk).I don’t like Yahoo Mail’s new corporate appearance. The previous design may have lacked maturity, but it had character. Much of the appeal of…


  8. anonymous coward Avatar
    anonymous coward

    hey guys any idea when google gmail is officially open – for new sign ins? at the moment it is only by request – for beta testing..


  9. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Mr.Anonymous, send me a mail and I can send you the email invites for gmail. I have a few of them with me.


  10. Lazy Geek Avatar

    sorry, about the question you had asked, looks like it will be open later during the year.


  11. anonymous coward Avatar
    anonymous coward

    thanks :->


  12. anonymous coward Avatar
    anonymous coward

    now rediff also has announced a 1gb free email service

    but when i goto i get redirected to the rediff main page.. makes me wonder whether rediff has a free mail service in the first place??

    ps: guru thanks again for your gmail invitation.


  13. sneha Avatar

    Is hotmail “hotter” than yahoo, in terms of the number of user subscribed to it ?


  14. Karen Avatar

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