Pudhukottaiyilirindhu Saravanan Movie Review

Pudhukottaiyilirindhu Saravanan wasn’t upto mark. The story by itself has a lot of avenues to be interesting. But Stanley, the director has tried to win his way through Dhanush’s popularity. If only Shankar would have handled this story, it would had been much interesting and classy. Especially the first scene when Dhanush tries to fool his parents about his brother’s marriage was crude and unnatural.

Dhanush harps on the same strings of dance, stunt and high decibles. Aparna looks like elderly Keerthana of Kannathil Muthamittal and fits the role of a singapore tamilian. Nattu Sarakku really rocks in the audio. Picturisation of this song isn’t admirable.

Not a film for a fun-filled weekend. If you are probably inquisitive about the hype created around dhanush, you can watch it and take a deep breath.


Indha Dhagam Perisu Mani Ratnam’s

Indha Dhagam Perisu

Mani Ratnam‘s flick Ayitha Ezhuthu(the hindu calls it like this) may be rescheduled to May but there is something else that keeps the wait very interesting. Madhavan and Surya are the brand ambassadors for Pepsi, this summer.

Incidentally, Madhavan and Surya star in Mani’s Ayudha Ezhuthu which is also expected this summer. Madhavan has been in Pepsi for sometime but Surya, the new entrant is just peeped into the Adv world. Being the latest posterboy with two massive hits last year, Surya is all set to rock this year too. Alongwith with Ayudha Ezhuthu, AVM’s Perazhagan will also be expected by his fans. He and Jyothika play dual roles in this movie and it is malayalam remake of Kunju Kunan which got fame for Dileep and Navya Nair.

Pepsi India has also a new hindi tagline called Yeh Pyas Hai Badi which gets translated in Tamil as Indha Dhagam Perisu. This summer, when the water-scarce-Chennai and Chennaites get thirsty, Madhavan and Surya would advice to drink more Pepsi !!


Ajith and the Flying Taurus

Ajith and the Flying Taurus

Ajith is desperately in need of a godfather. He needs someone who can teach him the do’s and don’ts of the Tamil film industry. I mean in no way to offend Ajithkumar or his acting skills. His recent press meet didn’t hit the bulls eye. He organized the press meet to convey his priorities and to bridge the gap between him and the media that was formed as a result of his addiction towards car racing.

Off late, the media has been talking about Ajith shying away slowly from movies and getting into his passion of car racing. Also his recent diwali flick Anjaneya, was a flop because it was very evident that the movie was made quickly without good planning. At this juncture, Ajith’s freethinking interviews that he was racing for the Super Star throne, created chaos among the industry. When Anjaneya fell, it was dubbed as Ajith’s interview was to fool his fans that he was still interested in filmdom.

Being at crossroads, Ajith’s recent press meet-cum-image building show was successful to a certain extent. As Ajith is also known for very outspoken interviews, this press meet displayed an organized Ajith who understood that his image has been shaken and wanted to bounce back again. There were promo-type-videos that were played that showed Ajith’s car racing achievements.

During his speech Ajith outlined his set priorities and how he manages his time between the filmdom and his car racing tournaments. But while briefing about his films and their schedules, he got emotional which made him talk presumptuously daring. It is when he was talking about his contemporaries and competitors his got a little gushy and made a statement to his fellow heroes that if they would step in his route, he wouldn’t mind to run on them. While the rest of the press meet displayed a gentlemanly Ajith, I couldn’t help thinking that he could have been a little subtler but firm in his ideas.

Ajith needs a godfather in the film industry to apprise him about the way to handle his fellow heroes and how his image would be spoiled if he makes such open comments about them. Everyone in that press meet knew whom he was referring to. Even you and I know who it is. But it takes a lot for a hero like him to be frank and outspoken. One quality which many of our celebrities lack badly.

He also introduced his website called flyingtaurus.com, named after his passion for flying and his zodiac Taurus, flying taurus shows how Tamil film heroes are become aware of their presence on the net. From Madhavan to Vikram and Surya have their internet presence already. Even Kamalhassan recently announced that his official home on the net would be kamalhassan.net.


Head Over Heels ?

Head Over Heels ? What happens in your head, then ?

Just like the entire gamut of Print media, Online media, TV, FM, Greeting Card sites, Greeting Card shops, Icecream Parlours and every molecule in Besant Nagar Beach, I join the stream to praise about love on the love day(!!). Personally, I don’t believe in the capitalistic way of celebrating emotions on a fixed day. But for Sujatha’s essay in Vikatan, this post wouldn’t have been here.

His essay on Aathalinaal Kathal Seithen in Ananda Vikatan talks about the physics, chemistry and biology of love. He writes about the latest findings of The Chemistry of Desire as published by Time. The interesting feature is the Functional Magnetic Resunance Imaging (FMRI). Certainly a different article to read.

Nothing About Valentine’s Day, below here :

a) Kamal‘s next film is to be directed by Singeetham Srinivasa Rao. Named as Krishna Leela, it is expected to be like Kadhala Kadhala types. Singeetham and Kamal have a long standing history of comical hits like MMKR (Michael Madhana Kamaraajan) and also some really good movies like Raaja Paarvai. Lets enjoy some Kamal’s Leela.

b) Saw Hyderabad Blues on Star Movies. Couldn’t appreciate the acting as much as I did 5 years back. Though, a clear forerunner for Crossover Desi films, it comprises of some bad performances and very bad dialogue deliveries. You could argue that it was shot naturally. Thats also my point. It was looking very natural then, it ceases to exist anymore. But it was a brave effort by Nagesh Kukunoor with his shoestring budget.

c) HBO sucks big time. Especially because of its bad broadcast. It looks like I am watching a pirated version of movie released two days back. As you saw in Boys trailor, the movie gets stuck, like a scratched VCD. It happens every ten seconds and by the few seconds it takes to get proper, Sharon Stone killed someone in bed.

d) Four out of five TV mega serials today(friday) had inauspicious death happening in their stories. Women’s associations can conduct a one day strike against the TV producers not to have death scenes on friday. They can postpone the kilings to mondays 😉


Hints for a political commentary

Hints for a political commentary

Someone in my shoutbox asked if would write political commentaries. I would love to write politics but during the last few years, too many politicians whom I personally believed to be ‘nice guys’ ditched us too badly. When politics by itself is a very dishonest science(!), I think writing a political commentary is also a very dishonest art. You can never be right / honest / unbiased.

If I were to write a bashing political commentary, here are a few hints. We will build the Ram Temple in Ayodhya reads a recent headline – The elections are fast approaching – India shining is a myth.

What do you say?