Aayitha Ezhuthu Music Review

Aayitha Ezhuthu Music – Chut Chut Chut Chut Chut Buut Sell

A R Rahman’s amazing vocals gets limelight in Mani Ratnam‘s Aayitha Ezhuthu. With his busy orchestral schedules, ARR manages to create his musical magic again for his mentor Mani Saar. Vairamuthu‘s comeback with AR Rahman has proved worthy. Vairamuthu’s lyrics to the ideological songs and also for romantic numbers talk about his mastery over lyric writing.

Yaakai Thiri also known as Fanah, being the star number of the album, A R Rahman pays attention to the techno type beats and his husky vocals. The song starts with a note that is very familiar for us. I am unable to guess the number but it one of the Venga Boys – Back street Boys type music that is fast and monotonous like computer generated music. Then the music rolls into a magical world of Fanah. Vairamuthu uses the most unusual words like Yaakai, Dwaitham and Adwaitham in such a slick song and makes us to listen to lyrics despite the music being on a high note. Yaakai Thiri is a sure shot hit.

Jana Gana Mana is a very ideological number with fabulous lyrics and sensible music to support the meaningful lyrics. Especially the first interlude that starts with a huge acoustic note is commendable and Rahman renders his voice along with Karthik to make this a great number. Karthik’s voice is slightly altered to settle with Rahman’s voice. But the highlight of this song is lyrics and the oscillating tune from fast to slow pace. Given Mani Ratnam’s picturisation skills, this song is set to be the soul of Aayitha Ezhuthu.

Adnan Saami‘s Song reminded me of Boom Boom song in Boys. Though the tune or the lyrics have nothing to do with Boom Boom, he gets a similar soft romance number. Would have appreciated if Rahman would have risked him singing Fanah. But his song Orr Unmai Sonnal is a good one and is a nostalgic memoir of Illayaraja’s yester year music .

Hey Good Bye Nanba by Sankar Mahadevan and Madhushree is also a good number which would get better with picturisation. This is the one that had Sidharth and Trisha romancing on the beach with avid editing cuts. Also it has some awesome programming. This song is synonymous to Uyirin Uyirey in terms of techno beats. But I am sure it will beat it by all means.

Sandai Kozhi has one of the best charanams and has ARR humming in the background like the Chinna Chinna Aasai humming.

Dol Dol rap by Blazee is also a good one. Fanah and Jana Gana Mana were obviously the numbers that I liked on the first time. Unconsciously, the whole of today I am humming Yaakai Thiri… Kaathal Sudar..Anbe.

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  1. Sriks Avatar

    In the song ‘sandakozi’; the lead loop used in the song has been reused from “Egiri kuthithen” from Boys, same loop with a slight change in the pitch.

    I wish ‘thalaivar’ had changed the loops for this song.

    This loop come from a loop library called Roots of India by Big Fish Audio. [You can download the sample mp3 at http://www.bigfishaudio.com/4DCGI/detail.html?544
    and check from seconds 22 to 24] There were also few other songs in which I felt too much ‘Acidification’, meaning constructed totally using 3rd party loops like Roots of Middle east and Roots for India.

    I think big boss should not take this path in future. Simply, he is talented enough to compose them himself.


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  3. varma Avatar

    i want rap song lyrics of DOL DOL sung by BLAZEE.
    can anybody please send it to my ID.


  4. Renu Sri Avatar

    Thiruselvam is so cute…he is my uncle…


  5. AJIT PORE Avatar

    Fascinating Song


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