Chennai – This is Chennai

Chennai – This is Chennai :

BACK IN CHENNAI !!! And to ride my bike in the dust and wind with my eyes wide open was thwe coolest that happened to me in the last three months. I really really missed it for a long time.

So what next ? Start counting the number of movies I haven’t watched since Boys. From Thiruda Thirudi to Kurumbu, there is a whole laundry list of movies. Prominent one being Pithamahan. Will watch it this weekend, I hope.

Saw Manmatha Rasa yesterday in KTV and its very feverish. You could hardly see any close-ups in it. All I could see was Dhanush and Chaaya kicking mud off their feet with their hips gyrating methodically. It was however fun to watch and I can now understand how the theatres would have rocked for this song. Uppu Karuvadu song in Mudhalvan was one of the first songs noticed to have the camera shaking to the beat of the song. Manmatha Rasa also added such shots to increase the tempo. This technique gives a feeling that even we dance with the actors.

Also saw the banner of Pulli Raja advertisement that was famous over the last couple of months in chennai. A imaginative character formed for AIDS prevention ads was Pulli Raja. As the name seemed so odd enough, it was an instant hit.

Tons of different experiences in my flight from Chicago to Chennai and each one is worth sharing. Very Soon.

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