Thanksgiving to Illayaraja: The guy

Thanksgiving to Illayaraja:

The guy who rocked last week with his comments on the Bala issue, strikes back again. This time in his email to me he had an humble request . The request is about publishing the small note on Thanks Giving TO Raja Day.

A couple of months back when I first read about Illayaraja’s project of Thiruvasakam in Symphony, I was very impressed and was expecting it to be on the racks very soon. Here was my small blogpost on it.

But it looks like the project is getting delayed a bit due to various issues and Illayaraja’s fans are pumping in the money needed to complete this noble venture. More on this is in the note thats being published all over on the drive to collect money which will be donated to this project.

I would appreciate if some co-bloggers can also publish the note below if they feel this to be a fair drive towards making a great dream come true.

Thanks Senty. Here’s the note :

Thiruvaasakam in symphony(TiS) – a historic moment about to happen in the next few months, composed and conducted by Maestro Ilaiyaraaja (with 200 symphony artists in Hungary). You can support TiS by donating minimum of US$5 on Thanks Giving TO Raja Day (TG2RD).

A special ‘Thanks Giving’ day on 27th Nov., to express our Thanks to Maestro by “ALukku aindhu dollar” scheme ($5/person) for his excellent contribution to us, Music lovers. So please donate $5 or more ,if possible on thanks giving day or later to make this project a big success.

How you can donate :

1. Contact any of the volunteers near your area.

2. You can take check favoring “Thiruvasakam in Symphony” and send it to any one of them

a) Sankar Kumar NC 919 460 9430/
102 Copper Green St., Cary, NC 27513

b) Sridhar Seetharaman
NJ 732 321 9763/
701 Limelight Court,Edison,NJ 08820

c) Sridhar Balasubramanian
CA 408 937 6008/
1265 N Capitol Av., #69, San Jose, CA 95132

Also check out:

Official Site of Thiruvasakam in symphony
Photo Show of Thiruvasakam In Symphony
First Indian Symphony
Maestro Fan’s Site

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