It’s rainy season in Chennai

It’s rainy season in Chennai

Kaaka Kaaka fame Gautam‘s new flick Chennayil Oru Mazhai Kaalam, starring Surya, is in production from today. Gautam has already impressed us with his an amazing screnplay in KK. This time he is coming back with the same crew except for Jyothika.

The ad today in tamil dailies for the film is intriguing. It is an old rusted photo frame. Behind the glass of the frame is a digital outline of the world atlas and water drops sprinkled all over the frame. Also super-imposed is a monologue that is written in tamil slang. It talks the difference between love and liking. What’s up Gautam, this time ?.

Get ready for yet another Manmatha Rasa. Dhanush‘s pongal release Pudukottaiyilirinthu Saravanan sports a song Nattu Sarakku. Sung by Dhanush himself, it is a song that will make you jive(!!). Yuvan Shankar Raja has a simple chennai folk tune for this song. The lyrics very very local and obscenely descriptive. You can just humm the tune. Dare not to sing it. For it’s lyrics will make girls go angry on you. Here’s a sample :

Naattu Sarakku, Nachunu Thaan Irukku
Kitta Vandu Mutta Vandha Ginnu Nu Thaan Irukku
Thanni Kodamey Thanjavoru Kadamey
Mandirichu Vecha Oru Malayala Padamey…

Angry people, forgive me putting that here, I nay not know who wrote the lyrics. You loved Manmatha Rasa, so kollywood is producing similar songs in wholesale. Take it.