Sujatha – The Lazier Geek

Sujatha – The Lazier Geek

I wished Writer Sujatha for the new year through the mail. Here is his reply. Catch it.

I am happy that he replied. But here comes my competitor in form my own favourite author. Lazier than me? No way. Here are some examples of how much lazy I am.

Pending Blogposts :
Pithamahan Review – Saw the movie with Anand, Kings and their friends. More than a month back. Long Pending. Also Elango has just warned me for that.

Kollywood Roundup – 2003 Coming…on the way.

Kal Ho Na Ho – Karan Johar isn’t waiting for this review. But I would wish him to read this. Also coming. When ?. GOK ( God Only Knows).

Kangalaal Kaithu Sei – An AR Rahman album, I am thoroughly amazed by it. I keep hearing Azhagiya Cindrella…Cindrella, but keep forgetting to write on it.

Movies to see:
Enakku 20 Unakku 18 – My friends stopped me from seeing this. I wanted to see it, just for my friends who stopped me.

Finding Nemo – Missed this movie in US. Still finding a theatre near me. Also some convinient time to see. I you can find all the three (convinent time, theatre and ofcourse NEMO), just email me.

Jism – What the hell is Bipasha doing in a bollywood flick like this. I remember her being a model. Read that the movie’s scenes are so erotic that they are listed in top 100 romantic scenes of film industry. Only Indian film to enter in this category. Just like the Oscars.

Whatsoever, Kamal is ready to let loose the Jallikattu Kalai on 15th. I am ready to face it . Yes, Virumandi will be in theatres by 15th of this month and will feature here soon after.

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  1. K Hariharan Avatar
    K Hariharan

    when U going to publish review for new releases…………..