Nammavar – Was Mahesh Mahadevan the inspiration ?

Got a chance to watch Kamalhassan‘s College drama Nammavar , yesterday in Sun TV. I even watched Bala’s Sethu last night. However, If I choose to talk about it, I’ll be blamed for being biased. So, Ghup Chup.

Nammavar was an extraordinary film in many cases. Kamalhassan seemed to have been normal with out any make-up. Just a 10 day beard and that thick geeky spectacles personified a modern day Proffesor. I wished to have one like him. Couldn’t find though.

Anyway, the point is, Mahesh Mahadevan‘s music for Nammavar was breathtaking. Watching the movie again after a long time, I felt that Mahesh wasn’t praised critcally at the time of Nammavar release. Especially the Waltz music was amazing and still resonates. What a find he was for tamil cinema ? During the time when Rahman was unfolding his musical genius, Mahesh was also doing the same without much notice. Kudos to him. Though he is no more, I wish his music be researched and followed for some quality findings.

Just when I finished watching the movie, I realised that there was a co-incidence of Nammavar and Mahesh Mahadevan. Mahesh could have been the possible source of inspiration for this film. Kamal’s character suffers from Blood Cancer. He comes around with a cool attitude of life. He understands that he has cancer yet he isn’t willing to budge for it. Also he hates someone who pities him for the disease he carries. Interviews with Mahesh’s friends like Mani Ratnam and Kamalhassan have told before that Mahesh was also such a person who was willing to fight the cancer he carried with him and never allowed anyone who would pity him for that. Probably Kamal’s character was directly inspired from Mahesh Mahadevan.

Nammavar was also Kamal’s extravaganza. Be it the scene when he comes with a hi-fi sunglasses or the scene when he pleads to the students to forgive Karan’s mis-behaviour, Kamal proves that he is a self-taught genius. The second-half however went bonkers as it was Kamal Vs Karan. Also in the final scene, the senti stuff went overboard as Kamalhasan says that his ashes be laid in the gardens of the college. Very Artificial. You too Kamal !!

10 thoughts on “Nammavar – Was Mahesh Mahadevan the inspiration ?

  1. this is a pro site/blog. now u have got 1 more loyal reader on u r list….even i saw that kamal movie…not the best of him…but he proved that he can play any role n impress the audience…i think he hasnt left anything for the critics…


  2. A post from the heart, g! Nammavar was definitely an example of what good cinema can do. entertain, as well as stimulate thinking. In that order…


  3. I am amazed at the man’s spirit. Despite facing personal problems, he still churn out one good film after another. Hats off to him!


  4. Hi. Been a regular visitor to your site. Hats off to you. Seems like you have a finger on everything. Way to go.


  5. hey senthil,

    i’ve sent the mail to canada pulli and waiting for his reply. my reply will join his reply also because the dream involves him too 😉


  6. Its tough for co-artistes to stand out in a Kamal movie. I thought Nagesh was brilliant in his performance. Sometimes I feel we missed another Shivaji 😦


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