Head Over Heels ?

Head Over Heels ? What happens in your head, then ?

Just like the entire gamut of Print media, Online media, TV, FM, Greeting Card sites, Greeting Card shops, Icecream Parlours and every molecule in Besant Nagar Beach, I join the stream to praise about love on the love day(!!). Personally, I don’t believe in the capitalistic way of celebrating emotions on a fixed day. But for Sujatha’s essay in Vikatan, this post wouldn’t have been here.

His essay on Aathalinaal Kathal Seithen in Ananda Vikatan talks about the physics, chemistry and biology of love. He writes about the latest findings of The Chemistry of Desire as published by Time. The interesting feature is the Functional Magnetic Resunance Imaging (FMRI). Certainly a different article to read.

Nothing About Valentine’s Day, below here :

a) Kamal‘s next film is to be directed by Singeetham Srinivasa Rao. Named as Krishna Leela, it is expected to be like Kadhala Kadhala types. Singeetham and Kamal have a long standing history of comical hits like MMKR (Michael Madhana Kamaraajan) and also some really good movies like Raaja Paarvai. Lets enjoy some Kamal’s Leela.

b) Saw Hyderabad Blues on Star Movies. Couldn’t appreciate the acting as much as I did 5 years back. Though, a clear forerunner for Crossover Desi films, it comprises of some bad performances and very bad dialogue deliveries. You could argue that it was shot naturally. Thats also my point. It was looking very natural then, it ceases to exist anymore. But it was a brave effort by Nagesh Kukunoor with his shoestring budget.

c) HBO sucks big time. Especially because of its bad broadcast. It looks like I am watching a pirated version of movie released two days back. As you saw in Boys trailor, the movie gets stuck, like a scratched VCD. It happens every ten seconds and by the few seconds it takes to get proper, Sharon Stone killed someone in bed.

d) Four out of five TV mega serials today(friday) had inauspicious death happening in their stories. Women’s associations can conduct a one day strike against the TV producers not to have death scenes on friday. They can postpone the kilings to mondays 😉

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